Teshin Dialogue: Cephalon Capture

Tenno pit their prowess and techniques against one another, as two teams fight each other in an attempt to capture the opposing team's Cephalon, while protecting their own.

A Tenno must make their way into the opposing team's territory, and run into the opposing Cephalon to capture it. If the opposition defeat the Tenno before they can capture it, the Cephalon will be dropped. For a short time, the Cephalon will remain where it was dropped and will be returned if an opponent runs over it, or picked up if an ally runs over it.

Bringing an opponent's Cephalon to your own Cephalon will capture it, and award your team a point.

The first team to gain three points, or the team with the highest amount of points when time runs out, wins the match.

Cephalon Capture is one of the four main Conclave game modes that Teshin offers to help the Tenno hone their skills against each other.

Cephalon Capture

In Cephalon Capture, eight Tenno enter an arena in two teams (Sun and Moon). Each team has a cephalon at their "home base" or respawn point. The goal is to capture the opposing team's cephalon and bring it back to the base. A cephalon will only be "captured" if the scoring team's cephalon is still at the base, ie not currently stolen. If a Tenno is killed while carrying a cephalon, the cephalon immediately reverts to the base. The first team to reach 5 cephalon captures within 10 minutes wins the match. If the time runs out, the team with the most captures will win. In the event that both teams have the same number of captures, the match will end in a draw.

There are three cephalons that participate in Cephalon Capture. Any two of them will be chosen for a particular match. Each has their own dialogue lines and personality.

Teshin provides running commentary during the match.

During lobby

"In times of war, knowledge is the brightest blade. Capture your enemy's Cephalon while defending your own."

"Awareness and calculation are the tools of warfare. Capture your opponent's Cephalon. Protect your own."

"Without intelligence, a vast enemy can be scattered. Defend your team's Cephalon. Capture the enemy's."

During match

(match start) "Team [SUN/MOON]!"

(if the cephalon is taken) "[Sun/Moon] Cephalon taken."

(if the cephalon is dropped) "[Sun/Moon] Cephalon dropped."

(if the cephalon is returned) "[Sun/Moon] Cephalon returned."

(if the cephalon is captured, variant) "Point [Sun/Moon]!"

(if the cephalon is captured, variant) "[Moon/Sun] Cephalon captured. Point [Sun/Moon]!"

(if a team is near victory) "[Sun/Moon] is one point from victory."

Match end

(Sun victory, variant) "Sun has won the match."

(Sun victory, variant) "Sun's light has burned Moon's shadow away."

(Sun victory, variant) "Moon was torn apart by Sun's furious light."

(Sun victory, variant) "The fires of the Sun have turned the Moon to ash."

(Moon victory, variant) "Moon has won the match."

(Moon victory, variant) "The near Moon eclipses the far Sun."

(Moon victory, variant) "Moon's surging tide washes away the Sun."

(Moon victory, variant) "The oceans of Moon have extinguished the fire of Sun."

(upon victory, variant) "With this victory your strength and reputation grows."

(upon victory, variant) "Your enemies will remember this day with humiliation."

(upon victory, variant) "Well earned, pupil. You fought with discipline and honour."

(upon victory, variant) "You impress me, pupil. You are on your way to higher mastery."

(upon defeat, variant) "Failure teaches us more than victory. Reflect on your movements and summon a greater resolve."

(upon defeat, variant) "The path to mastery has many setbacks. It is the true masters who remain unfaltering in their journey."

(upon defeat, variant) "This defeat is a lesson. Consider your mistakes. Study your enemy's movements. Grow from this moment on."

(upon defeat, variant) "The enemy is but a mountain. With each fall you test its surface, learning the footholds needed to reach the summit."

(upon draw, variant) "The match ends in a draw."

(upon draw, variant) "A stalemate between Sun and Moon."

(upon draw, variant) "A deadlock between the Moon and Sun."

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