Once Awake

Intercepted Grineer communications reveal that they have been experimenting with some sort of bioweapon. You must investigate.

Previous story quest: Saya's Vigil

Starting the quest

This quest becomes available after completing the Mercury Junction, and can then be activated in the Codex. After activating the quest, the Tenno will receive a message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Disturbing Intel


We have intercepted and partially decrypted a disturbing Grineer communication. A Grineer doctor by the name of Tengus claims to have uncovered some sort of new bioweapon. We have few details, but the message originated out of M Prime.

You need to go there and investigate.

—The Lotus

First Mission: Investigate the bio weapon (M Prime, Mercury)

The mission is a Spy mission on a Grineer Asteroid tileset. At least one of the data vaults must be successfully hacked to complete the mission.

Lotus: “I’ve identified several vulnerable data consoles on this base. Find them and hack in. We need to know the nature of their new bioweapon.”

Male Grineer: “The Tenno! Keep them away from the specimens.”

Female Grineer: “Destroy them. Doctor Tengus demands absolute secrecy.”

Lotus: “My scans are not detecting any known bio-chemical agents. What are they doing down here?”

(after hacking the second data vault) Male Grineer: “Who released the specimens?”

Female Grineer: “They’re out! What’s going on?”

Male Grineer: “Stop the Infested. Forget the Tenno!”

Lotus: “Infested? This shouldn’t be possible. Tenno, it is more important than ever that you finish your mission. We need to know what is going on here.”

After hacking the second data vault, Infested units will appear and start attacking Grineer and Tenno alike.

(after hacking the third data vault) Female Grineer: “Who let them out? Was it Tengus?”

Male Grineer: “Tengus did this, I know he did!”

Lotus: “Someone released these creatures on purpose. They want them to destroy you.”

[on board Orbiter]

Lotus: “Tenno, we have an emergency situation developing. It’s more Infested. Get to the node I’ve marked on your navigation console.”

Second Mission: Exterminate an Infestation (Terminus, Mercury)

The mission is an Exterminate mission on the Grineer Galleon tileset, against Infested enemies.

Lotus: “This Grineer ship tried to flee the Infestation but was quickly overrun. Exterminate everything onboard before it reaches a more populated sector.”

Lotus: “The Grineer may have thought they could toy around with the Infested, but they are quickly learning how wrong they were.”

Lotus: “We thought the Infested died off with the Orokin. For hundreds of years there was nothing, now this. Where did the Grineer find these creatures?”

[on board Orbiter]

After the mission, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from the Lotus, containing a Molten Impact melee mod.

Inbox message:
We will use this to our advantage


This is from one of Doctor Tengus’ reports:

“The additional test Marines have arrived. The specimens tore through the previous batch much faster than expected. It should be noted that Marines who survived the longest were using fire-based weapons.”

The Infested are vulnerable to fire. I have sent a fire damage mod for you to install on your melee weapon. It should aid you in your coming mission.

—The Lotus

Ordis: “I must say, these Infested— scare the— are very worrisome.”

Ordis: “The Lotus would like you to install that mod as soon as— NOW!

Third Mission: Cascade Bomb (Lares, Mercury)

The mission is a Defence mission on the Grineer Asteroid tileset, against Infested enemies. The Tenno must defend a Cascade Bomb against 8 waves of Infested.

Lotus: “We are going to attempt to use a Cascade Bomb to destroy all traces of Infested here. The bomb will take time to arm. Protect it until it’s ready for detonation.”

(after wave 1) Lotus: “These creatures appear to be mindless monsters, but they know we’re up to something and they’re trying to stop it.”

(after wave 3) Lotus: “When this Cascade Bomb goes off, a wave of Void energy will tear through the complex, ripping the life force from all organic matter but leaving the structure intact. It’s our only chance to stop this scourge before it starts.”

(after wave 6) Lotus: “The bomb is almost armed. You just have to hold out a little bit longer.”

(after wave 8) Lotus: “The bomb is armed. I’m extracting you now. Good job, Tenno.”

Aftermath (on board Orbiter)

After the mission, the Tenno will receive two inbox messages. The first is a message from the Lotus congratulating the Tenno, which also contains a blueprint for the Heat Sword.

Inbox message:
Infestation Eradicated


The Cascade explosion worked and the asteroid has been purged of infestation, but I’m afraid this new threat cannot be so easily contained. Doctor Tengus’ experiments with this plague are grossly irresponsible and have threatened the entire system. All that is needed is an infected ship to reach a populated area and we’ll be unable to contain its spread. There’s no controlling it; the Grineer will be in just as much peril as we are.

To prepare you for this new fight, I have sent you something that should prove effective against this menace. Let us hope you will not need to use it.

—The Lotus

The second message is an intercepted communiqué from Doctor Tengus to the Grineer Queens:

Inbox message:
INTERCEPTED MESSAGE: Quarantine Disrupted

My Queens,

It is my shame to report that Tenno interference has caused a breach of our Infested testing lab on M Prime. Acting immediately, I ordered the destruction of the facility, which has contained the outbreak. Tragically, I believe the Tenno have stolen spores with the intent to use the plague against us.

I will act at once to develop a countermeasure, I will not allow this unethical behavior by the Tenno to threaten our glorious cause.

For the Queens,
Doctor Tengus

Next story quest: Heart of Deimos

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