Arbiters of Hexis Crewmember Dialogue

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Arbiters of Hexis members can be hired from Ticker to serve on the Tenno's Railjack.


All Arbiters of Hexis crewmembers available from Ticker are male, and have interesting naming conventions consisting of a formal title and a stately name, often of ancient provenance. Each crewmember has a short, three-sentence bio. The possible combinations are listed below.


  • Adept
  • Arbiter (sometimes qualified as Arbiter Princeps or Arbiter Rex)
  • Armsman
  • Centurion
  • Probate
  • Scholar
  • Seneschal
  • Strategist
  • Venator
  • Vigilant

Example names:

  • Arbiter Rex Mortioratis
  • Seneschal Komatsuy
  • Vigilant Nocendi

First sentence:

  • Born under a supposedly auspicious stellar configuration.
  • Believed by the Scholars of Hexis to be a reincarnated Arbiter of former times.
  • Grew up immersed in legends of the Tenno.
  • Encountered a Tenno in his youth and believed himself blessed.
  • Impressed a visiting Arbiter with his insight when still young.
  • Was considered a prodigy.
  • Placed in the care of the Arbiters of Hexis by his family when they could not afford to feed him.
  • Recruited from impoverished agricultural family.
  • Changed his name and renounced his entire former life to join the Arbiters.
  • Trained in Preceptory of Hexis from boyhood.
  • Amazed the Scholars of Hexis by translating texts from an unknown language.
  • Reported disturbingly accurate dreams of the Orokin Era.
  • Condemned his own family as "impure" and abandoned them.
  • Attempted a pilgrimage across the entire System.
  • Memorised the entire Dissertation on the Seven Principles.
  • Presided over an Arbitration that left him haunted for the rest of his days.
  • Travelled from settlement to settlement acting as an impartial judge.
  • Rescued from Grineer attack by a Tenno; obsessed with them ever since.
  • Was forced to reveal a Truth that humbled and degraded him.
  • Was rendered unconscious for three days after touching a "shiny rock" that proved to be an Ayatan star.

Second sentence:

  • Accidentally tore a page of the Pronouncements of Hexis while taking his initiatory oath and has lived with crushing guilt ever since.
  • Joined the Arbiters of Hexis with seven companions but was the only one to persist through all of the trials of full initiation.
  • Defended his Preceptory against the Infestation along with the rest of the initiates. Was the sole survivor.
  • Went missing from the Preceptory and was discovered five years later, delirious and raving, wearing only animal skins.
  • Almost died from a fever in which he suffered nightmarish hallucinations.
  • Believes he has been chosen for some great duty and is waiting for the Universe to tell him what it is.
  • Condemned an innocent after hearing false testimony and has never forgiven himself.
  • Discovered that a person in whom he had placed complete trust was unworthy of it, and never fully recovered.
  • Entered an Orokin ruin and was never the same again.
  • Had to choose between Truth and Love, and chose Truth.
  • Has spent years in the Hexis archive, reading nothing but sacred texts, living on only bread and fermented hoffka.
  • Is beginning to grow weary of the fight to purge the System.
  • Refused a settled Seat of Judgement in favour of a life of travel, bringing Arbitration to the System.
  • Spent a month living beside a waterfall and living off raw Murkray liver, the better to hear the voice of Truth within.
  • Spent his life in pursuit of a holy vision, but has not yet achieved it.
  • Was forced to pass sentence on his own beloved mentor, and sometimes doubts the rightness of his actions.

Third sentence:

  • Bellows in empty rooms to test the acoustics.
  • Chants versicles along to the throb of a ship's engines.
  • Considers no duty beneath him.
  • Enjoys luxury but feels guilty about it.
  • Fasts on bread and water when the urge takes him.
  • Prays for the souls of those he has killed, and never forgets their names once he has learned them.
  • Sleeps on the bare floor, refusing even a bedroll.
  • Despises the Infestation above all other enemies.
  • Fanatical about hygiene.
  • Fascinated by Ayatans.
  • Fond of kavats.
  • Has a combined dread of, and yearning for, the Void.
  • Has seen too much unkindness to want to practise it himself.
  • Hopes to be given access to the Leverian, the better to understand the Tenno.
  • Hopes to one day die gloriously in the defence of Truth.
  • Passionately interested in hearing the stories others have to tell.
  • Scorns any form of pretence or affectation.
  • Sincerely believes that "the truth will out" no matter how long it takes.

When being assigned to the Railjack

"I pledge my loyalty to you, my Captain. Let us speak only truth to one another."

"You have chosen… me? Of course. I shall prove worthy of your trust."

"To serve under a Tenno, onboard a restored Orokin Railjack. This is the vision. The apex of our dream."


These are quotes said by the crewmember as he wanders the ship in between tasks.

"Noble Tenno."

"An honour to serve."

"We tread the selfsame Void where the saga began. In the spaces between, we shall learn the truth. All is unfolding as it should."

"The pain of truth is but the smarting of a cleansed wound. Those who stopper up the truth in themselves are like one impacted with his own filth."

"Many shall ask: by what right do you judge us? And we shall answer: by what right do you question us?"

"It is no sin to fail to see the truth. But to reject the truth once it is seen? That is sin unpardonable."

"Never make light of our duty to kill when necessary in service to the truth. A judgement written in blood may never be unwritten."

"Let me be worthy of this great office. If I fail, I shall gaze unblinking into the core until my eyes are burned away. I swear it by the Zariman."

When being assigned to a role

"I obey."

"I serve."

"I shall, Tenno."


(if unable) "I cannot."

(if unable) "That cannot be done."

(if unable) "I am not able to comply."

(if unable) "In truth, I cannot."

When killing a fighter

"Fighter destroyed."

"Got them."

"Target purged."

"Corruption dies in fire."

When boarded

"Intruders. Let us punish them."

"Boarders! Engaging."

"We are invaded. Brace for slaughter!"

When killing a boarder

"Judgement has been visited upon their flesh."

"I have taken another life."

"Extreme correction has been carried out."

When completing a task

"I am finished."

"Task complete."

"The work is done."

When the Railjack has suffered severe damage

"This ship is being flayed bare like a carcass."

"Our ship is being desecrated down to her bones."

"This noble vessel is being torn to pieces!"

"We cannot endure much more of this persecution."

Hazard on board

(fire) "Our vessel is burning!"

(fire) "Fire! Contain it!"

(hull breach) "Our hull has been gouged open!"

(hull breach) "Hull breach! Explosive decompression!"

After repairing hazard

(fire) "Fire quenched."

(fire) "The fire has been snuffed out."

(hull breach) "I have repaired the grievous wound to our hull."

(hull breach) "Breach cauterised. Air bleed staunched."

When health is low

"My strength is failing."

"The enemy threatens to overwhelm me!"

When healing

"Tending to my wounds."


When downed

"Death has come to claim me. I await your arbitration."

"I am dying. If you think me worth saving, please assist."

When revived

"I am restored."

"I shall repay this gesture."

When another crewmember dies

"Tenno. I have witnessed the death of a crew member."

"Verifying. Vital signs have ceased. Our crewmate is dead."

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