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The Necraloid is a cephalon serving the Entrati family on Deimos. He heads up the Necraloid Syndicate, a clandestine operation to repair ancient Entrati necramechs. Until the Tenno completes the Whispers in the Walls quest, he is known simply as Loid.

Syndicate information

Necraloid operates the Necraloid syndicate, located in a hidden chamber deep within the Necralisk. The Necraloid syndicate is described thusly:

While the Entrati family's cohort of lethal Necramechs succumbed to the corrupting influence of Deimos, Loid's shielding kept him sane, as well as preserving what was left of his 'passenger', the cephalon Otak. Together, they maintain a proud tradition of loyal service.

Necraloid offers Necramech component blueprints and associated gear: mods, weapons, and customisations. The syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are:

  • Neutral: [no description]
  • Clearance: Agnesis: Congratulations! Your presence is tolerated!
  • Clearance: Modus: Your Liability Rating has been upgraded to 'Negligible'.
  • Clearance: Odima: Best friends!

Unlike the faction syndicates, Standing with the Necraloid is earned by trading in Orokin Matrices rewarded from Isolation Vault bounties (assigned by Gomaitru in the Necralisk). Otak, who inhabits the same physical body, will often interrupt Necraloid when speaking to the Tenno.

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno has just completed the Heart of Deimos quest) "A visitor. Quite rare these days. We never receive visitors."

"Greetings. May I be of assistance?"

"This area is sound-proof. We may commerce freely."

"Welcome to our haven."

"I must ask that you keep our dealings secret from Mother."

Loid: "Hello. Are you requiring something—"
Otak: "Minerals!"
Loid: "Not now, Otak…."

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Clearance: Odima) "You have proven a competent and reliable ally. I suggest we continue nurturing this partnership for the foreseeable future."

(if the Tenno is rank Clearance: Odima) "Greetings. Your presence is always a gift to us."

(if the Tenno is rank Clearance: Odima) "So good to see you again."

(if the Tenno is rank Clearance: Odima) "Collaborating towards a common goal is surprisingly gratifying."

(if the Tenno is rank Clearance: Odima) Loid: "Ah! Otak and I were just talking about you."
Otak: "Who?"
Loid: "Them."
Otak: "Who?"
Loid: "Right in front of—"
Otak: "Who?"
Loid: "Forget it."

(if the Tenno has completed Whispers in the Walls) "Tenno. Is all well… down below? In the lab?"

(if the Tenno has completed Whispers in the Walls) "How goes the Kalymos Sequence?"

(if the Tenno has completed Whispers in the Walls) "I am no longer troubled by my dreams, Tenno. It is my waking hours that are filled with dread."

(if the Tenno has completed Whispers in the Walls) "Otak is none the worse for his forced slumber. Perhaps it was wrong to keep the truth of the labs from him… but that truth might have wounded him, and I will not see him hurt."

(if the Tenno has completed Whispers in the Walls) "How is my… counterpart? If you can endure his bitterness, Tenno, and honour the man within, he will be your friend for life. Just as I am."

Browsing wares

"Greetings. I am prepared to assist you, should you be worthy. Forgive me, I've always wanted to say that."

"Are you interested in a business exchange?"

"Perhaps we can make a trade?"

Purchasing an item

"I am pleased we were able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement."

"I convey my personal thanks."

"I am glad to learn that this arrangement is suitable for you."

Exiting wares with purchase

"I look forward to our subsequent dealings."

"I hope that we might continue to work together in a constructive manner."

"I am certain we will see you again in the near future."

Exiting wares without purchase

"I am sorry we were not able to arrive at a satisfactory arrangement."

"I trust this does not preclude future dealings."

Loid: "Perhaps another time, then."
Otak: "What time?"
Loid: "Quiet, Otak."

Bidding farewell

"Many safe returns."

"Exercise caution whenever possible."

"Be pragmatic in all aspects of life."

In the Sanctum Anatomica

After the Tenno reaches rank Illuminate with the Cavia, the Necraloid will appear in the Sanctum Anatomica. The first subsequent time the Tenno arrives in the Sanctum, they will be contacted by the Necraloid.

"Ahem. Attention, Tenno! Now that Loid and the Cavia have settled in, I feel I can be of more use. The laboratories are for research, after all, and science is calling! Henceforth, I shall be dividing my time between the upper Necralisk and down here in the Sanctum Anatomica. Keep it on the hush-hush, if you don't mind?"

In the Sanctum, the Necraloid will guide the Tenno through Deep Archimedea.

Idling in the Sanctum

"Oh gosh. You appear to have caught me moonlighting. Mum's the word, eh?"

"Yes… your eyes aren't deceiving you. Old Necraloid is working in the Sanctum now. So many responsibilities to juggle."

"Tenno… I need your help to help Loid. It's what Master Entrati would have wanted."

"I wouldn't want Loid to struggle, so here I am. Such a pity when people are too proud to ask for help."

"These Cavia seem like jolly fellows. Well. Most of them. Well. The bird, anyway."

"I like it here. Lots of natural light for a basement. Odd, that."

"Word to the wise, Tenno. Do not ask about Bird 1 and 2."

Greeting the Tenno in the Sanctum

(when the Tenno greets Necraloid for the first time) "Right. Yes. Hello. Um. Look. Bit of a situation. 'Deep Archimedea'. Volatile experiments connect the dots, but with one small wrinkle… if we don't keep the Murmur contained, the Family is going to become aware that all is not well in the basement: a basement they cannot know exists. In an unexpected turn of events, Loid has tasked me with the responsibility of ensuring this does not come to pass. I don't know; your guess is as good as mine, but here we are. So. How do we do this? Oh. Right. That's my job. Erm. Come on, Necraloid. If we bollocks this up, we'll never hear the end of it. [clears throat] Tenno: your attention."

"Master Entrati's experiments are under threat from the Murmur. Nay. Rip from his teeth all that he has taken and teach him this: that woe shall be his sole reward. Prepare well, for we shall not return until the experiments are secured."

"Loid has tasked us with finalising several experiments, and there will be no coming back until the job is done. We are alone; we must conquer, or we must die. If we fail, we fail life itself. Should we succeed, may our sacrifice be forever unknown. With me, friends. To war!"

"Several experiments are threatened by the Murmur as they near completion. We shall protect Master Entrati's good works via a three-phase response. Prepare well. Before the foe is laid low, we shall not return!

Initiating Deep Archimedea

"Prepare for ALL PHASES! The experiments Master Entrati began are irreplaceable; quick and clean would be my preference. I'd rather not endure the bollocking from Loid that will surely follow should we make a dog's breakfast of this."

"Heads high and hearts full of fire! Let's finalise those experiments! Or Loid will never let me hear the end of it."

"Remember: our aim is to safeguard Master Entrati's experiments, repel the enemy, and keep it quiet. The family must never learn of what occurs… down here."

Leaving without doing Deep Archimedea

"What… really?"

"Really? After all that wind-up, your response is 'No'?"

"It was the speech, wasn't it? The speech was too much."

Mission control

Necraloid provides mission control for Deep Archimedea missions, replacing the normal dialogue for those mission types.

  • Deep Archimedea (Albrecht's Labs, Deimos)

The Necraloid is introduced in the Heart of Deimos quest as the Tenno's first point of contact with the Entrati family. He continues to help the Tenno carry out Bounties on the Cambion Drift, serving as main mission control (a role he shares with Otak and, occasionally, Latrox Une or Kaelli). Necraloid called in to the Nightwave pirate radio station in the leadup to Whispers in the Walls, using the alias "Bones". Necraloid is mentioned in the dialogue of Gomaitru, Vilcor, Kaelli, Kermerros, and Otak, and by Kaelli during the Nights of Naberus holiday event. It is strongly implied that his operation of the Necraloid Syndicate is done on Vilcor's behalf, hidden from Gomaitru. During Whispers in the Walls, the Tenno meets the original human Loid of which Necraloid is a copy, at which point the construct is referred to by the name Necraloid.

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