Olvar Dialogue

When Kahl's Garrison reaches rank Settlement, an Corpus named Olvar1 will appear in the camp, sitting in a chair. He cannot be interacted with, but will speak if the Tenno is nearby.

Idle quotes

"I will never forget the man who gave his life for us. The man whose sacrifice showed us the way. We honour his name. Veko."

"So… most Solaris don't like what they do. Huh. Though Chipper did offer to take off my head so I could see if I liked it."

"I tried cooking. Horrek was very excited about it. How do I treat burns?"

"Deep-fried Pobber sure takes some getting used to. [deep sigh] Fortunately my suit's recyc system is still online."

[contented sigh] (cheerfully) "I feel sick."

(if the Garrison is at rank Home) "I'm having all these… feelings? I've never been… allowed to have feelings. I think I'm having feelings about my feelings. And feelings about that. Wow. Being outside is a lot of work, isn't it?"

(if the Garrison is at rank Home) "Jarka seems nice. I told her that we were taught the Grineer hated people like me. She told me I was right. See? Grineer helping Corpus. Who'd have thought? This place is great."

(if the Garrison is at rank Home) "You don't see the animals going to war with each other. Nope. They all just get along. I wonder what they eat."

(if the Garrison is at rank Home) (singing) "We allll lift together…."

Olvar is mentioned by Horrek, and has additional dialogue in the Kahl's Garrison conversations.

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  1. Olvar's name is never given, either by himself or by others, but is listed as "Olvar D" in the patchnotes for Update 32.1.

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