New Loka Crewmember Dialogue

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New Loka members can be hired from Ticker to serve on the Tenno's Railjack.


All New Loka crewmembers available from Ticker are female, and have naming conventions that produce single names that are often long and melodic. Each crewmember has a short, three-sentence bio. The possible combinations are listed below.

Example names:

  • Aloiendor
  • Moonbow
  • Soryndre

First sentence:

  • Aquatic nomad.
  • Biologist.
  • Biotechnician.
  • Colony ship stowaway.
  • Ecology expert.
  • Former corporate executive.
  • Former Corpus engineer.
  • Former logistics operative.
  • Former mercenary.
  • Former overseer.
  • Former shift worker.
  • Former station manager.
  • Former terraforming agent.
  • Fugitive criminal.
  • Geoscientist.
  • Hydroponics expert.
  • Traumatised war veteran.
  • Ardent devotee.
  • Raised in eco-cloister.
  • Voluntary bankrupt.

Second sentence:

  • Affiliated to New Loka after visiting Earth.
  • Affiliated to New Loka following religious epiphany.
  • Converted after herbal vision quest.
  • Converted after prophetic dream.
  • Credits New Loka for recovery from critical illness.
  • Defected to New Loka from rival Syndicate.
  • Infiltrated New Loka as a spy and converted.
  • Initiated into New Loka after renouncing family.
  • Initiated into New Loka following severe disillusionment.
  • Joined New Loka after mental breakdown.
  • Joined New Loka after political awakening.
  • Joined New Loka after pollutant contamination.
  • Joined New Loka in gratitude for rescue from prison.
  • Joined New Loka to recover from addiction.
  • Joined New Loka when partner did.
  • Personally selected for initiation by Priestess Amaryn.

Third sentence:

  • Archivist and folklorist.
  • Compiling a thesis on Tenno rehabilitation.
  • Consults for reclamations.
  • Ex-keeper of the Silver Grove.
  • Focuses on crop cultivation.
  • Focuses on restoring livestock strains.
  • Founded hospice.
  • Honorary seed bank custodian.
  • Hopes to be chosen for missionary work.
  • Involved in pastoral outreach.
  • Involved in Vasca kavat treatment.
  • Is an active pastoralist.
  • Makes raggedy-kai toys.
  • Manages several orchards.
  • Specialist in Gray Waste reclamation.
  • Student of species preservation.
  • Suspected of multiple counts of property damage.
  • Volunteers as aid worker.

When being assigned to the Railjack

"Hello, Captain."

"Captain. What is your policy on plants? I have… several."

"Do you expect we will visit Earth? The green reclamations are so beautiful. Even the burial grounds."


These are quotes said by the crewmember as she wanders the ship in between tasks.


"Bless the day that's given!"

"Mother bless our Captain, and keep them safe from all corruption beyond the firmament. Mother bless our crew. Mother keep our provisions free from worm and mold. [big sigh] (through gritted teeth) Mother bless Cephalon Cy."

"There are more cells in my body than there are galaxies in the universe. Eight hundred billion more. Figures like that help keep one's ego in check."

"Take the time to stop – and listen – to your heartbeat. And thank the Universe for making you. I assume there's a heart somewhere inside all of… that?"

"This all seems like a fever dream. Maybe it is. Perhaps I'm still at home, in my bed, safe on Earth. How do you live like this?"

"I'm getting used to it here. I can't smell the recycled air anymore, and the lights hardly ever give me a headache."

"I was going to bring my little purebred kavat on board. Ship's cat. Good luck. But then I thought, 'What if there's a breach and he gets sucked out?' I'm sure Ticker will take fine care of him until I get back."

 When being assigned to a role


"Got it."

"Right away."

"Of course."

(if unable) "I… can't."

(if unable) "I cannot do that."

(if unable) "I wish I could."

(if unable) "I can't."

When killing a fighter

"Fighter shot down!"

"I have destroyed an enemy fighter!"

"The sky is one enemy clearer!"

"Die in flames, invader."

When boarded

"The enemy has breached our sanctum."

"Invaders! You shall be rebuffed!"

"Friends! Stand your ground, and fight!"

When killing a boarder

”Their will is breaking! They can be killed!"

"You fight well, friends! Do not relent!"

"We are pushing them back!"

When completing a task

"All done."

"I'm done. Anything else?"

"My task is complete."

When the Railjack has suffered severe damage

"This aged vessel cannot take this kind of treatment."

"We have lost armour plating!"

"We must keep the hull intact!"

"If ships felt pain, this one would scream."

Hazard on board

(fire) "Fire."

(fire) "Friends: we burn."

(hull breach) "Our hull has been penetrated! We are losing vital oxygen!"

(hull breach) "Hull breach! Bigger than my head!"

After repairing hazard

(fire) "Fire extinguished."

(fire) "Fire quenched."

(hull breach) "Sealed the breach. Repressurising. I need to check my plants…."

(hull breach) "Patched the hull!"

When health is low

"Friends! The enemy threatens to overwhelm!"

"Friends! To me! And may Mother safeguard us all."

When healing

"Fine. I'll use these blasphemous medicines now, and repent later."

"How do you even use this… ahhh. Oh, that's better."

When downed

"I will not die here. I will not. Aid me!"

"Aid me… ere I breathe my last…."

When revived

"Thank you. I'm sure you have no need of a ghost aboard your ship."

"I thank you."

When another crewmember dies

"Mother, I consign my friend's soul to your loving arms! Give them peace."

"Our friend has departed our company. Travel well. We will meet again."

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