Lynx Dialogue

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The Lynx is a field boss fought during Orokin Sabotage missions where the Corpus are the invading faction. On the standard Starchart, this only occurs at Marduk, in the Void.

The Lynx resembles a smaller, old-model Jackal, and will spawn Lynx (shield) Ospreys and Lynx Turrets during the battle. The Lynx is immune to all damage while linked to its Ospreys.

Like other Corpus proxies, the Lynx does not speak in human language, but through electronic noises that are translated in subtitles.

Battle taunts

"Analysing threat tactics… Classification: Competent."

"Analysing threat weaponry… Classification: Unimpressive."

"Analysing probability matrix… Victory prediction: Assured."

"Analysing threat defences… Arming: Turrets."

"Threat weakness identified… Arming: Osprey."

The Lynx also appears during the Archwing quest, which features an Orokin Sabotage mission. The Lynx can also appear as a field boss during Clem's weekly missions, when the Corpus are the enemy faction. One variant of the Grineer spy vaults features an inactive Lynx being examined by the Grineer; if the data vault alarms are tripped, the Lynx will come to life, attacking Grineer and Tenno alike.

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