Red Veil Crewmember Dialogue

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Red Veil members can be hired from Ticker to serve on the Tenno's Railjack.


All Red Veil crewmembers available from Ticker are male, and have naming conventions that produce single names that are either short and simple or long and melodic. Each crewmember has a short, three-sentence bio. The possible combinations are listed below.

Example names:

  • Anato
  • Gael
  • Jerriganta

First sentence:

  • Convicted arsonist.
  • Convoy raider.
  • Exiled former colonist.
  • Former colonial militia member.
  • Former freelance desert assassin.
  • Former Hexenon gas platform worker.
  • Mercenary troupe member.
  • Rootless wanderer.
  • Scavenger.
  • Self-radicalised "System defender".
  • Social outcast.
  • Unofficial colonial security enforcer.
  • Unrepentant vigilante.
  • Orphaned in Grineer attack.
  • "Troubled adolescent."
  • Captured and imprisoned by Grineer; freed in Red Veil raid.
  • Family believed to be in debt bondage on Fortuna.
  • Mistakenly targeted for assassination by Grineer; survived.
  • Suspected of assassinating multiple Grineer officers.
  • Suspected of assassinating multiple Corpus oligarchs.

Second sentence:

  • Attracted Red Veil's attention with graffiti campaign.
  • Carried out attacks in the Red Veil's name, hoping to be noticed, until they recruited him.
  • Carried out high-profile assassination in the belief Red Veil would notice and approve. They did.
  • Drew the Red Veil's attention with his appetite for causing carnage.
  • Identified by the Red Veil as a loose cannon and brought into the Syndicate in the hope of stabilising him.
  • Joined Red Veil in a group blood pact.
  • Joined the Red Veil to pursue a personal vendetta.
  • Made contact with Red Veil through highly encrypted data channels.
  • Made contact with Red Veil when he discovered one of their hidden arms caches.
  • Passed his Red Veil initiation with ease.
  • Pledged loyalty to Red Veil the moment they made contact.
  • Recruited by Palladino directly, after a 'chiming whisper' had told her his name.
  • Recruited by Red Veil in the belief that they could make use of his aggression.
  • Saved the life of a comrade who proved to be a Red Veil adherent and sponsored his recruitment.
  • Shared a prison block with a Red Veil member, who recruited him after they were both freed.
  • Was trapped in a bombed-out ruin with a Red Veil member, who persuaded him to join.

Third sentence:

  • Claims to have done more to purify the System than any Red Veil member in the last five years.
  • Collects Old War memorabilia.
  • Enjoys leatherwork.
  • Feeds stray animals.
  • Has deleted almost all of his own records.
  • Hunts his own food when possible.
  • Insists that he is working on 'something big' which he will unveil when the time is right.
  • Is an amateur weapons designer.
  • Likes to carve bones in his spare time.
  • Often experiments with his own pain threshold.
  • Spends long hours flint knapping.
  • Suffers from periodic blackouts.
  • Believes he is being personally hunted by the Grineer.
  • Believes Parvos Granum is offering a bounty for his head.
  • Intrigued by body modification.
  • Is distrustful of cephalons.
  • Prizes loyalty.
  • Snores extremely loudly.

When being assigned to the Railjack


"[laughing] Yeah, okay. I hope you ain't squeamish."

"Alright. Let's you and me rinse this stinkin' System."


These are quotes said by the crewmember as he wanders the ship in between tasks.



"Red Veil do the things most people can't. Without that nothing survives. No cost too great, no blood too precious, is what we say. [snickers] As long as it ain't mine."

"Fact is, every stable foundation is built on meat and blood. Now most people: they pretend it ain't so. It is not to their taste. Me? Hell. Me: I am one hardcore carnivore. For the greater good, of course."

"Oh, House Zekti were artists. When they killed, they killed with finesse. Purpose. Just like me. This system's rotten, and me? I'm a scalpel."

"Know what I love about this ship? Everyone pulls their weight. I been on Veil ships where we had [spits] freeloaders. One guy got so damned indolent I had to eat the bastard. [laughs]"

"Torture someone long enough, they'll confess to anything. That's my favourite thing about it."

"So, that Helminth thing you mentioned? You ever fed anyone to it?"

 When being assigned to a role

"You know me."

"Seriously? Fine."

"What am I, your maid? Okay, okay."

"You got it."

(if unable) "Yeah, can't do that."

(if unable) "Uh, negative."

(if unable) "Nah. Not happenin'."

(if unable) "Ha. No."

When killing a fighter

"Scratch one fighter."

"Spaceman go boom."

"Fighter down, moron dead. System's healthier for the loss."

"And with my flaming brand and crimson hand did I burn away the corrupt and ignite the heavens."

When boarded

"Ha! Look at these total pylons. Hey, we got boarders."

"Alright, let's thin this herd."

"All right, let's clean out the gene pool. We got boarders!"

When killing a boarder

"Dead deadity dead. Hahaha."

"Turnin' this place into a boneyard!"

"C'mon! These guys ain't even trying! Doin' the System a favour, cleanin' 'em out."

When completing a task

"It's in the bag."

"Got it done."

"Yeah, job's done."

When the Railjack has suffered severe damage

"At this rate we're all gonna be sucking vacuum, chief!"

"So, you know this bucket ain't bulletproof, right?"

"Hull's gonna need a new paint job."

"We either need a stronger hull or a better pilot!"

Hazard on board

(fire) "Uh, fire here. Might wanna put that out."

(fire) "Yo! Fire over here!"

(hull breach) "Hull's busted! We are pissing our atmo away!"

(hull breach) "Oh, crap. Hull breach!"

After repairing hazard

(fire) "Fire's out."

(fire) "Fires dealt with."

(hull breach) "Fixed the hull. Thank me later."

(hull breach) "Breach sealed. She'll hold. I think."

When health is low

"[spits] I ain't goin' out like this. Uh-uh, no way."

"No cost too great… no blood too precious."

When healing

"Taking care of my wounds. See, Mother, needlework was useful."

"Slappin' on a medpack."

When downed

"Better get to me quick if you want to keep me breathin'."

"I'm down! Help me up… or finish me off."

When revived

"Great. Now I owe ya."

"Ah, don't fix me too nice. I wanna keep the scar."

When another crewmember dies

"Save the med-packs, they're dead. Cap, we lost one!"

"We just lost one of our own! Grieve later. For now, be pissed off!"

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