Tyl Regor Dialogue

Hall of Tyl Regor concept art by Janice Chu, DevStream 37

Tyl Regor is the preeminent Grineer scientist in charge of cloning and genetic research. He is the boss of Uranus and can be found at Titania.

Target background

(on mission start) Lotus: "Grineer researcher Tyl Regor has made alarming strides in the field of gene repair. His work would not only reverse centuries of deterioration due to their excessive cloning, but also allow for stronger and deadlier genetic moulds. Eliminate Regor and put a stop to his work."

Lotus: "Unfortunately, Regor's brilliance is overshadowed by his complete lack of ethics. His work is a threat to the entire System. He must be terminated."

Lotus: "Regor will fight to the death to see this project through. We cannot let that happen. Silence his work."

Lotus: "Regor is aware of your presence. Bring him down quickly."

Lotus: "Regor's grunts are in full force. He must be close."

Mission taunts

"You had me anxious, Tenno. Nervous. Pacing, even. Didn't think you'd come. Such a relief. I'll finally get the chance to hurt you."

"You must be feeling guilty. Need to atone? I'll oblige. Let my gavel ring justice off your thin tin skull."

"I'm very excited now. The anticipation… ooh. I always learn so much… from a live dissection."

"A dissection? No, no no no. That sounds… too humane. Your death will be… painful."

"Tell me— no, no; let me see: when I crack open your… head-fruit, what colour juice spills out?"

"The Lotus, barking at you. Always so calm. Always in control. She doesn't care about you, Tenno. She doesn't love you. Not like I loved the tubemen you murdered."


As the Tenno enter his boss fight room, the tubemen in incubation pods along the walls will light up in ominous succession. Then, a short cutscene will play.

[Tyl Regor drops from above, landing on his agile feet. He dances forward, swinging his Ack & Brunt around and flipping through the air in a menacing display of skill.]

Tyl Regor: "First you, Tenno. Next, your Lotus."

[Tyl jumps back a few paces and readies for combat.]

Battle taunts

"This is for the tubemen!"

"Would you look at you? Worthless, ugly freaks!"

"Come near me and I'll pound you into a tiny cube!"

"Come for a fight? Oh, should've dressed for a funeral."

"Die, lizard, leech, bloody worm!"

"It's hammer time!"

(when firing Knux fists) "Die!"

(when transitioning to phase 2) "Gonna pull this ocean down on us if I have to."

(when transitioning to phase 3) "Nowhere left to hide. Nowhere left to run."

Tyl Regor is first mentioned in the aftermath of Operation: Eyes of Blight, when the Twin Queens lose faith in Councillor Vay Hek and turn to Tyl Regor to lead the Grineer war machine against the Tenno; however, this is never mentioned again. In the quest Stolen Dreams, Tyl hires Maroo to retrieve an Arcane Codex from an Orokin Derelict, believing that the Arcane Codex could lead the Grineer to a cure for their cloning decay syndrome. During the Phoenix Intercept Tactical Alert, the Tenno intercepted key information about some advanced artificial genomes Regor was producing on Ceres.

In Operation: Tubemen of Regor, Tyl's secret underwater cloning laboratories are revealed beneath the oceans of Uranus. The Tenno steal Tyl's research in order to help cure Alad V, against the efforts of Nef Anyo (and, of course, Tyl Regor himself). In the quest Natah, Tyl excavates an ancient Sentient tomb on Uranus, accidentally awakening Hunhow, the wartime leader of the Sentients from the Old War. He recovers Exilus technology from the tomb and ultimately faces off against the Tenno in his Assassination mission at Titania. Tyl also taunts the Tenno during Mirror Defence missions at Tyana Pass, Mars. Tyl Regor is mentioned in the Codex entry of Dhurnam, and by Cephalon Cordylon in his 8th, 17th, and 18th blog entries.

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