Heart of Deimos

Deimos emerges in Martian orbit, completely overrun by the Infestation… yet among the writhing mass, a distress call comes over a most ancient carrier wave….

Previous story quest: Once Awake

Starting the quest

The Heart of Deimos quest is given to the Tenno upon completion of the Mars Junction, and can be activated in the Codex. Upon setting it as the active quest, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from a cephalon named Loid containing the Heart of Deimos quest.

Inbox message:
You Are Called

Loyal servants of the great and glorious Orokin Empire:

You are hereby commanded to honour your oath and render assistance without delay. We await your arrival upon this, the most cursed moon of Deimos. Your Starchart shows the way.

I am Loid, cephalon servant to House Entrati.

(Please bring guns.)


The mission begins on a new Landscape node on Deimos, called Cambion Drift.

First Mission: Call the Exterminator (Cambion Drift, Deimos)

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The mission opens with a short cutscene.

[The entire moon of Deimos is a giant Infested mass. On the surface, waving tendrils of Technocyte sway like trees in a breeze, as the red shape of Mars looms large in the sky. The Landing Craft flies throughout this landscape and releases the Tenno high in the air. Their Archwing catches them and they fly deep into the heart of the tangle before detaching and landing hard on the ground, in an area so overgrown it can be considered to be subterranean. As the warframe slowly stands up and looks around, a robotic whirring sound can be heard as a small, hovering proxy floats into view and stops before the Tenno. A skull-like face on the front lights up as it speaks.]

[Loid]: "Tenno. You received our distress signal. Mother will be pleased—"

[The robot seizes briefly before rapidly swivelling 180°. On the back of its head is another face, a crudely scrawled smiley face. This face now lights up as the robot speaks in a different voice and a different accent.]

[Otak]: "What?! Visitors?! Look at you now, a real 'Chip' off the ol' monolith, huh? Just the right sort to save us from the coming cataclysm! C'mon!"

[The robot seizes and switches back to the skull-face. It will do this each time it is interrupted by its other half.]

[Loid]: "We agreed: I was handling orientation protocol—"

[Otak]: "Sorry, Loid, it's just too exciting!"

Loid: "We are in crisis, Tenno. Our defence against the Gray Strain has failed. The Necralisk is in lockdown, but it doesn't matter. The Infestation has compromised the very Heart itself. We have been forced to re-phase into Martian—"

[Otak]: "—but how are you, anyway? Things good?"

Loid: "[clears throat] As I was saying, our defence situation is dire. Our remaining Necramechs have reverted to their autonomous-kill precepts."

[Behind Loid, a purple, centipede-like Carnis skitters up a tree-like growth. Loid turns slightly to look at it.]

Loid: "They will not distinguish you from those things."

[Otak]: "I call that one 'Bitey-Scratchy-kins'!"

Loid: "It is imperative that you meet Mother, receive her instructions, and prevent the imminent intra-dimensional catastrophe. Demonstrate your combat readiness, and I will grant you the requisite security clearance. Good luck."

[The robot floats off into the Infested wilderness. As it departs, Otak and Loid continue to converse with themselves as the cutscene ends.]

[Otak]: "'Intra-dimensional' what?"

Loid: "Otak, I've already explained it."

Otak: "Sounds like it bears repeating, Loid."

There is no waypoint marked. The Tenno will have to proceed through the Infested tunnels until they emerge into a massive, open landscape of crumbling Orokin ruins overgrown with Technocyte. This is the CAMBION DRIFT. The Tenno will arrive near Albrecht's Prospect.

Loid: "If we were unclear… demonstrate your readiness by destroying Infestation. Only then will I grant entry clearance. Act accordingly."

The Tenno is waypointed towards an Infested hive, which must be attacked. Upon taking damage, the hive will sprout coils of Infestation that shield it from further damage. Waves of Deimos Infested will arrive at the area, with many being spawned by the hive itself via spawn pods. The Tenno will have to kill them all before the hive becomes vulnerable again. After the hive is destroyed, another hive will be waypointed, and must be dealt with in the same manner.

(upon destroying the second hive) Loid: "Clearance approved, Tenno. I now grant access… to the Necralisk. Mother awaits, but I should warn you, she is not entirely herself."

The Tenno is directed to head towards a large Orokin-turned-Infested structure to the northeast of the map, called the Necralisk. The entrance is almost overgrown with Infestation, with two crumbling Necramechs attempting to hold back the malignant growths from sealing the passageway, decaying where they stand. Past an ornate Orokin door covered in glowing runes is a small lobby, with a giant rotating sphere set in the floor, carved with entrancing patterns, swirling with Void energy. Past that, another set of doors leads into the Necralisk itself.

[in Necralisk]

Loid is waiting for the Tenno shortly inside.

Loid: "The Infestation wormed into everything. After the great purge, there were no Dax, no Tenno, to defend the place. Just us."

Otak: "It's not your fault, Chip!"

Loid: "Technically it is… and now you face an existential threat. If the Heart stops beating, the wellspring of your power dies with it."

Otak: "Have we tried turning it off and on again?"

The Tenno is waypointed to a sea-anemone-like mass of Infested tendrils near the back of the structure. Upon approaching it, a cutscene will play.

Loid: "Tenno, meet the head of the Entrati family. What's left of her, anyway. Mother! Wake up!"

[The tendrils will part and a figure will appear from within – an Orokin woman. She bears the pale blue skin and elongated right arm of other high-ranking Orokin. Below the waist, she appears to be part of the Infested flower, and is only humanoid from the torso up. She yawns dramatically.]

Mother: "Loid, I had the most distressing dream—"

Loid: "Here we go again."

Mother: "—The Wall of Lohk was before us. I had my, my proofs, my father's. I could hear him… I could hear him tapping… tapping at the Untime door—"

Loid: "Mother…."

Mother: "—We went in, but again, he wasn't there. My husband congratulated me. Sarcastic halfwit. All the while, hive-weed was sprouting all around us. But, it was just a dream."

Loid: "No, Mother. You did all of that. You're as wormed as the rest of this place. The Heart is about to fail, remember?"

Mother: "Oh…. Oh… oh fu—"

Otak: "—'functional'? We are… and we've summoned Chip here to help us!"

Mother: [scoffs] "It'll take more than an old Orokin thug to keep the Heart beating."

The Tenno has three dialogue options.

(if the Tenno says "Orokin thug?") Mother: "Oh, I don't blame you. You're just the product. The Orokin had no respect for my father's work. Though I suppose you proved him right in the end."

(if the Tenno says "Are you Infested?") Mother: "Same as Deimos. The Infestation got in. Got to me and my family. Stole our names, our ideas. I can hear its hive-voice scratching in my mind: 'let the Heart stop beating, let the door close forever'. Only my dreams seem real now, so [long, dramatic yawn] I sleep."

(if the Tenno says "The Heart?") Mother: "It's what makes you special. You know that, right? All thanks to my father. It pumps the arteries of 'the here' and the Void. The Entrati family has maintained it for an age. But it's breaking down, and only that idiot knows how to fix it… the man I used to call my husband. I think he's left for good this time…. Maybe you can find him? Probably sulking somewhere outside…."

The conversation ends when the Tenno has exhausted all dialogue prompts, and the Tenno is prompted to return to the Cambion Drift.

Second Mission: Locate Father within the Cambion Drift (Cambion Drift, Deimos)

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Loid: "Detecting active Necramech signals nearby. It could be Father. He loves a good fight. Whatever you do, don't mention Mother. Nothing he hates more."

The Tenno is waypointed towards a Necramech fighting off a pack of Infested near The Abscess.

Loid: "This must be one of the last of Father's Necramechs – it won't last long."

The Tenno is instructed to assist the Necramech, but eventually it will succumb to the waves of Infested.

Loid: "Its struggle is a valiant one, but I fear the worst for our metal friend."

(when the Necramech dies) Loid: "Ah! The stalwart defender falls. Rest well, noble warrior. May you some day rise again. Now, to business."

(after the Tenno kills any remaining Infested) Loid: "Guidance signal was coming from over there."

The Tenno will have to search the indicated area until they find another Infested tendril-flower, similar to Mother. Upon approach, another Entrati figure will emerge. He is bald, and his torso is scarred across the Infested flesh. His left arm is missing, his large shoulder protruding over the space where it would have been. He grips the stump from time to time with his other hand.

Father: [groaning and stretching] "You fight well for a runt-frame! If you're ever interested in something a little more 'Old War' sized… wait. Wait. She didn't send you looking for me, did she? [groans] I'm not going back."

Tenno: "'Old War sized'?"

Father: "Look, you were the second wave, kid. The Necramechs were Void-shielded, Sentient-pulse-immune… as bright as a bag of hammers and just as dependable. Not like you."

Tenno: "She said the Heart…."

Father: "Heh. When I met her, Mother, she was as brilliant as she was broken. Chasing her father's ghost, convinced he was still 'out there'. I thought… [chuckles] I thought I could fix things. I thought I could fix her. Like she was a loose light-board or leaky hydraulic. So yes, she's right about me: I am an idiot. But I'm a reformed idiot. I'm done with her. This 'Heart is breaking down' is just another tactic of hers. Don't you see? Everything has to be about her." [conversation ends]

Otak: "That went well!"

Loid: "We must prove to Father that the Heart is deteriorating. This will be more dangerous than any Gray Strain monster we've faced. We have to talk to… Daughter."

The Tenno will be prompted to return to the Necralisk.

[in Necralisk]

The Tenno is directed to speak to a new member of the Entrati family, off to the side.

Daughter: "Oh! Aren't you a fascinating specimen? Organic-ferrous exoflesh, hybridised internals, Untime trace…[soft gasp] you're a Tenno, aren't you?"

Tenno: "I'm here about the Heart…."

Daughter: "You need me to tell you where it is. Which I wouldn't have to bother with if not for my parents, whose collective heads are so far up their collective lower sigmoids the only air they breathe is what they secrete."

Tenno: "I just want to help…."

Daughter: "Aww… that's kind of sweet. But look at us. We are beyond help. The disease vectors are too complex, changing faster than I can study them. [sigh] We can only prolong the inevitable. Look, if you help me get back some of what my brother shredded, I'd be happy to return the favour. Deal?" [conversation ends]

Third Mission: The Exocrine Expedition (Cambion Drift, Deimos)

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Daughter: "You're going to help me rebuild my sample collection. You're probably wondering what happened to it in the first place. Why don't you ask Brother when you see him."

The Tenno is waypointed to the exocrine river near Undulatum. When the Tenno arrives, the large, orange wyrm in the sky will let out a roar that echoes for miles.

Daughter: "We call that wyrm 'Fass'. Don't worry about him, though; he's got bigger problems than you."

[The view focuses on Fass before panning across the landscape, to the other side of the Cambion Drift. The ground shakes as another wyrm, equally massive, but glowing a harsh blue instead of orange, erupts from the earth and rises to tower above the land in a similar manner to Fass.]

Daughter: "'Vome'. His sister. They don't get along, as you'll soon see."

Vome emits a long vocalisation that sounds like a screech mixed with a roar, and fires a massive beam of blue energy that arcs across the sky and hits Fass directly in the head. Fass writhes for a second, electricity arcing off his flesh, as the energy is absorbed into his body, before his head explodes spectacularly. Chunks of flesh and splashes of blood rain down all across the Cambion Drift.

Daughter: "This is a good opportunity for you, actually. There should be useful detritus falling from the explosion… try not to get crushed, little one."

The Tenno must gather 10 (or more) Fass residue chunks from the ground in the surrounding area. Standing on ground stained by Fass' blood will slow the Tenno and occlude the HUD.

Daughter: "Don't feel the least bit sad for him. He'll regenerate an even emptier head and exact his revenge. An endless cycle. Vome's the only proof I've got that the hivemind can be divided. Just collect what you can so you can get to the task at hand…."

After collecting the Fass residue, the Tenno must equip a fishing spear of any kind. If the Tenno does not have a fishing spear, a Lanzo spear will appear on the ground next to the exocrine, and the Tenno can pick up and use that. The Infested "fish" native to the Cambion Drift will begin to spawn, floating in the air above the exocrine river.

Daughter: "Note the curious way they float above the surface to feed. Don't bother trying to spear them in the exocrine itself. Too damn viscous. Their biology is crucial to my study. Infested, but not entangled in shared consciousness. If there's a hope in halting our mental decline, it might be here in these humble little specimens. Get to it!"

The Tenno must catch three fish.

(upon catching a fish) Daughter: "Looks like you got the hang of it… but you have to understand, helping my so-called 'family' is the last thing I'm inclined to do. You'll have to make it worthwhile."

(upon catching the third fish) Daughter: "Alright, that's enough. Return the specimens to me, and I'll give Loid what he needs to take you down to the Heart."

As the Tenno returns to the Necralisk, they will encounter a large pack of Infested in front of the entrance, including heavy specimens like Carnis and Jugulus.

Loid: "I'm afraid I cannot open the gate with hostiles in proximity. You'll need to destroy them before I even think of powering the door!"

The Tenno must kill them all before entering the Necralisk.

[in Necralisk]

The Tenno must talk to Daughter.

Daughter: "I remember my birthday. Woke with a knot in my stomach. The hum of my specimen tanks was missing, silent… but I was surprised to find a little box, wrapped in a red bow. A gift from my family that never, ever remembered. The note said: 'Best wishes for my best Sis.' Can you guess what was in the box?"

The Tenno will have three dialogue options, though the answer will be the same.

Tenno: "A fish?" / "Something sweet?" / "I don't know…"

Daughter: "A white powder, as smooth and fine as silk. My entire collection, cremated, atomised, and returned as a gift by my deranged Brother. If you see him on your descent to the Heart, don't be fooled. He'll stab you in the back if he thinks it'll get him a moment's notice from Mother." [conversation ends]

Fourth Mission: Descent to the Heart (Cambion Drift, Deimos)

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Loid: "Proceed to the Heart. Otak and I will take a damage-assessment scan of it."

Otak: "Lots of Bitey-Scratchikens on the scope. [gasps] Maybe they're planning a party for you!"

The Tenno will find a small Infested structure called an Esophage poking out of the ground near the Necralisk. Interacting with it will cause the Esophage to grab the Tenno and drag them into the ground, regurgitating them at another Esophage near the cave beneath Albrecht's Prospect. The Tenno will have to enter the cave and proceed through the underground tunnels, killing Infested, until they arrive at another Infested person-flower growing out of the cave wall. Upon killing the Infested in the area, a new Entrati, Son, will emerge.

Son: "Noticed my collar, did you? A not-so-gentle reminder from dearest Mother. No one in the universe can hold a grudge as deep or as long. She took away all my Entrati command words with it. Loid's got more respect in this family than I do. One simple mistake."

Loid: "To be fair – it was not exactly a 'simple mistake'."

Son: "How many times do I have to say I'm sorry? I broke the containment protocol. I carried the spores in. I screwed up. And suddenly, they all acknowledged my existence! Suddenly, something I'd done actually mattered! As if humiliating me would undo what happened to them. We're a lost cause. The Infestation will come for what's left of us, in time. Ah! Speak of them, and they shall appear!"

Once the Tenno defeats another wave of Infested, they can proceed through the tunnels, deeper into Deimos.

Son: "Admit it, Tenno. It's beautiful, isn't it? Maybe it's not the abomination you think it is. Maybe it knows better than Mother. Maybe we ought to succumb to it. Let it win."

Loid: "Son has strange ideas about what victory looks like. The Solar Rails, the Tenno… we all depend on the Heart to keep the wall open to the other side. If the Heart stops, everything goes with it."

Otak: "But think of all the time we'd have for hobbies…."

The tunnels eventually open out into a ruined Orokin installation, with shining gold and stark white, overgrown with Technocyte in places and inhabited by Infested enemies. As the Tenno passes through the ancient halls, they will eventually arrive at a large, ornate door, preceded by four Reactive Crystals displaying Requiem glyphs.

Loid: "Requiem Cipher. I'm embarrassed to say I'm unsure what to make of this. Tenno, can you figure it out?"

Four blank plates on the door will light up, showing the sequence of Requiem glyphs that must be activated. The glyphs will disappear after a few seconds. The Tenno must activate the Reactive Crystals by interacting with them in the proper order. When the Tenno interacts with a Reactive Crystal, Otak will zap it with energy to activate it.

(when the Tenno selects a Requiem glyph, variant) Otak: "What's up, Chip? Why aren't ya doing the thing? Do the thing. Do the thing, Chip. Do it. DO IT. Okay, I'll do it."

(when the Tenno selects a Requiem glyph, variant) Otak: "Hmm. You seem to be limb-u-lar-ly indisposed… let ol' Otak help you out."

(when the Tenno selects a Requiem glyph, variant) Otak: "Hey, no worries, Chip! Let me get that for ya!"

(when the Tenno selects a Requiem glyph, variant) Otak: "Ooh! Ooh! Let me! Letmeletmeletmeletmeeeeeeeee! Got it."

(if the Tenno enters the wrong sequence) Otak: "Hm. That doesn't sound happy."

Loid: "Don't distract them. This is very mentally taxing for a Tenno."

(upon opening the door) Loid: "Success!"

Inside the door is a medium-sized room with a large open space. Hanging from the ceiling is the Heart of Deimos, a large mechanical contraption that somewhat resembles an anatomical human heart. Its "flesh" is made out of golden scales, similar to other Entrati designs, and it is fed by large tubes and pipes from the walls and ceiling. Pump mechanisms stick out of the Heart at an angle. The entire back wall of the chamber, behind the Heart, is a giant, trapezoidal portal to the Void, but the portal appears to be cracked or damaged. The Heart's beating is sluggish, and orange sparks fly from the pumps. As the Tenno approaches the Heart, a short cutscene will play.

[A pulse of blue Void energy interrupts the warframe and forces it down to a knee. A Voidrig Necramech slowly walks through the Void portal behind the Heart and fires a Cortege at the Tenno, causing the warframe to fly back and land hard against a low wall. The Necramech uses its jets to hover in the air as it addresses the Tenno in a heavily modulated, accented voice.]

Necramech: "I didn't expect you'd get through the door before I had a chance to finish. Forgive me, but this is the only way."

[The Necramach turns in the air to face the Heart and fires Gravemine grenades at it. Explosions erupt across its surface before the screen turns black. Eventually, the four Entrati family members appear, clustered together in the darkness, facing the camera. As each one speaks, they are illuminated by a spotlight. When they are not speaking, only their glowing eyes are visible.]

Mother: "By the Heart, it's… dead."

Daughter: "The wall's closing, Mother. It's over."

Son: "Good."

Father: "Good? You think this is 'good'?"

Mother: "Oh, so you're talking to us now?"

Daughter: "Mother, don't. This isn't the time."

Son: "Shut up! I want to see how low she can dig."

Father: "Of course you do. Anything to make you feel better about yourself."

Daughter: "I wonder where he gets that from?"

Mother: "Stop."

Father: "At least he didn't try to kill me."

Daughter: "Oh, please. You've been playing dead since the day I was born."

Father: "Well, I wish you hadn't."

Mother: "STOP!"

The cutscene ends as the Tenno slowly gets to their feet outside the Heart's chamber. The Heart is no longer beating, with large, dark wounds emitting showers of orange sparks. The Void portal behind the Heart is gone, showing only blank stone.

Loid: "Tenno? Still functional? Listen carefully. Getting back to the surface is not going to be easy. I don't know how to break this to you, but your warframe… it's barely functional. You're going to have to stay low and out of sight. I know a shortcut, but you've got to do the rest."

The Tenno's warframe can no longer use its weapons or abilities. It has very low health and no shields, and cannot perform any parkour moves besides sprinting, rolling, and jumping (no double jumping). The HUD is corrupted and pale blue electricity surrounds the warframe.

The Tenno will have to retrace their steps back up to the surface. The Orokin rooms are now patrolled by Necramechs. If they see the Tenno, their weapons are capable of almost instantly killing the warframe in its weakened state.

(when a Necramech is near, variant) Loid: "Alright, but there's another up ahead. Watch for its pattern and try to get past it."

(when a Necramech is near, variant) Otak: "Having fun? I mean, it looks fun! And quite dangerous. Oh, good, there's another up ahead!"

(if a Necramech spots the Tenno, variant) Loid: "Be patient! Let them pass before moving on."

(if a Necramech spots the Tenno, variant) Loid: "Tenno! You've got to avoid detection!"

Loid: "You're nearly out. Be cautious."

(once the Tenno leaves the Orokin ruins) Mother: "You're still alive! That means we can fix this. We can get the Heart back if we work together."

Shortly into the Infested tunnels is another Esophage, which will bring the Tenno near to the Necralisk.

[in Necralisk]

Daughter: "Do you think they will be willing to go back down? Son and I can bait that wyrm to draw the Infestation away, up to the surface."

Son: "Even if I agreed to help, what about the Necramechs down there? Just one of those things…."

Father: "I've got a little something that I've been saving for an occasion like this."

Mother: "Alright. I've got the calculus data for a restart, but I'll need 10 quanta of Leptosam. Son?"

Son: "I… I have it…. Should we wake up Grandmother?"

Mother: "Let her sleep. Wouldn't want her to worry."

Loid will lead the Tenno to the secret door at the back of the Necralisk, towards the Necraloid Syndicate area. If the Tenno has not completed the War Within quest, a short conversation will play out when the Tenno reaches the door (otherwise, the Tenno can proceed through without pause).

Loid: "It's too soon for them! Are you… sure about this?"

Father: "Not at all. But we'll have to make an exception. Just this once."

Afterwards, the door will turn translucent and allow entry. Notably, the Tenno can enter the door using their warframe, which is not possible after the quest is complete. A section of the wall will slide open, revealing a Voidrig Necramech on a plinth in a small chamber. A glowing snake motif decorates the front and back of the Necramech's capsule.

Father: "Alright, with the Void closing up, you're going to be too weak to help in that frame."

Father: "Snake's in rough shape, but she's got enough juice for one last ride. What do you say? Ready to go 'Old War' style?"

(once the Tenno interacts with the Necramech) Father: "Alright. Not ideal, but I've cross-routed your warframe impulse stream directly to Snake. Now, she'll feel heavy, but you'll get used to it. Head outside and we'll run a field test before your descent."

A custom loading screen will play, showing the Necramech at various angles, as the next mission loads in.

Fifth Mission: Through, and Beyond (Cambion Drift, Deimos)

Heart of Deimos promo image

The Necramech is equipped with the Mausolon rifle. The abilities are initially disabled, but unlock throughout the mission.

Father: "Alright, squeeze off a few rounds and get a feel for the—"

Mother: "There's no time for training exercises."

Father: "But we've got to prepare—"

Mother: "Tenno. Get down there. You're just going to have to learn as you go."

As the Tenno crosses the landscape, HUD prompts inform the Tenno of the Necramech's capabilities and controls, instructing them how to charge forward, hover, and so on. Eventually, the Tenno will be directed to the same cave underneath Albrecht's Prospect, and into the tunnels of Deimos.

(as the Necraweb ability is unlocked) Father: "Rerouting power to… mmm… yes! Secondary systems are back up."

(as the Tenno enters the tunnels) Daughter: "The caves won't be exactly clear… but it should help. I've dispersed some specimens to keep the Infested out of the way."

Son: "Oh, so it's okay if you do it?"

Daughter: "Eat pobber pellets, you—"

Son: "Take it easy. I've summoned some Velocipods too."

(as the Storm Shroud ability is unlocked) Father: "I've managed to bring additional systems online."

Mother: "When you get to the Heart, you'll have to patch the damage, and then we'll restart the system. It's a lot, but we're counting on you."

(as the Gravemines ability is unlocked) Father: "She's waking up. You should have additional functionality."

The Orokin ruins are no longer patrolled by Necramechs.

(as the Guard Mode ability is unlocked) Father: "That's it! All systems active. She's fully operational. Go get 'em."

The Heart's chamber is devoid of hostiles, but there are three Infested spore clusters on the ground nearby.

Father: "Where the hell is that Necramech?"

Mother: "Daughter, the spores. Son, you're on repairs."

Father: "No one listens to me—"

Daughter: "Tenno, we can't have this area contaminated. Clear out those Infested and destroy their spore clusters before we seal the chamber."

Much like the hives, the Tenno must first damage the spore clusters to activate them, then defeat all Infested before the clusters can be destroyed.

(upon destroying the last spore cluster) Daughter: "Spore clusters, clear."

Son: "I rigged Snake with an old Omni tool. Ready?"

The Necramech's Mausolon will be replaced with an Omni. The glowing red spots on the Heart and its tubes must be repaired, in similar manner to patching hull breaches on a Railjack. There are small circular platforms on the floor near the Heart that will hover upwards when stood upon, pushing the Necramech towards the ceiling to get near the Heart.

(upon patching all repairs) Son: "That should hold. What do you think, Mother?"

Mother: "Seal the chamber. Initiating restart sequence. By Lohk, we pass through and beyond."

Father: "The chamber's sealed. That's it for your ride, and a one-way trip for poor Snake. I'll cut the reroute as soon as the Heart's beating, and you'll be back to your old self again."

A short cutscene will play as the Heart is restarted.

[The view focuses on the Heart and its peripheral machinery.]

Mother: "Restart in 3… 2… 1…."

[The Heart is bathed in a short pulse of blue Void energy. Nothing happens.]

Daughter: "You sure you've got the correct derivatives?"

Mother: "Again. 3… 2… 1…."

[The Heart pulses again, to no effect.]

Son: "Perfect. Just perfect."

Mother: "It doesn't make sense. Something must be interfering… I checked the equations."

Father: "Well, check them again!"

Mother: "Don't yell at me! Again!"

[The Heart pulses for a third time, much stronger. This time, it works. The Heart begins to beat with a steady rhythm. As it does, the rogue Necramech flies in with its jets from the Void and through the portal, slamming into the ground in front of the Heart. It chitters and clanks as it orients itself and stands up to face the Tenno, and the cutscene ends.]

Mother: "There it is! Tenno, you've got to destroy this thing, or we're back where we started!"

Father: "Hu ho ho! You have no idea how jealous I am right now!"

The Tenno must destroy the rogue Necramech, which has all the same abilities. The Necramech can only be damaged on the shoulder joints, the face, and the back. If the Tenno's Necramech is destroyed, they will respawn within the chamber.

(if the Tenno is defeated) Father: "Snake? SNAAAAAAKE!!!"

Once the rogue Necramech is destroyed, the Tenno's Necramech will also fall apart, having exhausted itself.

(upon defeating the rogue Necramech) Father: "You gave her a good send-off. You have my thanks. Ah, Snake… I'm gonna miss you. But you've earned your rest, alright? Rerouting you…."

Mother: "Yes. A rest…."

The screen will fade, and the Tenno will find themselves in their warframe, functioning normally, just outside the Necralisk.

Aftermath (Necralisk, Deimos)

Once inside, the Tenno is directed to speak to the last member of the Entrati family, Grandmother.

Grandmother: "They're an insufferable lot, aren't they? My son, Father, blustery and spineless, all at once. His absentee wife, Mother, who can't see past what she's lost… to see what she has. And who can blame the children? Daughter, trying to convince herself she's so different. It only makes her more the same. And the boy, poor Son, he mistakes kindness for mediocrity. Who's he competing with, other than himself? But, in a crisis, they can come together."

Tenno: "Wait… did you?"

Grandmother: "I've no idea what you're talking about… but even as they've forgotten themselves, their names, their bonds… they might still be a family. Seems you're an important part of that now. So maybe I can help you and your family? This warframe, Xaku. Somewhat of a family themselves. A sum of many, a composite of others we lost in the ages that our Entrati family has served here."

At this, the quest ends, and the Tenno is awarded the blueprint for the Xaku warframe.

Grandmother: "There… and now… I think we've had more than enough excitement for one day. [yawn] I could do with a little lie-down…."

Upon exiting conversation with Grandmother, the Tenno will also receive the Deimos Necralisk Captura scene.

The component blueprints for building Xaku can be obtained by completing bounties on the Cambion Drift. Once the Heart of Deimos quest is complete, the Entrati and their syndicate wares will be fully available to the Tenno. A new mission node on Mars, Tyana Pass, will also be available.

After the quest is complete, the Tenno will receive an inbox message1 from Father containing a full set of Voidrig blueprints (the main blueprint, along with blueprints for the Voidrig casing, engine, capsule, and weapon pod).

Inbox message:
A Side Project for You

Hey, kid.

I couldn't stop thinking about how well you handled Snake. It made me wish I had a spare Necramech that I could pass on to you.

I don't, but here's what I do have.

Original Voidrig blueprints. Designed by the hand of yours truly.

You can find the parts right here, down in the Vaults. Just strip 'em off the rogue Necramechs.

They'll put up a fight, but you don't strike me as a kid who's scared to get their hands dirty.

Enjoy. And not a word to Mother.


These blueprints could also be purchased from the Necraloid upon unlocking his syndicate.

The Tenno also received an inbox message2 from Otak, alerting them to the newly unlocked Mirror Defence mission at Tyana Pass, Mars.

Inbox message:

Hey Chip!

There's nothing important in the transmission message and you don't need to watch it.

Otak (video message): "Hey Chip! So there's a super secret place. On Mars. Tyana Pass. Nothing to do with any OLD LEGENDS or AWESOME CRYSTALS or anything. Probably doesn't even exist. I marked it on your map for ya. So you can make sure you DON'T go there ON ACCIDENT. And you better not come see me afterwards either. WINKY FACE!"


Next story quest: The Archwing

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  1. This inbox message was not originally part of the quest, but was added in the Angels of the Zariman update in order to make Necramechs more accessible. All players who had already completed the Heart of Deimos quest also received the inbox message retroactively.
  2. This inbox message was not originally part of the quest, but was added in the Citrine's Last Wish update which added the new node. All players who had already completed the Heart of Deimos quest also received the inbox message retroactively.