Kahl-175 Dialogue: Prison Break

Kahl, you know how you asked me to let you know when that prison Murex came back? Well, it’s back. If you really want to do this, call me. —B.G.

Prison Break is one of Kahl-175’s weekly Break Narmer missions. It sees Kahl infiltrate a Narmer Murex and liberate his captive brothers, and culminates in a battle against the Wolf of Saturn Six. Mission control is provided by Kaelli Entrati. Optional objectives may include:

  • Complete the mission without dying and without being veiled
  • Remove 5 veils using Veilbreaker
  • Find Kahl’s missing Floof
  • Destroy 5 Sentient Immunodes with Command Mode
  • Collect 5 Genestamps
  • Find 4 passwords and unlock the cache

First Mission: Narmer Murex

This mission takes place within a Sentient Murex. Kahl begins in the exact same place he began the Veilbreaker quest: in a small room with a crashed Bolkor, dead Grineer bodies, and a jury-rigged comms console.

Kahl: [sniffs, grunts, spits] “Kahl never forget this smell.”

Kaelli: “Kahl. You almost died here. You don’t have to do this.”

Kahl: “Yes. Kahl do. Mark brothers.”

Most of the mission plays out in a substantially similar manner to the Veilbreaker quest; however, Kahl begins the mission with a Grakata and Slaytra. Kahl also starts with a Hellion pack. Kahl is directed to free a Grineer prisoner in a red stasis field.

(upon passing through a doorway) Kaelli: “Huh… these portals closely resemble the sphincter muscles of a mammal’s lower intestinal tract. You’re going through this ship like a big old—”

Kahl: “Now is time for joke?”

Kaelli: “Nope. Sorry. Not at all. You’re busy. I’ll let you focus.” [giggles]

The captive must be freed by interacting with the energy field, which will begin a dissipation process that is tracked in the HUD. Halfway through, Kahl will need to move to a marked location in order to continue. Sentients will attack Kahl throughout the process. 

The captive, once freed, is a Grineer Hellion named Bhino-415, and can be directed with Command Mode. The way further into the Murex is blocked by debris, and Kahl must command Bhino to destroy it by planting an explosive charge.

(upon detonating an explosive charge, variant) Kahl: “Good boom, brother!”

(upon detonating an explosive charge, variant) Kahl: “Good work.”

(upon detonating an explosive charge, variant) Kahl: “Brother did good.”

The next room has two captives, a Grineer and a Corpus, who must be freed in the same manner. For these two and all subsequent captives, the field dissipation process will start automatically for the first third of the meter, then Kahl will need to stand in a designated zone for the second third of the meter, and then two different zones will need to be held simultaneously to complete the final third of the meter and free the captive. This is again identical to the Veilbreaker quest. In addition to the Sentients that will constantly spawn and attack during the mission, Kahl may also encounter veiled Grineer Hellions as enemies. These can be freed with Veilbreaker and will join Kahl along with the liberated captives, allowing Kahl to amass quite a large group of followers.

(upon freeing the two captives) Kaelli: “There’s another group of prisoners on the other end of the Murex. I’ve identified a dropship you could use to get to them, but… you remember what happened the last time.”

Kahl: “Kahl survived and escaped with his brothers?”

Kaelli: “Something like that. Marking your destination.”

Kahl must head to the next room, where a Tether Node network tower is protected by three Immunodes. Kahl must command his brothers to destroy the Immunodes with explosives before the tower can be destroyed.

(upon approaching the tower) Kaelli: “There’s the Bolkor. Held in place by Tether Nodes.”

The Bolkor is a few tiles away, held in place by two red crystals emitting energy tethers. Kahl must board the ship and enter the rear-facing Grattler turret, which he then must use to destroy the crystals. The Bolkor will fly throughout the ship, pursued by Ionyx fighters.

Kaelli: “Hull integrity dropping!”

The Bolkor will take hits from the pursuing fighters and stationary defences.

Kaelli: “Losing control! Kahl!”

Kahl: “Brothers! Get out!!”

The Bolkor will crash, though Kahl and his brothers will survive.

Kahl: [panting] “Kahl need to stop doing that.”

Kaelli: “Get your brothers, Kahl. I’ll arrange your extraction.”

Kahl has the option to pick up the Bolkor Grattler from the wreckage and replace his primary weapon, but he can continue with the Grakata. Further in the Murex are two more Grineer captives that must be freed.

(upon freeing the two captives) Kaelli: “Kahl, Grineer signal ahead, but… abnormal. It’s as if he was connected to a Sentient mind before Narmer….”

Kahl: “Hmmm. Kahl heard of this one.”

Kahl and his brothers must make their way to the hangar.

(upon approaching the hangar) Kaelli: “Reading massive trauma, amalgam rejection, chemical hypersaturation… how is it still alive?”

Kahl: “Brother in pain. Kahl do what Kahl must.”

Kaelli: “Kahl, you can’t save them all.”

Kahl: “Kahl save. But not from Narmer.”

Inside the hangar is the Wolf of Saturn Six, now outfitted with a Narmer veil and Narmer-ised Wolf Hammer. The fight is difficult, as the Wolf has massive health and armour, but eventually Kahl and his brothers can put him down.

(upon defeating the Wolf) Kaelli: “Kahl. Extraction is ready. Get your brothers to the hangar.”

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