Sister of Parvos Dialogue: Nervous Personality

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Some Sister Candidates gain the "Nervous" personality type upon being chosen as a Sister of Parvos. Nervous Sisters often project a façade of confidence that occasionally slips.

Nervous Sisters are voiced by Kyla Lee Ward.


The Sister's first transmission is based on the progenitor warframe used to kill them.

(Impact) "Did you ever sit alone in the office with a plasmic hole punch, just punching holes in other people's things? Over and over?"

(Cold) "Funny things, fingers. Get them cold enough, and they just snap right off. Like fish sticks."

(Electricity) "Oh, I am operating at charge levels way above the recommended safe rate!"

(Heat) "I wonder what happens when you get hot. Does stuff start bubbling up through your armour plates? Can we find out?"

(Toxin) "You realise I'm literally toxic now? I can make you foam and see pretty colours while you die."

(Magnetic) "I can make your shields collapse like a derivatives bubble. You don't even know what that is, do you?"

(Radiation) "How do I achieve this beautiful glow? Simple. Every day I affirm the truth of Parvos' teachings in my heart. And I'm suffused with radioactivity!"

After logging in

"You're really not the kind of person who itemises their storage, are you?"

"Bom pom pom… (sing-song) taking over the System, one sector at a time, keeping the Tenno distracted, making all their stuff mine… (normal voice) oh, I am GOOD at this."

"Idle. That's what Parvos would call your sort. Expect everything to be handed to you on a plate. Those days are over, bucko."

"I love my work. You envy me, I know. And that's okay."

"Ready for another round of relentless persecution? I am."

"Shall we schedule a meeting soon? Maybe one of those fun informal ones where one of us DIES?"

"Do you ever clean this squalid little ship?"

Viewing influenced sector

"This sector is under new management. And about time, too."

"Finally, some competent administration. Any complaints can be filed in the usual bin."

"Observe. This sector belongs to Parvos Granum first, to the Corpus Administration second, and to you not at all."

"With Parvos Granum calling the shots, everyone will benefit! Especially his loyal Sisterhood. [satisfied sigh] Conspiracy is such an ugly word."

"I'm in charge! And it's all going SWIMMINGLY."

Killing a Hound

"But… that thing was built to be warframe resistant…."

"Get back up and fight, you useless object!"

(if a Hound downs the Tenno) "Yes! The dog thing worked!"

(if a Hound downs the Tenno) "A wounded animal won't crawl far."

(if a Hound kills the Tenno) "Not bad! I should upgrade this thing!"

(if a Hound kills the Tenno) "That's technically my kill. I get credit."

Claiming tax

"These used to be yours, but now they are not yours. Are we clear?"

"And that's my share. See? We can work together."

"I'll put these to responsible use. Which is more than you would have done."

"I have restructured your finances. I have issued receipts. And there is nothing you can do about it."

After revealing a Requiem

"Oh, trying to guess my password? Yawn."

"You're wasting your time, you know. This is completely futile. You might as well be knitting socks for the Entrati."

"Why are you trying to crack top-level Granum security? Are you deranged?"

"Yes, yes, t-this was funny for a while, but you can stop now."

When fighting in mission

(when spawning) "Right. That's it. I tried being reasonable. But you've gone and pushed it too far."

(when spawning) "Focus. It's only a Tenno. We kill them all the time."

(when spawning) "Right. Combat mode. Think empowering thoughts! Power flows through me."

(when spawning) "I am open to this combat experience – I will learn from this combat experience – I am ready for this combat… ergh!"

(when spawning) "I don't want to kill you, you know. So you could always just leave. Then I wouldn't have to!"

"You represent an embarrassing mistake. And what do we do with those, Sisters? We shred them."

"Have you met my Hound? A gormless mass of metallised flesh that follows me around everywhere? You two have a lot in common."

"Look, I am actually going to hurt you quite badly, and it's only fair to let you know that."

"I warn you, I'm a lot stronger than I look!"

"I'm sorry! It's too late for mediation! You've escalated this situation waaaaay beyond the original remit!"

"A Sister of Parvos is an official position. So you see, I'm officially killing you. Perhaps that will be some comfort."

"If I can face a disciplinary meeting with Sister Glarios, I can certainly face the likes of you!"

(when commanding Hound to explode) "Situation critical! Blow yourself up!"

(when commanding Hound to explode) "Save me! Self-destruct!"

(if the Tenno is downed) "You know, I don't think that armour's quite up to snuff. Might want to report that."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Sorry, didn't quite catch that, could you repeat? 'Flaily flaily bleed bleed'? Ah, thought so."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Oh no, no, you're getting blood and bits of yourself all over the place. Do you have to?"

(if the Tenno is downed) "Be a good Tenno and give the floor a clean while you're down there, eh?"

(if the Tenno is killed) "Is… is it dead? It's dead! It's over. Oh, thank blessed Parvos."

(if the Tenno is killed) "Job done. Ticky box. Call a cleaning drone."

(if the Tenno is killed) "I think we both knew how this was going to end, didn't we?"

Using a correct Requiem

"You're cheating. You've got to be."

"Time out! Time out!"

"What if you kill me, and I just come back even more powerful? Is that what you want? IS IT?"

"Wait. Wait. Stop. I'm going to throw up."

When the Sister ranks up

"The industrious reap the reward, the idle look on and covet. It's all there in The Founder's Tenets, you know."

"There's nothing like having your hard work recognised, is there? [snorts] Like you'd know." 

"More power? Don't mind if I do."

"Another promotion! This partnership is going places."

"(sing-song) I just got promooo-ted! (normal voice) Don't be bitter, Tenno. You can't be a loser forever."

(when reaching max rank) "Parvos sees me. He takes me in his golden hand. And he raises… me… UP!"

(when reaching max rank) "At last. The pinnacle. And I could never have done it without using you as my footstool."


"Get me out of here! I said, GET ME OUUUUT!"

"This altercation is over."

"I'm going to my happy place."

"Ha! NOT today!"

"Oh, we're not done. We are a LONG WAY from done."

If the Sister causes the Tenno to fail the mission

"So I think we both learned something from that. Surprised you, didn't I?"

"Look at you, bouncing back after a defeat! I think we're developing a healthy respect for one another!"

"I know you're probably upset about what just happened, so let me be the first to say it… I forgive you… your turn!" [giggling, intensifying into laughing]

Final confrontation in Neptune Proxima

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "Ah, Tenno, I see you have blundered into my lair! Prepare to perish in agony! What do you think? Was that too much?"

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "Oh, look. It's Stabby Parazon-Pants the Stabbing Stabber of Stabsville. Planning on doing a little stabbing, were you?"

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "Tenno. Let me explain this in words you will understand. My ship is very big. Your ship is very little."

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "Tenno, are you demented? Do you have the slightest idea how many lethal weapons are on this thing? Should I send you over the documentation?"

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "I am in control. This battle is happening on MY terms. I am a motivated self-starter who can think on her feet."

(when firing torpedoes) "Launching torpedo. A nice big one."

(when firing torpedoes) "Fire torpedoes! Now!"

(when calling in a Crewship) "Let's launch a Crewship. That'll keep them busy."

(when calling in a Crewship) "Remember, Crewship, your families get no compensation if you fail today!"

(when calling in more fighters) "Brave Corpus fighter pilots, get out there and earn your pay."

(when calling in more fighters) "Your proud moment has come, fighter squadron number one-more-than-the-last-one!"

(when launching Ramsled) "Ramsled full of angry people, coming towards you, quickly."

(when launching Ramsled) "Good luck, Ramsledders! With you in spirit!"

(when the Tenno boards the capital ship) "Just remember, Tenno. You started this. And you'll only have yourself to blame."

(when the Tenno boards the capital ship) "You're making a big mistake here, Tenno! I'm a strong, confident Sister at the height of her power! And you're… not."

(while the Tenno traverses the ship) "Think! When has killing me ever, EVER worked? Not once! So why don't you just go home, eh?"

(while the Tenno traverses the ship) "(imitating robotic voice) 'Self-destruct activated. All personnel evacuate.' (normal voice) Oh no! Hurry, everyone! Let's all get off this ship before it explodes!"

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "Whatever happens here, I think we've both learned a lot. Haven't we?"

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "Mighty Parvos. My desire this day is… not to die. And I grasp it."

(when the Sister is at half health) "You're not displaying very flexible thinking here, you know! Always it's straight to the violence!"

(when the Sister is at half health) "You'll meet a bad end, you will! Bullies always do!"


"No no no, wait, just let me ex—"


"No, Tenno, it's me. You can't have meant to— oh."


"Yes! For a moment there, I thought you were going to… well. Moving on."

""Oh thank you. THANK YOU. Oh, you won't regret this."

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. I believe my former experience makes me the ideal candidate to join your team, and I can't wait to get started!"

When assisting

"I'm here! I'm sorry I'm late! I had a thing."

"I will prove my worth to you, so help me…."

"Boss. Looking forward to leveraging our strengths in this challenging combat experience."

"Here we go! This is what I signed up for!"

(when leaving) "All done here, boss!"

(when leaving) "Job done. I look forward to receiving my performance assessment."

(when leaving) "So, now I'm all done with work, I was thinking we could…. [giggles] Oh, never mind."

(when leaving) "Welp. Looks like I'm done here. Nothing else to stick around for. Unless… [self-pitying scoff] nah."

(if killed) "I'm fine! I can do this! I can— GACK"

(if killed) "I am a valued team member…."

(if killed) "Sorry, boss, think I might be dying. Yyyuup. [death noise]"


Sisters of Parvos can rarely have personality quirks that result in unique behaviour and dialogue when the Sister appears to fight in a mission.

Allergic to Nature

Unique dialogue when spawning on outdoor tilesets.

"Bugs! They're inside me, crawling in my tubing!"

"What is the point of still having organic parts if they're just going to break out in hives?"

Always Hungry

Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"Deploying tactical reserve sandwich."

"[eating sounds] Sorry! Skipped breakfast. [eating sounds] You know how it is."


Unique dialogue if the Tenno turns invisible.

"[sniffs] Oh dear, Tenno. What have you been rolling in?"

"Mm. You're more than usually pungent today, Tenno."


Will attempt to flee at low health while speaking unique dialogue.

"…ah. It appears I am severely under-equipped for this assignment. Terminating."

"I'm sorry; this is a completely inappropriate mismatch of power levels, and I am therefore leaving immediately. Goodbye."


Can randomly attempt to flee while speaking unique dialogue.

"Vandalising company property, is it? I'm leaving… to file a report."

"Impressive. I'm just going to pop off and update your file. Don't wait up!"

Fear of Being Alone

Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"No. This is wrong. This was NOT a solo assignment."

"I could really use some colleague's support here!"

Fear of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Child. CHILD. I will NOT have mucky little fingerprints all over my screens."

"I can't deal with children! I'm not certified!"

Fear of Heights

Unknown behaviour.

"Nausea meds! No, these are bullets. Where are my nausea meds?"

"This drop is not safe! Where is the damn handrail?"

Fear of Kubrow

Unique dialogue if the Tenno has a kubrow companion.

"Not kubrows. Please. Their little eyes and their squashed-up faces. Oh, I don't want that to be the last thing I see!"

"Calm. Just imagine it gutted, and skinned, and spread out on the office floor. No. No, it's looking at me."

Fear of Space Travel

Unique dialogue when spawning on ship tilesets; sometimes will freeze in terror and not attack.

"The vacuum of space is out there. I am in here. It cannot suck my eyeballs out. But… what if it did?"

"Why is space so quiet??? It makes me think I can hear… things."

Hatred of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Is it Bring Your Disgusting Spawn to Work Day?"

"There is a child running about here. We'll have to fumigate."

Hatred of Grineer

Unique dialogue when spawning on Grineer tilesets.

"Oh, someone sent me some tubemen for target practice!"

"Just a moment, Tenno. Some Grineer have got in, and this Sister of Parvos needs to take out the trash."

Hatred of Infested

Unique dialogue when spawning on Infested tilesets.

"Oh, that is just gross! It's got to go."

"We've got Infestation! Putrid, scabby, masses of— [wails] Clean it all out!"


Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"Seeya, losers. I'll handle this by myself."

"I'll just have to put on my big pants and handle this personally."


Prone to attacking allied troops while speaking unique dialogue.

"I see you, passing notes, whispering. Do you think I'm stupid?"

"Guess what, staff? It's time for a random loyalty test! Anyone still alive after this, has passed!"

Prone to Vertigo

Avoids stairways and catwalks.

"Oof! Gravity test complete."

"Come on, push me over again! I'm having FUN."


Unique dialogue if the Tenno is on fire.

"Burn! Burn it all! Burn it like I burned my dream journals!"

"I can hear Parvos speaking to me from the flames, and he tells me I am worthy!"

Trophy Hunter

Unknown behaviour.

"Ooh, this place is crawling with wildlife. Do I have to clean it up myself?"

"There's my new desk ornament! Just need to make it a little more dead."


Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"Damn. I look good in blue."

"Nothing wrong with wearing your wealth, Tenno. And my enhancements are mine."

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