Vor’s Prize

After centuries of sleep, you are awake. Your warframe armour is weak. Your skills, all but forgotten. A Grineer general, Vor, stands over you. “You are mine, Tenno!”

Previous story quest: Awakening

Starting the quest

The quest begins automatically when a new player logs into the game for the first time. Upon logging in, a cutscene will immediately start.

[A Grineer Galleon hangs in orbit above Earth. A transport ship, shaped like an oversized Firbolg, departs the Galleon and descends towards the Earth’s surface. The Lotus speaks to the Tenno in a disembodied voiceover.]

Lotus: “For generations, you’ve slept. No purpose. No call to wake you. But now, something has risen from the ruins of the Old War.”

[The transport ship arrives at a Grineer military base deep within Earth’s forests. The base is built into the cliffside of a green canyon. The landing pad extends over the abyss, and a large gateway leads further into the base, which is partially overgrown by giant roots. Red flags flutter from the steel ramparts. Next to the base, a river flows through a Grineer aqueduct and into a waterfall that plummets deeper into the canyon. The transport ship situates itself on the landing pad, but before it can fully touch down, a Grineer in brown armour jumps from the ship, landing deftly on his exposed-prosthetic feet. He is accompanied by several Lancers. As they begin to walk towards the fortress, a smaller Grineer in black armour – Boril – runs up and accosts them.]

[Boril] (speaking in Grineer): “You shouldn’t be here, old man. This is my prize.”

[The new arrival, Captain Vor, ignores Boril and looks around, taking in the state of the base.]

[Boril] (in Grineer): “Are you listening to me? It’s MINE!”

[Boril, incredibly annoyed, shoves Vor’s shoulder to emphasise his last statement. Vor’s attention snaps to Boril, and he thrusts the smaller Grineer away from him with both arms. In a single motion, Vor retrieves a Nervos mine from his belt and hurls it at Boril, who is incapacitated and collapses to the ground as his body is wracked by convulsions.]

Vor (in Grineer, addressing his soldiers): “Let’s go.”

[Vor walks off the landing pad, stepping on and over Boril’s supine body. A catwalk across the waterfall leads to a barred gate on the other side of the chasm. Past the gate, through a passageway of roots and rocks, lies a chamber of porcelain white with golden trim – an ancient Orokin construction, its beauty only slightly dimmed by centuries of abandon. The far wall of the room is dominated by a portal that shimmers with ever-shifting stars: a gateway to the Void. On the other side, within another Orokin chamber, a golden cryopod rests vertically on the wall.]

Lotus: “The Twin Queens, the sisters, have sent their most beloved commander, Vor, on an urgent mission. To protect the twisted crusade they have begun. To transform the scattered colonies into an empire. To see that the Tenno, hidden and asleep, will never awaken.”

[Vor and his squadron stop before the portal. The soldiers look around with nervousness or curiosity, while Vor examines the swirling patterns of light closely. Without turning around, he issues an order to his men.]

Vor (in Grineer): “Bring it out.”

[Two Grineer soldiers carry an oblong device between them, roughly the size of a person. It is a torsion beam generator, a strange fusion of green, bulbous Grineer technology and golden rings of Orokin design. A device for forcing open Void portals. They set it down before the gateway. Vor looks down at the device with satisfaction, and walks over to its control panel, an Orokin apparatus likely cannibalised from some other machine. Vor takes a Void key from a slot on his chest armour, and inserts it into the torsion beam generator. A pillar of light erupts from the Void key, and the portal ripples before collapsing into transparency, revealing the room on the other side.]

At this point, the cutscene pauses and allows the player to choose their starting warframe: Excalibur, Mag, or Volt. Each is displayed with a list of their abilities and a brief description. Once the player confirms their choice, the cutscene resumes.

Lotus: “Wake up, Tenno.”

[The cryopod opens like a blossoming flower, and the warframe drops out of it, landing in a crouch. The Grineer soldiers, having entered the chamber, fan out in front of the warframe with their weapons ready. Vor approaches the warframe, shoving soldiers out of his way. The warframe remains crouched on the ground, slowly recovering. Vor looks down at it as he speaks.]

Vor: “Hmm. I see the Lotus has tried to wake you… pity she’s too late. You’re my prize now, Tenno.”

[He walks around behind the warframe and affixes an orange device to its left ankle. Satisfied, he walks away, back towards the portal, but whirls around when he hears the Grineer soldiers raise their weapons at the warframe.]

Vor: “No! We are taking this one with us.”

[Vor walks back through the portal as the other Grineer regard the warframe curiously.]

Lotus: “What has he done to you? I can’t lose another Tenno. I am surging your warframe’s power systems.”

[Ripples of blue energy wash across the warframe, and it jumps up to hover about a metre off the ground as the energy is released in a radial wave, knocking the Grineer to the ground. The cutscene ends, transitioning smoothly into gameplay as HUD elements appear on the screen.]

First Mission: Awakening (Earth)

Warframe promotional image

The player begins with their chosen starting warframe, unranked, with no weapons. Two Grineer soldiers remain in the room.

Lotus: “Quick. Use your power. Defend yourself.”

The player is prompted to use their first ability to wipe out the Grineer. As they use energy, it is immediately refunded, and thus they can use their first ability as frequently as needed (other abilities are locked, as the warframe is unranked).

(if the Tenno idles) Lotus: “Use your power, now!”

More Grineer will enter through the portal, and they must all be killed. Once done, the portal will reverse polarity and allow the Tenno to exit the Orokin Tower and emerge on Earth.

Lotus: “An extraction ship is on its way but the Grineer will be hunting you. Arm yourself.”

Outside the portal, a pair of Tenno melee weapons will be resting on a crate: a Skana and a MK1-Bo. The Tenno is prompted to pick one up. A waypoint will guide them through the canyon, but the Tenno will continue to encounter Grineer soldiers, who must be dispatched. Once the Tenno has passed through the portal, energy will no longer automatically regenerate, and so they must rely on their melee weapon. The Tenno will be prompted to slide under the barred gate and cross the waterfall, stealthily assassinating any Grineer they see.

(if the Tenno runs out of energy) Lotus: “Your warframe is out of power. Use another weapon.”

Lotus: “There’s a cache of weapons ahead. Grab what you can.”

Inside the Grineer base is another pair of Tenno weapons, guarded by a single Grineer, who can be stealth killed. The Tenno is prompted to select either the Lato pistol or the MK1-Kunai throwing knives.

Lotus: “Good. The extraction point is up ahead. Hurry, before Vor finds out you’ve escaped.”

The path leads out of the base, down to the landing pad, and through a separate passageway.

Vor: “Salvage team, why have you not reported in?”

The Tenno will arrive at a room filled with Grineer lockers and resource chests.

Lotus: “Take what you can. You will require resources to build yourself into a diverse and effective warrior.”

After stealing the resources from the room, the Tenno will exit to a landing zone, triggering a cutscene.

[The Tenno emerges into the open area, looking around. The sound of an approaching vehicle makes them look up to see a landing craft descend.]

Lotus: “You made it! There is the extraction ship.”

[The landing craft positions itself over the extraction point, but a beam of light from the ground pierces the ship and causes an explosion. The ship falls out of the sky and crashes on the ground. Captain Vor, holding his Void key, looks at the wreckage, and then looks up to see the Tenno.]

The cutscene ends, and Vor will throw Nervos mines at the Tenno and fire his Void key at them. He is immune to all damage.

Lotus: “You’re not ready to face Vor now. Use your melee weapon to block the beam and get inside.”

The Tenno must get past Vor and continue into the base.

(if the Tenno is being attacked by Vor) Lotus: “You need to avoid Vor’s beam, or divert it with your melee weapon, Tenno!”

Vor: “My decrepit heart is pounding! This one is stronger than the rest. Lock the area down! This Tenno is mine!” [triggers area lockdown]

Lotus: “Quick, get to the console and release the lockdown. Do that and I will guide you to your old ship. It’s your only chance.”

Vor: “The Queens want to destroy you, but I need to know more.”

(if the Tenno idles, variant) Lotus: “I’ve marked the console on your map. You need to access it to release the lockdown.”

(if the Tenno idles, variant) Lotus: “Tenno, you need to go to the console to release the lockdown.”

The console is on the roof of a Grineer building. Captain Vor will teleport there once the Tenno arrives, and the Tenno must dodge his fire and that of the other Grineer while releasing the lockdown by interacting with the console. After the lockdown is lifted, Vor will use his Void key to call down beams of light from the sky, while still teleporting to engage the Tenno.

Lotus: “Get out of there, Tenno. You will have to face Vor another time… when you’re fully restored.”

Vor: “Grineer, my sons, prepare the reinforcements. We need that Tenno.”

Lotus: “A Tenno flows like fire over the battle terrain. Do you remember how to dash across walls?”

The Tenno is prompted to use parkour to cross a large gap. On the other side is a crate with two more Tenno weapons, a MK1-Braton or a MK1-Paris.

Lotus: “I’m not sure what Vor has done to your warframe, but we cannot remove it now. Just keep going; your ship is up ahead.”

The Tenno will eventually emerge into another open area. A landing pad high above the ground holds another Tenno-made landing craft: a Liset.

Lotus: “There it is, your ship. Hurry, Vor’s reinforcements must be on their way.”

(upon arriving at the landing pad) Lotus: “Disengage the suppression system so we can restart the ship – you’ll have to bypass the security on that panel.”

(upon arriving at the landing pad) Lotus: “Your Parazon is a versatile tool. Use it to breach this panel and restart the ship.”

Near the landing craft is a Grineer security panel that must be hacked.

(upon hacking the panel) Ordis: “Stop touching me, you— what? Are my sensors deceiving me? Operator, is that you?”

Lotus: “Enemy reinforcements are here! Ship Cephalon, we require immediate extraction.”

Grineer troops will being assaulting the landing pad from multiple angles. The Tenno will have to hold out for 1 minute.

Ordis: “The Operator is in danger? I will need a few moments to cycle the engines!”

Vor: “Tenno, are you afraid? You cannot hide from these old eyes. I’ve marked you. You will return to me.”

(when the countdown is complete) Lotus: “Tenno, the ship is ready. It’s time to leave.”

Once the ship is ready, a brief cutscene will play where the Tenno boards and the Liset takes off.

[on board Orbiter]

As the player loads into their Orbiter, they will receive their first day’s login reward.

Ordis: “Operator, you have returned! I am Ordis, Ship Cephalon. A shadow of my former self. I cannot serve the Operator in such condition. Order me to self-destruct. I will understand.”

The Orbiter is completely nonfunctional, with all consoles inactive except Navigation and the radio scanner.

Lotus: “The Grineer are ravenous for this old technology; it is superior to theirs. Perhaps there are systems left in the Orbiter compartment?”

(when the Tenno enters the Orbiter compartment) Ordis: “Look at this mess. Those savages! Components have been removed. The lower Orbiter compartments have no life support. Why did the Operator abandon me?”

(upon approaching the Arsenal) Ordis: “Arsenal management could be restored, if the Operator wishes it.”

(upon installing the Arsenal segment) Ordis: “You honour Ordis! Now I can supply the Operator with better-modded firepower… oh! The violation! Those have been looted as well.”

The warframe has the orange device attached to its left ankle still, and additional small orange mechanisms embedded in its right shoulder. These will emit subtle, rippling yellow energy across the proximate surface of the warframe. They cannot be recoloured in the Arsenal.

Lotus: “We need to figure out what Captain Vor has done to you and stop him. But we’ll need help – I’ve found a communication segment we might salvage for your ship. When you are ready, activate your Navigation system.”

Ordis: “Ordis hopes the Operator will punish the Grineer for dismantling it.”

Second Mission: Restore Ship Comms (E Prime, Earth)

Grineer Forest Spy promo image

The mission is a Spy mission on the Grineer Forest tileset. There is only one data vault, which must be successfully hacked.

Lotus: “The segment you need is in a nearby data vault. Infiltrate the vault and retrieve the segment.”

Captain Vor will invade the Tenno’s HUD, causing audio interference.

Vor: “The Ascaris is working… breaking through. I see the shadows of your mind.”

Lotus: “This data vault is equipped with a variety of security measures. How you defeat those measures is up to you.”

(upon hacking the vault) Lotus: “The segment is yours. Head to extraction.”

Vor: “As every moment passes, the Ascaris burrows deeper. Revealing you.”

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: “Orbiter Void cloak engaging… welcome back, Operator. The Operator has recovered a segment! Install it now— Ordis patiently awaits its installation.”

Lotus: “Get communications online. I must analyse what Vor’s Ascaris is doing to your warframe. This technology is beyond the Grineer. It must be Corpus in origin.”

(upon installing the Comms/Market segment) Ordis: “Systems engaging. I suppose this will do— Ordis is grateful.”

The Comms segment will enable the Tenno to use the Market, Codex, and Conclave consoles.

Ordis: “The Operator is now connected with other Tenno in the System. The Operator may now contact black-market scumbags— contact arms dealers.”

Lotus: “Excellent idea, Ordis. Tenno, we need to make contact with a Corpus defector sympathetic to the Tenno cause. They will, of course, require compensation.”

Ordis: “You see what Ordis is referring to, Operator?”

Lotus: “In this case, compensation will not be credits… it will be freedom. I’ve updated Navigation. You will need to break him out of a Grineer gulag.”

(if the Tenno idles) Lotus: “When you are ready, proceed to the Navigation Console.”

Third Mission: Liberate the Imprisoned Arms Dealer (Mariana, Earth)

Grineer Shipyards tileset remaster promo image

The mission is a Rescue mission on the Grineer Shipyard tileset, against Frontier Grineer enemies.

Lotus: “The arms dealer is named Darvo. He’s being held in the prison block on the other side of this factory complex.”

Lotus: “How many Grineer slaves died to build this place?”

Lotus: “Darvo is out for himself, but he is sympathetic toward the Tenno. The Grineer must have found out.”

Vor: “We’ve been wrong all this time. Tenno do not control the warframe’s divine energy. The Tenno are that energy. Each warframe you control is merely a glass, shaping your furious light.”

Lotus: “Don’t let Vor distract you. Focus on the mission. It’s our only hope of figuring out this link with him.”

(upon arriving at the prison block) Lotus: “This is the prison block. If you can avoid detection by the Warden, it may be easier to get Darvo out. Bypass the security so we can enter.”

(upon entering the inner prison) Lotus: “Search these cells for Darvo. He has to be here somewhere.”

(upon freeing Darvo from his cell) Darvo: “I owe you for this, Tenno. I will get my entourage to meet us in orbit once we’re clear of this mess.”

Darvo: “Lend me a sidearm, Tenno; I’ll cover you. Now, which end does the hurting come out? [laughs] I kid, I kid.”

Lotus: “Extraction is ready. Remember, your success here depends on getting Darvo out of there… alive.”

Vor: “The Lotus must be desperate to send you fetching greedy fools from the Corpus.”

Darvo (upon getting downed, variant): “Tenno, this really hurts! I ain’t kidding around! Do your thing!”

Darvo (upon getting downed, variant): “Tenno, help me! I’m feeling actual physical pain! Do something!”

Darvo (upon getting downed, variant): “It wasn’t supposed to end this way! Tenno, please, do something!”

(if Darvo is downed) Lotus: “You can’t leave Darvo behind, Tenno. Using your warframe’s revive system should get him moving again.”

Darvo (upon getting revived): “Ohh, thank you. I thought I was a goner. Let’s keep moving.”

At some point during the mission, the screen will flicker and dim as the warframe stops moving and looks at its hands with agony.

Vor: “Now the Ascaris has burrowed deep enough to give me influence. Shall we see how your shields work?”

For the rest of the mission, the warframe’s shields will be halved.

Lotus: “The Ascaris is letting Vor control your shield! We must figure out how to remove it. Avoid taking damage while I try and block him.”

Completing the mission will also reward the player with a mod segment for their ship.

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: “I see the Operator can enable the mod segment now! Ordis would be delighted to show how to upgrade your arsenal. May I recommend fire?”

(upon installing the mod segment) Ordis: “Operator, I’ve linked the mod segment to your arsenal now. No need to thank me—UPGRADE YOUR WARFRAME NOW—go to the Arsenal to see the weapon upgrade options you have.”

(if the Tenno idles) Ordis: “Ordis patiently awaits compliance in using the new Arsenal features… it is for the Operator’s own good.”

(upon opening the modding interface in the Arsenal) Ordis: “An excellent find, Operator. There are hundreds of these mods to locate. If my calculations are correct, there are exactly… a lot of possibilities. Install the mod before we can continue.”

(upon exiting the modding interface) Darvo: “Thanks for helping me out back there. I’m in your debt… and I often pay my debts. I recognise that device on your frame… it’s a parasitic restraint. We Corpus use something similar to keep our robotics in line. So, to settle my debt, I’ll give you a very expensive blueprint… for free! Because I like you [laughs] and, well, a lot of my customers don’t live long with these Grineer dogs chewing up the System. Here. Use your Foundry to build the countermeasure device from this blueprint. Good luck!”

Lotus: “Vor’s Ascaris is burrowing into your warframe. I’m worried it will affect your mind… I can’t lose you, Tenno. We must restore the ship’s Foundry immediately.”

Lotus: “A nearby ore extraction colony will have the Foundry technology you need. I am certain they will share it with you. Its location has been added to your Navigation Console.”

(upon selecting the next mission on the Starchart) Lotus: “Tenno, we may have a problem. The colony is unresponsive. Get to the surface so we can see what’s going on.”

Fourth Mission: Locate the Foundry Segment (Mantle, Earth)

The mission takes place on the Grineer Asteroid tileset. There are no colonists, and the map is lightly populated with normal Grineer enemies.

Lotus: “I was afraid of this. The Grineer are here, and I cannot find any signs of living colonists. You still have a job to do: find that Foundry segment.”

Lotus: “This was once a prosperous independent colony, until the Grineer arrived….” [static interference interrupts transmission]

Vor: “The Queens fear you, but I will show them. Their love will return when I deliver you to them.”

Lotus: [heavy static interference] “Tenno, are you there? The signal cannot be boosted any further. Hurry, you are running out of time.”

A waypoint leads the Tenno to the Foundry segment, which is resting on a crate.

(upon approaching the Foundry segment) Lotus: “You located the Foundry segment; now pick it up.”

(upon picking up the Foundry segment) Lotus: “Good. Your ship is one step closer to completion. Now, there is one more thing you need to do: eliminate all Grineer and provide justice for the colonists.”

Vor: “Soon the worm will be in your spine and I will control this warframe of yours… I will purge your doting mother and bring you home.”

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: “Your Foundry segment is ready for installation, Operator— will the Operator build a Cephalon to replace me?

(upon installing the Foundry segment) Ordis: “Foundry restored! Here, the Operator will craft many powerful weapons and tools to— exact revenge for dismantling me— to expand your arsenal. Oh no, Operator, our component storage has been looted as well…. Typical Corpus! Sure, the blueprint is free, but jack up the components! Operator, we will need resources in order to build the countermeasure blueprint.”

Viewing the Ascaris Negator blueprint in the Foundry reveals that it requires 500 credits, 1 morphics, 450 salvage, and 240 polymer bundle to construct. As all the missions for Vor’s Prize take place on Earth, it is unlikely that the Tenno has any of these resources.

Darvo: “Tenno, I just received a very explicit message from your Ship Cephalon. If you’re looking for resources, why didn’t you just say so? I know just the place, but I demand an apology. My mother is no gymnast, and she would never eat those things!”

Ordis: “You can go straight to— Operator, I am sorry.”

Darvo: “Wow. You may want to get a new Ship Cephalon, when you can afford it, haha. That one seems glitched. I’ve marked your navigation with a place I know… it’s good for resources… if you can stand the cold.”

Fifth Mission: Raid the Corpus Resource Caches (Gaia, Earth)

The mission takes place on the Corpus Outpost tileset, against normal Corpus enemies.

Lotus: “Darvo’s intel suggests that this outpost is host to several rich supply caches. Raid the caches and take what you need. This outpost belongs to the Corpus, a secretive but extremely powerful merchant cult known to be working with the Grineer. Darvo will fill you in.”

Darvo: “Legions of robots, mindless automatons, freaking lasers! These guys are bad news – but they’re also loaded, which is why you’re here.”

The Tenno will be waypointed to three resource caches, containing:

  • 2 morphics
  • 1.000 salvage (also being surrounded by 4 compacted salvage deposits)
  • 500 polymer bundle (also being surrounded by 4 polymer case deposits)

The caches will be Corpus resource lockers that give off an audible ringing sound.

(upon looting the first resource cache) Lotus: “Keep moving. There is more here.”

Darvo: “Technically, this is stealing, but don’t let that bother you. The Corpus aren’t exactly beacons of moral fortitude either. They sell anything to anyone. Don’t get me wrong – I like profit, a lot, but I don’t sell my wares to the damn Grineer. That’s unforgivable.”

(upon looting the second resource cache) Lotus: “Good work, but you’re not done yet. Find the next cache. You almost have what you need.” [further transmission garbled by static interference]

Vor: “You have murdered my sons and disgraced me before my Queens. But soon the Ascaris will complete its task and bring you to me.”

(upon looting the last resource cache) Lotus: “Time for extraction, Tenno. We got what we came for….” [static interference interrupts transmission]

Vor: “The Ascaris has reached your mind and rendered your Lotus mute. You will return to me… over your own free will.”

(upon arriving at extraction) Vor: “You are mine.”

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: “Operator, are you alright?”

Vor: “This part of your journey is over, Tenno. I admire you for your struggle, but now… [chuckle]… I am part of you.”

Ordis: “Lotus, do something! Help the Operator!”

Vor: “We Grineer are millions strong, but with a flaw. We are diseased, rotting, sterile. But now, we have you!”

Ordis: “Operator, do not abandon me again. Build the countermeasure!”

Vor: “I did this for my love, my Queens! They will forgive my insubordination when I deliver you to them. Our love will be reborn as we feed on your divine blood, and our children will flourish without disease. And I will die, at last, at peace. Father. Grandfather.”

(upon accessing the Foundry) Vor: “What do you think you are doing?!”

The Ascaris Negator will take only 30 seconds to build. Upon claiming it and exiting the Foundry interface, the warframe will bend down to use the Negator on the Ascaris on its ankle, then on the Ascaris bits on its shoulder. Both will disintegrate in a shower of sparks. Vor will send one last transmission.

Vor: “What a waste.”

Lotus: [static interference fading] “Tenno? Tenno… good! You managed to disarm Vor’s Ascaris! I thought… I thought I lost you.”

Suddenly, the screen will flicker and dim, and the warframe will grab its head in pain.

Lotus: “Oh no. The Ascaris had an anti-tampering failsafe. It’s burrowed into you and armed itself. We’ll need to find Vor before it detonates. Get to Navigation – boarding a Grineer ship to access their personnel records will be the fastest way to find Vor.”

Ordis: “Operator, what are you waiting for?”

Ordis: “Ordis assumes ‘finding’ Vor implies violence?”

Ordis: “Hello Operator, may I suggest you access Navigation and save your life? For my sake.”

Sixth Mission: Obtain the Nav Segment (Pacific, Earth)

new lighting system, DevStream 105

The mission takes place on the Grineer Galleon tileset, against normal Grineer enemies.

Lotus: “The systems on this Grineer Galleon can be made compatible with your ship. Find and extract a navigation segment.”

Vor: “You have murdered my sons and disgraced me before my Queens. But soon the Ascaris will complete its task and bring you to me.”

The waypoint will lead the Tenno to a console. Activating the console will cause a holding chamber to rise out of the ground, with the Nav segment suspended within.

(upon collecting the Nav segment) Lotus: “Good work. We have what we… wait…. Tenno, coordinates in this Nav segment put the Galleon on a direct course to a convoy of colonists. You have a choice: you can extract now, or you can disable this Galleon and save the colonists.”

Extraction will be marked on the map, but the ship’s reactor will also show up as a secondary objective marker, allowing the Tenno to choose which to pursue.

Lotus: “Saving the colonists could jeopardise this mission. I recommend you head straight to extraction, but the choice is yours.”

The screen will flicker and dim as the Ascaris once again halves the Tenno’s shield capacity.

Lotus: “The Ascaris failsafe is attacking your systems. Your shield capacity has just been halved. You’re wasting precious time, Tenno.”

(upon arriving at the reactor) Lotus: “You’ve reached the ship’s power systems. Destroy the reactor.”

Instead of the normal Reactor Sabotage, the Tenno needs only hack the control console to reveal the fuel injectors, and then destroy the injectors. Removing the coolant cells is not required.

(upon disabling the reactor) Lotus: “That should take the pressure off the colonist ship, but you need to get out of there! Get to extraction before the reactor goes critical.”

The reactor will destroy the ship in 5 minutes, and the Tenno must reach extraction before then.

(upon completing the mission if the reactor was disabled) Lotus: “The colonist ship has escaped. I admire your noble intentions, Tenno, but you must survive, for the future of the System.”

(upon completing the mission if the reactor was not disabled) Lotus: “The colonists’ ship has been lost. I know it was a difficult choice, but many more in the future depend on your survival today.”

[on board Orbiter]

Lotus: “When you are ready, proceed to the Navigation console.”

The Tenno must install the Nav segment in their Navigation console.

(upon installing the Nav segment) Lotus: “The detonator is charging up. You need to bring Vor down. He thinks he can capture you again. Don’t worry; I will be with you. Let us show him how much you have learned.”

(upon selecting the next mission on the Starchart) Lotus: “Are you ready, Tenno? Facing Vor is the only way to rid yourself of him permanently.”

Seventh Mission: Confront Captain Vor (Cambria, Earth)

Depths of the Void, Update 13.7

The mission is the standard Captain Vor Assassination mission, set on the Grineer Asteroid tileset.

Lotus: “This is our chance. Vor has been stripped of his elite guard; he is vulnerable. Take him out.”

With the external parts of the Ascaris removed by the Negator, Vor can no longer invade the HUD, but sends normal taunt transmissions to the Tenno.

Vor: “I could have saved the Grineer, but they cast me out. Maybe it’s not too late to draw your divine blood.”

Vor: “I will put you down like a rabid Kubrow.”

Captain Vor will say his normal dialogue lines during the battle.

(upon defeating Captain Vor) Lotus: “Tenno, look! The Ascaris detonator has just disintegrated. It’s as if it was directly connected to Vor. We’re done here; go to extraction.”

[on board Orbiter]

Lotus: “You’ve done it, Tenno. Vor’s Ascaris is gone. You are free now. But your work has just begun. The Origin System is in chaos and it needs you, Tenno.”

Lotus: “Vor was just a part of the Grineer machine… and we have seen that the Corpus have begun amassing weapons of their own. It is a dangerous time.”

Ordis: “Ordis will gladly assist the Operator in— cutting a bloody path— in whatever mission they choose.”

Lotus: “We will be at your side. There will be others, too. It is time for the Tenno to return. So… what mission will you do next?”

After the quest is complete, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from the Lotus:

Inbox message:
Your New Mission


Now that you have freed yourself from Vor and his Ascaris, you have a new mission, one of your own making. Know that I am only your guide; you are your own warrior, you decide what battles to fight. Allow me to suggest a course of action:

Seek out like-minded fighters. Tenno are more effective in groups.

Execute missions and alerts on the Starchart to open new paths of exploration.

Use the credits you earned in battle to buy blueprints in the Market, then hunt down resources and craft those items in your Foundry.

Customise your weapons and warframes using the mod bench. Different enemies are vulnerable to different combinations of mods; experiment to discover the most effective loadouts.

Finally, stay alert. The Grineer and Corpus are tireless, and you are the only thing standing between them and total domination of the Origin System.

I am counting on you, Tenno.

—The Lotus

Viewing the quest in the Codex will show a message from Vor to the Queens, presumably from before the events of the quest.

My Queens,

You were right. The Tenno threat is real. We found one drifting near Pluto, but the Lotus knew we were coming. She purged the cryo moments before we had them and sent a squad of Tenno to break our assault.

They escaped. We are working on tracing them. Separate this Tenno from the flock and it should be easy to kill. We shattered its warframe and expect such an abrupt cryo purge will have damaged its memories.

We anxiously await punishment for failing this task.


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