Treasurer Dialogue

Corpus Treasurer – Captura by GrayArchon

Treasurers are special units that appear on the Corpus Ship tileset. They are essentially unarmed, though they have a number of abilities to impede the Tenno. Their only function is to carry Granum Crowns; a Treasurer will drop a single Crown upon death. Only one Treasurer will spawn per mission, its location marked on the map. Treasurers have a very resilient shield that, combined with their abilities, makes them difficult to kill. If they are not killed within 90 seconds of spawning, they will teleport away, leaving the Tenno with nothing. Although Treasurers will always spawn on the Corpus Ship tileset, they will not drop Granum Crowns until the Tenno has completed the Deadlock Protocol quest.

Upon spawning

"Parvos Granum, your sacred tokens shall remain secure from the grasp of the idle!"

"Wise Parvos! The low thief shall never know the cool caress of your Crowns!"

"Your Crowns are safe in my grasp, oh Parvos! Protect me!"

"Most wise Founder, protect your avaricious servant!

"Most cunning Founder, with my life I protect your sacred Crowns!"

While fleeing

"Desire inspires action, thief, and my desire to escape is greater than your desire to catch!"

"Are you driven by Desire or idleness, thief? [cackles]"

"Deception is the sword of wisdom, thief! And I am most wise!"

(while panting) "Fortune despises the idle man. Always move forward. Move forward!"

"My desire to escape you is greater than your desire to catch me!"

"Sully these Crowns with your touch, thief, and mighty will be Parvos' anger! I'm not kidding!"

When near escape

"Parvos, I feel your presence. Guide me home!"

"My escape draws near, haha! You are foiled, most idle thief!"

"Parvos, I feel your golden hand opening to receive me!"

"Parvos calls! Grim shall be your accounting, thief, and mighty the interest!"

"Parvos' vault opens to receive my timely deposit. Yes, yes!"

Upon escaping

"Your Desire is found wanting, thief! Farewell!"

"Parvos! I return to the grasp of your golden hand! Away!"

"We are unstoppable! We are Corpus! Farewell, thief!"

"May your Desire blossom, thief, and with it: wisdom! Farewell!"

"Fulfil your Desire and others will follow! I follow Parvos! To freedom!"

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