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Gomaitru is the mother of the Entrati family on Deimos, and the head of the Entrati Syndicate. Until the Tenno learns her name when reaching rank Family with the Entrati, she is known simply as Mother.

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"Expand. Explore. Tear the veil asunder. Subvert new territory to our sovereign way. But that was what IT wanted, too. It raged unchecked through metal, bone… flesh. Life… we are Infested with it. Now, the gateway is failing. The jaws close. The final heartbeat approaches. But before we fall, we… shall… scream. There is one who will hear… the Heart of Deimos."

Syndicate information

Though all the Entrati family members provide opportunity for the Tenno to spend and receive Standing (indirectly) with the Entrati, Gomaitru represents the Syndicate as a whole. The Entrati are described thusly:

Heirs to the legacy of Albrecht Entrati, his powerful Orokin family encountered disaster, isolation, and bitter division on Deimos. The arrival of the Tenno, beneficiaries of their Void research, may bring fresh hope – and a deeper understanding of the world that has trapped their family.

Gomaitru issues bounties for the Tenno to complete on the Cambion Drift, rewarding both exclusive items and Mother tokens. Other Entrati family members will trade the Tenno their own kinds of tokens in exchange for items they value. Tokens can be redeemed for Entrati Standing with Grandmother – this is currently the only way to actually gain Standing with this Syndicate. The Entrati Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are:

  • Neutral: [no description]
  • Stranger: You were sent for.
  • Acquaintance: Mother does not regret her decision.
  • Associate: You have proven to be good and faithful. Thank you.
  • Friend: We had no right to expect such help from… the Tenno.
  • Family: You have been the salvation of this Family.

When it comes time for a Tenno to rank up, they must talk to Gomaitru, who will request a sacrifice of Entrati tokens and Necralisk items, and reward them with an item from any Necralisk vendor, befitting their new status.

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno has just completed the Heart of Deimos quest) "This is not how I would have chosen to welcome a colleague, but embarrassment is a luxury I discarded long ago. Frankly, my daughter is an entitled, self-pitying whelp; my son, an arrogant upstart; and my husband, a mealy-mouthed relic of his old self. Every last one of them has let me down. You may find them useful; I barely find them tolerable. If I can count upon your loyalty, we will work well together. I intend to tame this place, and you can help me."

"Welcome, Tenno. There is no doormat, but feel free to wipe your feet on my husband. He won't dare stop you."

"No time wasted in idle talk. Good. If people want to stand around gossipping, they can go to Grandmother."

"My son will no doubt complain to you. He thinks I was too strict with him. Perhaps I was."

"One shard of seriglass is all I have left of my father. But it's all I need to find him again."

"They all knew! They came willingly! They accepted the risks! And now, they blame me? Now they turn on me? Don't you think of betraying me, Tenno."

"Of course this place is harsh. It's testing us. You have to be harsher still. Look it in the eye."

"Together, we will pacify this moon."

"I trust you are prepared to get your hands dirty."

"I admire your proactiveness. This family could learn something from you."

"Back again. How enterprising."


"Interested in bounties, are you?"

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Family) "My behaviour has been suboptimal, Tenno. I accept that. It has not been easy to swallow my… pride… and admit my… mistakes… but without you, it might never have happened at all."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I am named, and my light is my own. It is not a debt I owe to the dust."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "My father was only a man, in the end. As is my husband. They all have their flaws and their frailties."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Kermerros has become quite the scientist. I should have nurtured that hunger, but I punished him for it. Because it wasn't part of my 'grand plan'."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Grandmother would never take anyone's side. I despised her for that. I never once considered what such detachment must have cost her."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Loid and Otak never deserved any of this. In my darkest moments I believed even they were conspiring against me."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I do not know that we are happy, Tenno. I am not sure we ever were. But it seems we are all far less fond of idle cruelty."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "You are an enviable ally, Tenno. Diligent, loyal, reliable. My father would have approved."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "My Ayatan!"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Have you come here for your latest assignment?"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Shall we come to an arrangement?"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Ah, it is you."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Another bounty, is it?"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Come, stand before me."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "There you are again."

Viewing bounties

"Yes, there are bounties… if you have the interest."

"There is so much to be done here on Deimos."

"You are here to assist."

Accepting a bounty

"So be it. Let's see what you're made of."

"I do appreciate one who is not afraid of a little work."

"This moon requires a curious mind and a firm hand."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Excellent. Report back with your results."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Good and faithful, Tenno."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I look forward to your return, as do we all."

Declining a bounty

"Disappointing. May you reconsider."

"So be it."

"Very well then."

(if out on the Cambion Drift) "Perhaps it's just as well."

(if out on the Cambion Drift) "I can't say I blame you."

(if out on the Cambion Drift) "Yes, definitely the better part of valour."

Requesting sacrifice

"I am open to dialogue."


"Let us negotiate."

Browsing offerings after rank up

"Earning the trust of this family is no small thing, small thing."

"You wish to negotiate? Very well."

"Let us speak then, perhaps as equals."

If the Tenno idles

"You there. You may prove useful."

"The arrival of the Tenno is fortuitous. I would capitalise upon it."

"I have work for you, if you are so inclined."

"There is much to be done here on Deimos."

"You there. You are here to assist, yes?"

"I have bounties, should you have the interest."

Bidding farewell

"If that concludes our business, I shall bid you farewell."

"On Deimos, be aware of all things."

"Very well. I am reasonably certain I shall see you again."


"Until our next appointment."

"Yes, goodbye."

"Of course! I very much enjoy our talks."


'Family' cutscene

When the Tenno reaches the rank of Family with the Entrati, a short cutscene will play, showing a conversation between all members of the family.

Mother: "No. I refuse to accept this. My shard…."

Grandmother: "Just one of thousands, dear. Nothing special."

Vilcor: "Be kind. She knew, once. Deimos stole the memory."

Kermerros: "It's not some mystical relic of Grandfather."

Kaelli: "It's just a bit of glass."

Mother: "It's all I have left!"

Vilcor: "Is it?"

Mother: "…No. Father, I release you. Let me live for the sake of the living."

Vilcor: "I name you Gomaitru. 'The goblet refilled'."

[All members of the family turn to face the Tenno.]

Gomaitru: "And to you… we thank you. You've helped us realise that even though we've changed, even though we struggle to understand one another, we are still…"

Grandmother: "…a family."

Gomaitru: "Yes. A family that would be honoured to include you, Tenno. But… what to name this little star that fell from the sky and brought us together?"

Vilcor: "Ayatan."

Gomaitru: "Perfect. Welcome, Ayatan."

Vilcor: "Welcome."

Kaelli: "Welcome."

Kermerros: "Welcome."

Grandmother: "Welcome."


Gomaitru issues Bounties for the Cambion Drift, either in the Necralisk or on the Drift itself, where she can be found in various places. When the Tenno accepts a Bounty, Gomaitru will give them background information to start, and will thank them upon completion of the Bounty, though execution of the mission stages themselves is handled by Loid and Otak (or occasionally by Latrox Une).

Gomaitru is introduced in the Heart of Deimos quest as Mother. After the quest, she is frequently mentioned in the dialogue of the other Entrati family members. Notably, she names her son, previously known as Son, when the Tenno reaches rank Associate with the Entrati. She is also mentioned by Albrecht Entrati in the Requiem lore fragments, by Kaelli during the Nights of Naberus holiday event, and by Vilcor in Operation: Orphix Venom. The New War quest features some of her teachings about the nature of time, and it is revealed that her original name is Euleria Entrati. She is briefly mentioned in conversations between Kaelli and Kahl-175.

The Entrati as a group are mentioned by Parvos Granum in the Deadlock Protocol quest, by Perrin Sequence crewmembers, by Nervous Sisters of Parvos, and in the bio of a possible Cephalon Suda crewmember.

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