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Saya is an elderly Ostron woman who lives in Cetus. When the Tenno arrives in Cetus, she can be found on the outskirts of the market, still mourning her husband, Onkko, who has been missing for five years and is presumed dead. During the quest Saya's Vigil, the Tenno helps her find closure and reconcile with her childhood friend Konzu.

Idle quotes (pre-quest)

Prior to beginning the quest, Saya stands alone by a tree planter behind Old Man Suumbaat's market stall. She will have unsubtitled dialogue that she says if the Tenno is nearby.

"If you see my husband Onkko, tell him I'm still here, waiting at the spot where we used to watch the sunrise."

"Those Quills, they spent a lot of time with Onkko. Then he vanished. You tell me what that means."

"Last night, I thought I heard an Eidolon howl my name. It sounded like you, Onkko. Isn't that strange? Isn't that strange…."

After Saya's Vigil is complete, Saya can be found standing beside Konzu in front of the Bounty board, happily beginning a new life with him. She will have a completely different set of idle dialogue lines. Furthermore, she will sometimes speak for Konzu when the Tenno is interacting with him.

Idle quotes (post-quest)

"Ah, Tenno. Tell me you're here for work. This younger talent? Some of them wouldn't find the gate if I didn't push them toward it myself!"

"Well, well. Here's a familiar face. Konzu sends his regards, by the way. He's been cutting back on all that vobi he eats. Says he wants to look better. I tell him he looks just fine."

"You know, I thank the Unum you came along when you did, Tenno. If not for you, I don't think Konzu and I would have each other. Dah-dap."

"The other day, Konzu was waxing lyrical about what a life we've had. I told him it wasn't over yet."

"I gather the intel, he handles personnel. It's a good match."

"Swazdo-lah, Tenno. My connections provided some juicy leads on Grineer activity. Konzu can give you the details."

"Business has been good this week. Found a paying client who thinks he's smarter than me."

"The Quills tell me that we are all multidimensional beings having a simultaneous experience. I meet one offworlder with a gun tattooed on his neck, and suddenly I'm not so sure."

"You should think about children, perhaps. Nothing brings you closer to your own mortality than parenthood. You've made your own replacement, and he's over there, trying on your pants."

Greeting the Tenno (with Konzu)

"The Unum provides all. Always she gives to those who are willing to learn."

"How the children admire your good deeds, Tenno! It brings me such joy. Dah-dap."

"Everything is in balance, from the Plains to the glittering fields of the Origin System itself. This… this is something that the Grineer will never see, let alone understand."

Accepting a bounty (with Konzu)

"I am pleased. You have accepted what so many have feared to try."

"Your deeds shall be rewarded."

"It is right you should take on this task. Success will follow."

Declining a bounty (with Konzu)

"You choose to pursue other actions, it seems. Other talent will have to be called in to assist."

"Perhaps you underestimate the value of this one."

Bidding farewell (with Konzu)

"You see and are seen."

"Be well."

Despite her dialogue, Saya cannot be directly interacted with in any way other than during Saya's Vigil. She is also mentioned by Onkko when the Quill is interrogated about his past.

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