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Otak is one of the two cephalons inhabiting the Necraloid robot body, along with Loid. He serves as the mining vendor in the Necralisk on Deimos. His personality and memory is somewhat damaged, and Loid will often help out Otak when he is unsure.  In addition to Cambion Drift minerals, Otak also sells Citrine's blueprints, her weapons, and related items, in exchange for Belric Crystal fragments and Rania Crystal fragments, obtained through the Mirror Defence mission at Tyana Pass, Mars.

Idle quotes

Otak: "Would you be mine? I mean, a miner?"

Otak: "Mining for minerals. Mining for family. Mining for the future. Also, minerals."

Otak: "So many things to mine on Deimos! For instance, you can mine minerals, ores, gems, minerals…."
Loid: "Yes, Otak. I think they understand the basic concept."

If the Tenno has just completed the Heart of Deimos quest

Otak: "Hi, I'm… I'm not Loid. Loid is Loid."

Loid: "You'll have to excuse Otak. His personality was damaged irreparably by Deimos' energies, making it necessary to transfer his intelligence to this, our current shared form. Unfortunately, my attempted defragmentation of his persona matrix was not a 'complete success'. Tell them about mining, Otak."

Otak: "Mining? Mining. Oh yeah… mining! There are things to be mined. Minerals! We'll use the minerals to make the—"

Loid: "The things that are necessary for survival on Deimos. Now, ask politely, Otak."

Otak (flat voice): "Would you please mine the minerals?"

Greeting the Tenno

Otak: "Did you come to talk about mining? How did you know that's my favourite subject?"

Otak: "Chip! We are good friends. It's good to have good friends."

Otak: "Mining isn't my only interest. I'm also interested in mining."

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Family) Otak: "You're the best miner on Deimos! Possibly in the whole System! Will you be my friend?"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) Otak: "Hey! I'm… uh…."
Loid: "Otak is quite pleased to see you."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) Otak: "Hello, friend. I'd call you 'best friend', but Loid is my best friend. Right, Loid?"
Loid: [sigh]

(if the Tenno is rank Family) Otak: "I was damaged. Deimos damaged me. Deimos damages everything."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) Otak: "Mining is an important part of the plan. Do… you remember what the plan is?"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) Otak: "We will build things. Great things. Then someday we will leave Deimos."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) Otak: "I feel different than I used to, but I don't remember how I used to feel."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) Otak: "It's the miner!"

Extraction Expeditions

Otak will trade Otak tokens to the Tenno in exchange for Deimos minerals. The requirements for the tokens are somewhat randomised, but with a consistent framework in which rare resources are worth more tokens. The names and descriptions of the tasks that reward the tokens are similarly randomised, drawing from a preset pool.


  • Analyse Deimos' mineral wealth
  • Evaluate yields
  • Extract essential minerals
  • Identify resource deposits
  • Provide material samples
  • Replenish depleted stocks
  • Secure supply of resources


  • All those precious resources are just lying there waiting to be collected! That can't be right.
  • Always take the proper precautions when you are using your mining equipment!
  • Get on out there, pal! You'll be hacking up chunks in a jiffy!
  • Just leave the hole there. Don't bother filling it in again. They don't need us to do that.
  • Loid says drilling into the ground is boring! It's not! It's fun!
  • This looks great! I'd come along with you if I could! Go Team Us!

Upon completing a task or purchase

Otak: "Mining is good. You're a good miner, Chip. Keep on mining!"

Otak: "See? I knew we were friends!"

Otak: "I can do great things with this!"

Otak: "Acknowledge you? Gratitude you."
Loid: "I believe he means to say, 'Thank you.'"

Exiting tasks or wares without exchange

Otak: "Shrewd. A player. I like it."

Otak: "Oh. Playin' it coy, huh? I get it."

Otak: "Well… poot."

Unearth Citrine

Otak also sells blueprints for Citrine and her weapons, as well as associated items, in a separate shop. These items are sold for a combination of Belric Crystal Fragments and Rania Crystal Fragments, resources that can be obtained by playing the Mirror Defence mission at Tyana Pass, Mars.

(when the Tenno opens store for the first time) Otak: "Ooh! Ooh! You know about Citrine? And Belric and Rania? I love that story! Loid says it isn't true, though, boo."
Loid: "I did not say that, Otak. I merely said that it has been significantly embellished."

Otak: "Loid says the Citrine story is 'sentimental fiction'. I guess Loid forgot we got invaded by the sentiments!"
Loid: "Those were the Sentients, Otak. As I believe I have explained before."

Otak: "Some folks say Citrine's story happened right here, on Deimos!"
Loid: "Yes. They do say that. Despite being politely asked not to."

Otak: "Stealing the crystals and using 'em as a shortcut! Can you believe it?"
Loid: "We are fortunate that such unsavoury characters steered well clear of the Necralisk."

Otak: "Being turned into crystals is kinda romantic, isn't it? …Loid?"
Loid: "Yes, Otak. If you say so."

Otak: "Citrine wanted Belric and Rania to be together… in her!"
Loid: "Dignity, Otak! Dignity at all times."

Otak: "They say the two are connected through the Void, to this day!"
Loid: "What would our old master have made of that?"

Otak: "And then Citrine punched the asteroid! Pow!"
Loid: "Otak does like to mix up his stories."

Otak: "Belric and Rania were such good buddies they wanted to be together forever! Just like me and Loid!"

Otak: "Can you believe Belric and Rania got their home kerblooied by the Infestation on purpose?"

Otak: "Citrine's a great name! But maaaaybe Chunky McLumpyLumps is better?"

Otak: "Belric and Rania got turned into crystal! That's even shinier than glass."

Otak: "So, Chip… you ever wondered how this place got Infested? [pause] Me too!"

Otak: "Citrine was made out of minerals? I wish I was made out of minerals!"

Otak: "Nothing says 'true love' like minerals!"

Otak: "I love geodes! There's a surprise inside every one."

Otak: "Citrine's story happened back in Old War times. At least a week ago. Maybe more!"

Otak: "Infestation can't eat crystal! So whaddaya do when your pals are gonna be eaten? Turn 'em into crystals!"

Otak: "Citrine was a warframe! You know what that means? Warframes were real!"

Bidding farewell

Otak: "Together, we will build the future!"

Otak: "See you again, Chip!"

Otak: "Be great! Do great things!"

Otak is first introduced during the Heart of Deimos quest. He subsequently acts as the mining vendor in the Necralisk. He and Loid serve as main mission control during Bounties on the Cambion Drift, although Otak's contributions are often less than helpful. Otak is mentioned in the dialogue of Gomaitru, Vilcor, Kaelli, and Grandmother, and by Kaelli during the Nights of Naberus holiday event.

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