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The Zanuka Hunter is a state-of-the-art robotic proxy used by Alad V to punish Tenno who side with the Grineer in the ongoing struggle for dominance over the Origin System. Note: this is a different (though very similar) proxy from the Zanuka that accompanies Alad V in his Assassination mission.

Fighting alongside the Grineer against the Corpus in an Invasion mission five times in a row will trigger a death mark against the Tenno, and they will receive an inbox message from Alad V warning them.

Inbox message:
Another Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering for the Zanuka Project. You will make a fine addition to my collection.

—Alad V

Subsequent death marks will have a different inbox message:

Inbox message:
Another Volunteer

Thank you for your continued interest in the Zanuka Project. A member of our staff will assist you shortly….

—Alad V

Encountering the Zanuka Hunter in a mission

Once the Tenno has received a death mark, the Zanuka Hunter can appear during any mission against the Corpus. During the course of the mission, the screen will flicker and the Tenno will receive transmissions from Alad V. The Zanuka Hunter communicates only in beeps and electronic noises, and is not comprehensible to the Tenno.

Alad V: "Tenno? Can you hear me? You've been a naughty little Betrayer, haven't you? Did you really think your support for the Grineer would go unnoticed?"

Alad V: "This is really for your own good, Tenno. Help me, help you… help me! [snickers]"

Alad V: "That is just the sort of behaviour I just can't let go uncorrected. Otherwise, you'll never learn."

(if the Hunter captures the Tenno) Alad V: "Good job, Zanuka. This Tenno's bones will make you a fine sibling."

(if the Tenno kills the Hunter) Alad V: "Zanuka? No! What have you monsters done to my beautiful creature? I won't forget this!"

During a Recovery Mission

If the Zanuka Hunter manages to kill the Tenno, they will wake up imprisoned in a block-like device in Alad V's laboratory, with red energy rings about to dissect the warframe. The device will deactivate and the warframe will escape from it. A new mission will proceed, titled "Recovery", taking place in the Corpus Gas City tileset against Vapos Corpus enemies. The Tenno will start with no weapons or warframe abilities, and can only fight unarmed. Their weapons are stored in caches hidden all over the map, in addition to their abilities. They must find all these caches and then extract. Failing or aborting this mission will return the Tenno to their Orbiter, but the warframe and weapons (and companions) that were lost to the Zanuka Hunter will remain inaccessible until the Tenno successfully completes the Recovery mission. The Lotus acts as mission control, while Alad V will taunt the Tenno.

(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Tenno. Tenno can you hear me? You've been captured by Alad V's harvester. This is your chance, escape."

(mission start, variant) Lotus: "Tenno. Ready yourself. You have been captured by the Corpus. It is time to escape."

(variant) Lotus: "I have extraction ready, but you have to find your weapons first. Can you handle that?"

(variant) Lotus: "You're not going to last long without your weapons. They are scattered around this facility. Find them."

(throughout mission, variant) Alad V: "Leaving so soon? We were just getting started."

(throughout mission, variant) Alad V: "Oh, oh, Tenno. I understand you're nervous. But i-if you come back to us, I can assure you, you won't feel a thing."

(throughout mission, variant) Alad V: "Tenno, don't listen to that… that Lotus. She just wants to hold you back. Stay with me, to explore your… potential."

(throughout mission, variant) Alad V: "Tenno, Tenno! There's an entire Grineer battalion here to rescue you. Your friends must really appreciate your support. Wait, no. I'm mistaken. You're alone, with no weapons and no friends. Silly me."

(throughout mission, variant) Alad V: "The Grineer are a threat to us all. You need to understand the error of your ways. Consider my efforts a favour… yes."

(upon finding warframe abilities) Lotus: "You found your powers."

(upon finding primary weapon) Lotus: "You found your primary weapon. Lock and load."

(upon finding secondary weapon) Lotus: "Sidearm located. Keep moving."

(upon finding melee weapon) Lotus: "That's your melee weapon."

(upon finding all weapons, variant) Lotus: "You found all your weapons. Get out of there."

(upon finding all weapons, variant) Lotus: "You're done. Extraction is waiting. Go."

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