Horrek Dialogue

When Kahl's Garrison reaches rank Fort, an Ostron named Horrek will appear in the camp, stirring a pot of stew over a fire. He cannot be interacted with, but will speak if the Tenno is nearby.

Idle quotes

"We drink chimurr together. All brothers here."

"Please. No eating out of helmets."

"He likes to crunch the little bones. So we leave those in."

"Some men have their destiny written in the stars. Other men drink kubuchi until the stars dance, because their wife has locked the doors of their home, and they wake up to find three days have come and gone and they are naked but for a bucket and they are now the cook for a Grineer. The Unum alone knows all."

"I had a bushel of good vobi cheeses buried out on the Plains to ripen. Buuut… then the Sentients came and rearranged the Plains. Ah, my poor cheeses."

"Ach. Let Vay Hek rant as he will. Nobody here cares."

"It is good just to sit, to rest, to breathe. Haven't we all bled enough?"

"Eat, eat. She gives, we live."

"If a man can only stay alive for long enough, there is no end to the wonders he may see."

(if the Garrison is at rank Settlement) "I am glad the Corpus kid wants to make himself useful. But until he can gut and joint a Pobber without fainting, he is useful only as windbreak."

(if the Garrison is at rank Home) "That Grineer lass is a strange one. Many times have I seen her… paddling. Splashing. Singing about… fish."

Horrek has additional dialogue in the Kahl's Garrison conversations.

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