Profit-Taker Heist

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This heist aims to bring down the Profit-Taker Orb Mother above the Enrichment Labs, with the support of Solaris United’s key personnel: Eudico, The Business, and Little Duck, and some help from the Quills. The heist takes the form of four bounties (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4) that can be acquired from Eudico in the backroom. The Tenno must complete each stage at least once before moving on to the next.

Profit-Taker: Phase 1

Acquire the satellite protocols.

This bounty starts with an explanatory dialogue section that can be skipped through if desired.

Eudico: “From her perch above Enrichment Labs, Profit-Taker has a perfect vantage to bombard anything she doesn’t like. That’s a huge problem for us. So we’re taking her down. Biz?”

The Business: “Profit-Taker is an autonomous battle platform piloted by hybrid AI, with Sentient adaptive shielding, reinforced by an overcharger satellite in geosynchronous orbit. Beneath that, her armour is a composite carapace usually reserved for Corpus warships.”

Eudico: “Successful elimination proceeds in three stages: first, we knock out the orbital overcharger. Second: decoding Profit-Taker’s Sentient shielding to ensure the Tenno can land fire on her directly. Third: providing the weaponry needed to penetrate that heavy-duty carapace. Little Duck’s chasing a lead on something with a lot more grunt than your usual hand weapons. But, first things first.”

The Business: “Phase one: with the overcharger online, Profit-Taker is, as far as our little group is concerned, invulnerable. The satellite overcharges the Orb’s shield. We knock the overcharger on the head, and she’s down to regular shielding. Here’s how we do that. Little Duck?”

Little Duck: “Satellite behaves according to protocols. We control the protocols, we control the satellite. That’s where my weirdy-beardy Quill mate comes in. Almost as if he knew we’d need this, he’s got himself perfectly placed to provide. We’re meeting him today for the handoff.”

Eudico: “Gear up. Hit the field. Once you’re topside, we’ll provide directions to your meeting with the Quill.”

The Tenno must leave the backroom and enter the Orb Vallis to continue.

Little Duck: “Your rendezvous point is a cave. Coordinates marked. Lots of Corpus traffic, so you’ll wanna do this softly-softly.”

Eudico: “Not an option. Comms just lit up. The Taxmen are onto your Quill. Sparky, get your team over there. Now!”

A waypoint will appear on one of the caves in the Vallis (specifically, one of the caves with coolant pools inside).

(upon arriving at the cave) Eudico: “This is the place. Eliminate those Corpus teams before they find the Quill.”

Several Corpus units will be inside the cave and must all be taken out.

(upon killing the Corpus units) Little Duck: “Quills are always one step ahead. Never seen one take a hit. He’ll be around, hidin’ somewhere.”

The Tenno must search for the Quill contact. He will be found, dead, lying by the edge of the coolant wearing Ceno armour with an Ostron fishing spear in his hand.

The Business: “Dead? What kind of Quill walks into an ambush? Search the body, though I suspect the Corpus will have already snatched up our protocols.”

(upon searching the body) The Business: “No protocols, just… fish bait? This is a bust.”

Little Duck: “Nah. For everything a Quill does, there’s a reason. Tenno, got a shock spear handy?”

The Tenno must equip a fishing spear and hunt the servofish in the coolant pool. After catching 1-3 fish, The Business will notice something strange.

The Business: “Hmm… something lodged in that servofish’s intake. A digital wafer?”

Little Duck: “Hand-etched, with numbers. Coordinates, maybe. We’ll need the rest; try to— Guts! Raknoids! Tenno, getcha fists up!”

Mite Raknoids will spawn and attack the Tenno. Two more clues must be obtained from the servofish, but the Raknoids can scare them off if they jump into the coolant.

(upon finding another clue) Eudico: “Another wafer, jammed in the intake. Coordinates, definitely. Pointing to somewhere on the Vallis. You can keep fishing to be certain, but it seems to be pointing towards a Taxmen base.”

(upon finding the last clue) Little Duck: “Sequence complete. Coordinates to this Taxmen base. Time for a degree of violence. We need the codes to that satellite, or this whole plan is beached.”

A Corpus base will be marked on the map. Possible locations include The Pearl and the Transit Depot. The Tenno must go there and capture the base, by finding a datamass on an enemy and then defending the terminal against waves of Corpus.

(upon arriving at base) Eudico: “Sparky. You and your team know what to do. Take that base.”

(upon capturing the base) Little Duck: “Stand by. Guts… looks like they wiped the grid before we could lock the place down.”

Eudico: “Wait. Show me that. Drone patrol route, custom programmed, in the middle of nowhere. Why would the Taxmen send this out there? Get after it, Sparky.”

A remote location will be waypointed. Upon arrival, a Corpus drone will be seen floating around, surrounded by Terra Corpus enemies.

Eudico: “Sparky! Drone, dead ahead. LD, when that thing’s down, I need you to—”

Little Duck: “Way ahead of you. Quill-encrypted data bloc. Working. Tenno, get between the drone and those Moas.”

(after killing Corpus reinforcements) Little Duck: “Satellite protocols are in the bag. Right: next steps. I’m coming out. Meet me on the field.”

Profit-Taker: Phase 2

Acquire the Profit-Taker’s harmonic schema.

When the Tenno goes back to the Fortuna elevator, Little Duck is outside, leaning against the building near the elevator entrance. She can be interacted with to begin the Phase 2 bounty. Alternatively, the Tenno can return to Fortuna and start the Phase 2 bounty from the backroom.

(if the bounty is started from the backroom) Eudico: “We have to move fast. Little Duck’s waiting for you in the field. Gear up and get out there.”

Little Duck: “It’s pretty and all, but I find it hard to give two-tenths of a paramecium’s crap for a place this cold. Right, so: the satellite’s sorted but the Orb’s shields are still gonna adapt to your attacks. Enrichment Labs holds the harmonic schema of Profit-Taker’s shields. With it, Biz thinks he can slow the adaptation long enough for your crew to inflict some real damage. Raid the place. I’ll cover the entrance. And be quick about it. I don’t want you having to blowtorch me off whatever I froze to.”

(upon arriving at Enrichment Labs) Little Duck: “Profit-Taker’s designs are in a triple-locked data vault. Probably a late-model Hangvuun-Mercer if I know the Corpus. That means you need three passkeys, and you gotta get them quick, as those suckers expire if they’re not reauthorised on the regular.”

The Business: “Each passkey is held by a Corpus Director. They’re skin-scored passkeys, high-value, and the Directors have orders to self-preserve. They’re not coming out unless you leave them no choice.”

Eudico: “The Taxman cares more about self-profit than self-preservation. Watch this.”

Vox: “With your Directors shaking within their panic rooms, we come to claim what is ours: the profit of our suffering. We will not leave until every last credit has been taken from this facility.”

An alarm will sound throughout the facility, and a 4-minute timer will begin counting down on the HUD. The entire bounty must be completed in that time window.

Little Duck: “Can’t believe they fell for that. Well, we got the Directors’ attention. Comin’ out for a nosey. Heavily armed and all, with security.”

Eudico: “You’re on the clock, Sparky. The Directors carry passkeys for the data vault. Take the Directors down before the keys expire and we lose our chance. Your first target is the Armaments Director.”

(upon killing the Armaments Director) Eudico: “Armaments research? How much blood was on that mucker’s hands?”

(upon killing the Vivisect Director) The Business: “Vivisect Director? Animal experimentation. He deserved his fate. One target remains.”

(upon killing the Sentient Research Director) Little Duck: “Sentient Research Director? So that’s what you get for messin’ with things you don’t understand.”

Eudico: “Right, listen up. Take those passkeys to the data vault outside Enrichment Labs. With the Directors taken care of, you shouldn’t meet much resistance.”

The data vault is in a bunker directly outside the entrance to the Enrichment Labs. Upon approach, two Terra Ambulas proxies will be present at the entrance, and must be killed.

Profit-Taker: “Squishy pretties come out to play. My two friends, it’s you they’ll slay.”

Little Duck: “What. The. Balls.”

Eudico: “Ah, guts. Nothing’s ever easy.”

(upon killing the Terra Ambulas proxies) Eudico: “Two up, two down. That wasn’t so bad. Now crack open the data vault and grab that datamass.”

The datamass will be inside the bunker, and must be picked up.

Eudico: “Got it. Now get out of there!”

Profit-Taker: “I am patient. I am still. When I descend, it’s you I’ll kill.”

Eudico: “Reinforcements! Kill ’em or lose ’em. Just don’t let ’em see you entering Fortuna.”

The Tenno are directed to head back to Fortuna.

(upon arriving at the elevator to Fortuna) Eudico: “All right. Get your crew back to Fortuna. But do it quietly.”

Profit-Taker: Phase 3

Steal a Gravimag.

This bounty starts with an explanatory dialogue section that can be skipped through if desired.

Eudico: “So, the good news is LD found those big guns we promised you.”

Little Duck: “Bad news is my info places that firepower in a vault directly beneath the building-sized slaughtermatic horror show we’re trying to kill. We need her shifted.”

The Business: “Leave that to me. First things first, the overcharger satellite. Get into the Labs, locate the controls, inject our recoded protocols, and shut that satellite down.”

Eudico: “Profit-Taker moves, you engage the Orb…”

Little Duck: “…and while you take her dancin’, I slip in and nick the weapon schematics.”

The Business: “Meanwhile, I’ll gather data to develop a weakness in her shields using that stolen harmonic schema. The longer you keep her engaged, the more observable data I can gather.”

Little Duck: “And the less likely she’ll wander back and squat on top of my only way out.”

Eudico: “We’ll update you on the rest as you go.”

The Tenno must leave the backroom and enter the Orb Vallis to continue.

(upon entering the elevator) Eudico: “Enrichment Labs has gone into full lockdown. Boon?”

Boon: “Howzit, lady-matey.”

Eudico: “The plan, if you would?”

Boon: “Right, Kubrodons got all the tricks, chek? Been taxin’ lab parts since we was sprogs. Primo electromags, that place. Anyways: intake/outtake vent C7A, innit? Back a’ the place. Blocked, but your ol’ mucker Boon here’s rigged it askew, just for you! Chek-chek!”

(upon entering the Orb Vallis) Eudico: “[sigh] You get all that? I think he said… intake/outtake vent C7A, rear of Enrichment Labs… though most of that Ventkid jargon sounds like a kavat coughing up fur-clots.”

The Tenno is directed to a bunker on the other side of the mountain from Enrichment Labs. Inside the bunker, one of the vents can be interacted with to transition the Tenno inside the ducts of the Enrichment Labs. After a short distance, the Tenno can drop down from the ceiling in front of a computer console, which must be hacked.

(upon entering the vents) Eudico: “First things first: disable the shield overcharger satellite so Biz can knock her off her perch.”

(upon hacking the console) Eudico: “Deploying satellite protocols.”

After the console is accessed, an alarm tone will sound out, but nothing else will happen.

Eudico: “Rejected. Guts, I was afraid of this. You’ll need to reboot the antenna array, from outside, at the same time as satellite protocols are uploaded. Outworlders, split up.”

Profit-Taker: “Who comes hither, salty wrigglers spitting stones. Foulness. Wetness. Far from home.”

The console needs to be hacked again, but this time, the antenna array outside, in the bunker directly in front of Enrichment Labs (where the two Terra Ambulas were in Phase 2), must also be activated within 45 seconds of the first console. It is easiest if one Tenno hacks the satellite console while other squadmembers turn on the antenna array outside, but it is possible for an agile Tenno to perform on their own.

(if the team fails to activate both consoles within the time slot) Eudico: “Team: somebody has to stay with the console while the others head outside to reboot the antenna array.”

(upon activating the antenna array in time) Eudico: “That’s it. Protocol injection is taking. The satellite is going down.”


Little Duck: “Biz, get her down, if you would.”

The Business: “This is a little something I’ve been saving for a rainy day.”

Mortar strikes will fire from the direction of Fortuna and rain down to strike the Orb Mother. Profit-Taker will start moving from its perch and come down to the open space in front of Enrichment Labs.

Profit-Taker: “Stones on bones, hurt not me. Stingers fly, nastily. Damn you, damn you, dollies cry. Catch you, crush you, die die die.”

Eudico: “Huh. High-impact mortars. That takes me back.”

The Business: “From that cache we put aside after the Reclamation uprising?”

Little Duck: “I hate to interrupt this flashback, but I’m goin’ in now.”

Once on the ground, the Profit-Taker will engage the Tenno (along with significant Terra Corpus reinforcements). The Tenno must deal damage to the Orb Mother’s shields to collect data on its resistances, shown by a meter on the HUD counting up to 100%. The Profit-Taker’s Sentient shielding is only vulnerable to a single damage type at a time, which is indicated by the symbol projected above her head. The element in particular will cycle to another, chosen at random, after 20 seconds, or earlier if she takes too much damage. Void damage can also force the elemental resistance to change prematurely. However, the data meter will fill up regardless of whether or not the attacks damage the shields.

(at 10% data collected) Eudico: “Biz, they’re throwing everything they’ve got at her and it’s barely making a scratch.”

The Business: “Just… keep shooting. I’m getting excellent data from all this.”

(at 25% data collected) Eudico: “LD, what’s your situation?”

Little Duck: “I’m inside. Security is thicker than anticipated. I need more time.”

(at 45% data collected) The Business: “Need… just… a little more… data.”

(at 66% data collected) Little Duck: “Got it. The Gravimag. I’m coming out. Can’t wait to introduce that Orb to your Archwing weapons.”

Eudico: “Biz, tell me you have enough data!”

The Business: “Not yet, we need to be sure! Cycle your damage!”

At this point, the data meter will only fill if the Tenno manages to actually damage the shields, and thus attention must be paid to the current vulnerability of the shields.

(at 75% data collected) Eudico: “They’re sending in heavy reinforcements.”

Profit-Taker: “A hundred soldiers hi, a hundred soldiers ho. I’m having fun; your days are done; run, little dollies, run.”

Eudico: “Biz!”

(at 100% data collected) Eudico: “Alright, I’ve got enough! Outworlders! Get ready to run in 3… 2… 1…!”

Another set of mortars targets the Profit-Taker.

Eudico: “[relieved sigh] Good work, all of you. Everyone: we’ve got all we need. The time is now. Get back to Fortuna and arm up. It’s time to finish off Profit-Taker.”

The Tenno will be directed back to Fortuna. The first time the Tenno completes this bounty, they will be rewarded with a constructed Gravimag. All other subsequent completions will pull from the normal drop table.

After the first completion of this bounty, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from Ordis containing the Archgun Deployer gear item. This must be equipped in the Gear Wheel to deploy Archguns on land.

Inbox message:
Installing the Gravimag


Eudico has just sent over this wonderful GRAVIMAG upgrade that lets you deploy an Archwing primary on land or in the air. The process to install the GRAVIMAG is straightforward and simple. Ready? Let’s go.

1. In your Arsenal under SELECT MODE, open your Vehicles loadout
2. Equip any Archgun that has a CATALYST installed
3. Upgrade that gun by installing a GRAVIMAG
4. Equip that primary weapon in the HEAVY WEAPON slot
5. Finally, add the ARCHGUN DEPLOY gear item to your Gear Wheel

See? Easy! Eudico says you will need this item equipped before you can face down that wretched Profit-Taker Orb.

When in battle, simply select ARCHGUN DEPLOY from your Gear Wheel and give that thing “the business”.

Your loyal Cephalon,

Profit-Taker: Phase 4

The showdown.

Eudico: “Final phase. Thanks to that data you gathered, Biz can slow Profit-Taker’s Sentient shield adaptation long enough for you to do some real damage. Then, once the shields are gone, use your Gravimag-modified Archwing weaponry to punch through her carapace and end this.”

Little Duck: “So, we gonna pull the trigger on this thing? I got a card game to get to.”

The Business: “Eudi. The Profit-Taker, she’s… moving. Looks like she’s headed for… the middle of nowhere? Why?”

Little Duck: “Uh….”

The Business (sternly): “Little Duck.”

Little Duck: “All right, look. It might be that it turned out that those satellite protocols didn’t shut the overcharger down, just… realigned it. And it might be that you sounded so pleased about the whole thing that I-I didn’t tell you.”

Eudico: “So… if Profit-Taker makes it to those new coordinates…?”

The Business: “Her shields will be impenetrable and we’re done for.”

Eudico: “Sparky, to the Vallis, now!”

The Tenno must leave the backroom and enter the Orb Vallis to continue.

Eudico: “Leg it. Once that Mother hits the overcharge radius, we’re done for. No second chances.”

(upon spotting the Profit-Taker Orb) Little Duck: “There she is.”

Profit-Taker: “Pretties circle, murderous dolls, doom infernal, watch them fall.”

The Tenno will have to take down the Orb’s shields, while avoiding its powerful attacks and numerous Corpus reinforcements. As before, they will have to cycle their damage types in order to damage the shields. Little Duck will be somewhere in the area, taking out Corpus reinforcements at long range.

(upon depleting Profit-Taker’s shields) The Business: “That’s it. Focus your Archwing weapons on the Orb. Compromise the exoskeleton at the legs and then work your way to the torso.”

The Tenno must summon their Archgun and use it to destroy all four of the Orb Mother’s legs before attempting to damage the main body. Once 25% of her health has been depleted, she will launch four torpedo-like objects.

Eudico: “Heads up, Sparky.”

The pylons will land upright a fair distance away and begin linking to the Orb, making her invulnerable. Each pylon is surrounded by a shield that blocks weapon fire but not transit.

The Business: “Duds? No… look. They’re syncing with the Orb. Shields going back up. Outworlder, deal with those pylons.”

(upon destroying a pylon) The Business: “Shields are waning. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working.”

(upon destroying all pylons, variant) The Business: “That did it. She’s vulnerable. Aim true, Outworlders.”

(upon destroying all pylons, variant) The Business: “Her shields are vulnerable.”

Once she reaches 50% health remaining, the Profit-Taker’s shields will regenerate fully, and must be depleted as before.

Profit-Taker: “Salty squishy dancing doll, I pin you to the Vallis floor. Limb from limb at once I’ll tear you, dancing dolly nevermore.”

(upon depleting Profit-Taker’s shields) The Business: “Heads up, bombardment inbound. This should confuse her adaptation system!”

Blue mortars will rain down on the Orb Mother. The Tenno must continue to damage her with Archwing weapons. Once the Profit-Taker’s health is at 25%, she will launch 6 pylons.

Eudico: “Guts. Pylons back up. Wreck ’em.”

(when all pylons are destroyed) Profit-Taker: “Sky-Eye shift! Save me from the Void! Salty squishies come a-dancing to see my soul destroyed!”

Little Duck: “Uh, is this a bad time?”

Eudico: “D? What is it?”

Little Duck: “Satellite just moved. Nef’s crew must have figured out our bypass. It’s realigning!”

Eudico: “Sparky! You’re running out of time. You have to kill her now. We won’t get another chance at this.”

Profit-Taker: “Dollies should not move. Dollies should not bound. Bounce. Dollies should… shouldn’t…. Dollies should…. Dollies should DIE AND BE SMASHED BAGS OF SALT AND FLUID! YOU CANNOT BRING MY RUIN!”

A 5-minute timer will start (from the time the last pylon was destroyed). Failing to destroy the Profit-Taker in time will fail the bounty.

(upon depleting Profit-Taker’s shields) The Business: “I’ve only got a few mortars left. Firing them all.”

Little Duck: “Suppressing fire!”

(upon killing the Profit-Taker) Eudico: “Is… is it…? Did…? Holy crap. We did it. WE DID IT!”

Eudico: “Get in there, Tenno. Rip out anything you think might help our cause.”

[loud mechanical noise]

Eudico: “Biz? What’s that sound?”

The Business: “The satellite, it’s… continuing to overcharge the Orb. At this rate, in a matter of seconds, it will….”

Profit-Taker: “Good… night… sweet… heart… good… night….”

The Business: “Outworlders… ruuUUUUUN!”

Eudico: “Still too close, Sparky. LEG IT!”

The Profit-Taker will detonate, dealing lethal damage to everything within 300 metres.

Little Duck: “I need a drink. Let’s never do that again.”

Eudico: “LD, I still think it’s strange: why would your contact just… let himself get killed? Quills don’t make mistakes.”

Little Duck: “Quills don’t make mistakes, and there’s always an agenda. Always.”

The Business: “That’s what I’m afraid of. Superlative work, as always, Outworlder. Thank you. See you back in Fortuna. LD, Eudi? How about that drink?”

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