Stolen Dreams

Find the thief Maroo and uncover the secrets of the Arcane Codices.

Starting the quest

The quest is awarded by completing the Phobos Junction on Mars. After it is unlocked, it can be started at any time from the Codex.

Once the quest is started, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
INTERCEPTED MESSAGE: Grineer Commander Tyl Regor

The rat Maroo takes us for fools. Find her. We must recover the new Arcane Codex before she sells it to the Corpus. If she no longer has the codes, you may use any extraction techniques necessary to learn their whereabouts. This interrogation can be her punishment; she need not survive.

You are commanded,
Tyl Regor

Lotus: "This is unexpected. After decades of searching, the Grineer finally uncovered the last of the Arcane Codices, only to lose them to some thief. Tyl Regor must be livid, which means this 'Maroo' is in real trouble. I need to have a word with her before the Grineer do."

Ordis: "Arcane Codices? Why have I never heard of them? Ordis needs to do some research."

First Mission: Capture Maroo (Tharsis, Mars)

The mission takes place on the Corpus Ice Planet tileset, with Corpus enemies.

Lotus: "I have tracked Maroo to this Corpus outpost. Bring her to me for questioning. Be as persuasive as necessary; she may not want to come with us, but it's in her best interest."

Lotus: "The Arcane Codices have been a mystery ever since they were uncovered decades ago. They appear to be part of a set that was incomplete until the Grineer found this final code. Without the full set, nobody can agree on what exactly they are."

(upon spotting Maroo) Lotus: "Maroo, I am the Lotus. I come as a friend. You are in mortal danger and you need to come with us."

Maroo is armed with an Aklex and can cast Smoke Screen to temporarily become invisible. She will continuously speak unsubtitled lines until she is captured.

Maroo: "I'm not playing around, and I ain't got no business with a Tenno."

Maroo: "Don't come near me. I'm warning you!"

Maroo: "Nobody, but nobody catches Maroo!"

Maroo: "I don't take orders from anybody. Stay the hell back you tin-suits."

(when being captured, variant) Maroo: "Ahh hey! That kinda tickles!"

(when being captured, variant) Maroo: "Augh! It stings!"

[on board Orbiter]

The Tenno will receive an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:

Once the severity of the Grineer capture order was made clear to her, Maroo was more than willing to accept our offer of protective custody. In exchange, she will aid us in locating the Arcane Codices.

The following is an excerpt from our debriefing with Maroo.

Maroo (video): "Oh, so you tin-suits want to know about that Arcane Codex? Heh, is that all? Okay here goes: Tyl Regor offered up big-time credits for me to pull the code from some strange machine on an Infested Orokin derelict. Thing is, I never much liked the Grineer, so the code I pulled, ain't the code I gave em. Haha, I guess they've finally figured that out? I bet you're looking to get your hands on the code? Too bad, I already sold 'em to the Corpus…. Now, if you were to make it worth my while? Maybe I'd tell you where they're keeping it…."

Second Mission: Take an Arcane Codex (Unda, Venus)

Spy 2.0 promo image

The mission is a Spy mission on the Corpus Outpost tileset, with Corpus enemies.

Maroo: "Listen up, ya tin-suits. With the Grineer itching to torture the life out of me, I've accepted your Lotus' offer of protection. In return, I'm gonna help your sorry behinds find that Arcane Codex."

Lotus: "My Tenno are quite capable, Maroo. Perhaps you would prefer it if we dropped you off outside the nearest Grineer mining asteroid?"

Maroo: "Wow. She always this much fun?"

Lotus: "Maroo?"

Maroo: "Fine. Here's the business. The Corpus are keeping the Codex in one of these fortified data vaults. You gotta break in and take what's yours without triggering the data destruction sequence."

There are three data vaults. Only one of them needs to be successfully hacked, but all three need to be attempted before the mission can be completed.

(upon approaching a data vault) Maroo: "The data vault is nearby. Do your best and try not to trip the alarms."

(upon completing the first data vault) Maroo: "You got that Codex. Why don't you see if the Corpus are hiding anything else in the other vaults?"

(upon extracting data undetected, variant) Maroo: "Hey, surprisingly impressive. You found the Codex, and the Corpus are none the wiser."

(upon extracting data undetected, variant) Maroo: "There's the codex! There might be hope for you after all."

(upon setting off alarms, variant) Maroo: "Now you've gone and done it. Get to that console, quick!"

(upon setting off alarms, variant) Maroo: "Smooth one, tin-suit… now, hurry up and get the data before it's destroyed."

(upon setting off alarms, variant) Maroo: "There's the alarms. Get moving!"

(upon extracting data after detection, variant) Maroo: "Well, it weren't pretty, but you got what we were looking for."

(upon extracting data after detection, variant) Maroo: "Nice recovery. Had me worried for a second there."

(upon failing the first data vault) Maroo: "Too slow! Good thing there's another vault. Try not to mess things up next time."

(upon failing the second data vault) Maroo: "Again? really? You know we're here to take the data, right? You've got one more chance."

(upon failing the third data vault) Maroo: "You managed to fail every vault. Maybe you're just not cut out for this type of work, tin-suit." [mission fails]

(after hacking the last vault) Maroo: "You've explored all the vaults and found that Arcane Codex. Your Lotus told me to tell you to get to extraction."

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Operator, I've been looking into these Arcane Codices. Did you know the Corpus are in possession of three Codices and the Grineer two?"

Lotus: "And now the Tenno have one too. Nobody has ever examined them all together. That's our plan."

Ordis: "The Corpus seem to think they'll lead to some lost Orokin treasure."

Maroo: "Ordo, did you say treasure?"

Ordis: "It's 'Ordis', and, while just a theory, it is plausible."

Maroo: "Either way, it's right up my alley."

Third Mission: Take the Grineer Arcane Codices (Pantheon, Mercury)

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The mission is a Spy mission on the Grineer Galleon tileset, with Grineer enemies.

Lotus: "Maroo tells me that the Grineer are storing their two Arcane Codices on this Galleon. You need to find both to complete this mission."

There are three data vaults, but only two need to be successfully extracted.

Maroo: "The Grineer claim the Arcane Codices will help them to a cure for cloning decay syndrome. I think that might be wishful thinking."

(upon extracting data, variant) Lotus: "That's it. That's an Arcane Codex."

(upon extracting data, variant) Lotus: "Good work. You found an Arcane Codex."

(after attempting all three data vaults) Lotus: "You've got the Codices and there is nothing more for us here. Get to extraction."

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Operator, have you looked at these Codices? They're absolutely beautiful. Composed with such elegance and grace – I have never seen anything like them. Is there even an Operator capable of writing something so perfect?"

Maroo: "But you still have no idea what they mean, do you?"

Ordis: "…No, not really. Pfft… well, I wouldn't expect the likes of you to understand."

Fourth Mission: Take the Corpus Arcane Codices (Roche, Phobos)

Spy 2.0 promo image

The mission is a Spy mission on the Corpus Ship tileset, with Corpus enemies.

Lotus: "We've tracked down the remaining Arcane Codices to this Corpus facility."

All three data vaults must be hacked to complete the mission.

Lotus: "There are three data vaults and three Codices. Proceed with caution; if Corpus security destroy even one of these fragments, this mission will be a failure."

(upon extracting the third data vault) Lotus: "We have all the three Codices. You may extract now."

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Operator, these make sense now! This is machine code, meant to interface directly with… a machine. Pity that machine has likely rusted into dust by now."

Maroo: "Ordo? Did you say something about a machine?"

Ordis: "Ordis' name is Ordis."

Maroo: "Yeah, yeah. Listen, that first Codex is in the derelict. I pulled it from some sort of machine."

Ordis: "Hmmm. I wonder, if we load the complete set of Arcane Codices back into that machine, would the code still execute?"

Lotus: "We're about to find out. Tenno, get ready to go into the Void."

Fifth Mission: Find the Arcane Machine (Alator, Mars)

Grineer Settlement concept art – Branislav Perkovic

The mission takes place on the Grineer Settlement tileset. Both Arid Grineer and Infested are present, fighting each other across the map. Both factions are also hostile to the Tenno.

Lotus: "Tenno, Maroo is the only person who has been on the inside of that derelict and lived to tell about it. She'll guide you through this mission."

Maroo: "This is it. Your Lotus has promised me a cut of whatever treasure you find, so don't you tin-suits go messing this one up. Get to the Void portal."

Lotus: "Maroo, I said 'if' there is any treasure."

Maroo: "Eh, c'mon, the Orokin were all about treasure, weren't they? The only question is, how much?"

A Void gate leads to an Infested Orokin derelict.

Maroo: "The Grineer have been trying to get inside this derelict for days, but the Infested keep tearing them to shreds. Your Lotus seems to think you'll do better. We'll see."

In the middle of a large room is an Orokin device emitting blue streams of energy. Floating suspended in the energy currents above the machine is what appears to be the skull of some large animal.

Maroo: "There it is, the machine I pulled the final Arcane Codex from. You've got the full set of Codices; upload 'em and say hello to treasure."

The Tenno must upload the Codices by interacting with the machine. A video transmission will appear on the HUD, consisting of a largely static-filled view of empty space with a mysterious voice speaking a cryptic message: "All is silent and calm. Hushed and empty is the womb of the sky." The audio, somewhat glitchy, will repeat once. After that, the skull will dissolve into smoke and disappear.

Maroo: "What just happened?"

Lotus: "The machine, it's gone. Tenno, watch out."

An Infested spawn pod nearby will produce an Arcane Boiler, simply a larger and blue version of the standard Boiler unit. It must be killed.

Lotus: "Tenno, I don't know if we got the answers we came for, but there's nothing more for us here. Exit the derelict and head for extraction."

Maroo: "What? Where's my damn treasure? I was told there would be treasure."

Lotus: "Whatever that was, it wasn't here for our benefit or yours. Only time will tell what we've just uncovered."

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "So, you're saying there was no treasure, no cure for cloning syndrome, no lost Tenno cephalon?"

Maroo: "Ordo, there was nothing."

Ordis: "That really is a shame, Maroo. I am sorry."

Maroo: "Nah, I'm used to it. When you don't run with any of the major factions or syndicates, the big paydays are few and far between. I'll manage. Listen, I can't say it hasn't been fun, but with the Arcane Codices gone, I think it's safe for me to venture back out into the wild. Cya, tin-suits."

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