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Eudico is the floor boss of the Solaris workers in Fortuna, serving as Nef Anyo's representative and whip-cracker, but she is also secretly the head of the underground resistance movement Solaris United, and serves as its anonymous spokesperson, "Vox".

Ever since the disastrous incident at Deck 12, Eudico has laid aside the mantle of Vox in the interests of keeping her people safe, but the events of the Vox Solaris quest convince her that the workers of Fortuna need to constantly agitate for their rights against their Corpus overlords. Eudico gives bounties for Tenno seeking to aid the cause of Solaris United out on the Orb Vallis, as well as being the point of contact for other activities in Fortuna. Once the Tenno has reached the rank of Old Mate with Solaris United, she leads them on additional bounties to take down the Orb Mothers.

Syndicate information

There are many vendors in Fortuna who allow the Tenno to both gain and spend Standing with the Solaris, but as their leader, Eudico represents the Solaris faction as a whole. Solaris United is described thusly:

Indentured workers to the Corpus; the indispensable backbone of the Corpus business model on Venus. Manning factories, Rail tractors, and mines, they work to pay off the artificial bodies – "rigs" – they bought in order to work.

Solaris United works from the shadows to free the Solaris people of the yokes of Corpus debt-slavery, to secure a future where all Solaris own their own bodies and their own futures.

After the Vox Solaris quest, the description changes to the following:

Risen from the ashes, Solaris United returns to free the Solaris people from their mental shackles and physical servitude. No being should have to work to own their own mind, their own body, their own future.

Eudico assigns various bounties for Tenno to complete out on the Orb Vallis, rewarding both exclusive items and Solaris United Standing. Standing can also be gained by selling debt-bonds to Ticker, completing heist bounties for Vox Solaris, completing Conservation tasks on the Orb Vallis, donating servofish to the townsfolk via The Business, donating uncut gems to Smokefinger, or donating mastered or gilt Kitguns and Moas to Rude Zuud and Legs, respectively. The Solaris United Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are:

  • Neutral: [no description]
  • Outworlder: Solaris United don't trust easy, Outworlder. Talk to Eudico.
  • Rapscallion: You get things done, but your loyalties are still unproven.
  • Doer: You seem a solid mucker. The locals are happy to sort you out with odds and ends.
  • Cove: You're the go-to gun for the risky stuff. Word is bond.
  • Old Mate: Inner circle, mate. Eudico's right hand. You and SU: one and the same.

When it comes time for a Tenno to rank up, they must talk to Eudico, who will request a sacrifice of Solaris debt-bonds, and reward them with an item from any Fortuna vendor, befitting their new status.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Eudico says when she is not interacting with anyone. Typically, this will consist of a shouted command to nearby Solaris, followed by a quiet whisper to the Tenno.

"Throwers to all outbound Rail tractors. Don't talk to me until it's done! (whisper) Credits for dishonest work. Keep your voice down; I've got a cover to maintain."

"Don't bother me now, talk to your supervisor. (whisper) Oi, Outworlder, get over here. Contracts. Interested?"

"Manifest checks out, carry on. (whisper) Today's your lucky day, cove. Let's us have a quiet conversation."

"Get back to work ya muckers! (whisper) Hey, you. C'mere. Act natural. I got work."

"Status check on coolant flow. And mind it doesn't off-gas! (whisper) Oi, I got work if you can keep your mouth shut."

Greeting the Tenno

"Make it quick. What's it gonna be?"

"There's work, if you want it."

"Outworlder. We gonna do this?"

"Don't let Zuud's attitude skew ya. She's an odd bird, but she'll kit you with a shooter that'll do you proud."

"Biz ain't from around here. Or anywhere that I know of. Only gotta hear the accent to clock that."

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Old Mate) "SU don't trust easy, and for good reason. But we see you, what you are: family. It's only right you get to see us. This is the face you'll be dealin' with from hereon. It's good to see you with my own eyes. Let's get to work."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Biz and I go back a long way. Weren't for The Business, there'd be no Solaris U. But I don't know you could call us friends. He's Solaris, but he ain't from here. He helps Fortuna, but he's not one of us. Never chose to be. Strange bird, our Biz. I do wonder how he got that accent."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "The Business and I go… way back. If courage and integrity is the measure of a person, Biz is the one takin' your inseam. Anyway, roster's full. Help me out here."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Sparky! Ugh. Sorry, kid. Thinking about Zuud's sisters. Bad day for bad memories. Enough of that. You're here for work."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Zuud lost her sisters when I… when the Corpus crushed Solaris United the first time. Think that's got anything to do with those voices she hears?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "The most valuable person in your squad ain't the crack shot. It's the kid who keeps your spirits up. That's Legs. The rhymin's a bit much, but can that little mucker make me hoot."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Nef wants the ventkids gone, and I'm wedged between a roller and a pit. Stealin' Corpus supplies? Spendin' night-cycles bangin' out music in the walls? My heart bleeds for 'em, but I don't do somethin' Nef's gonna start askin' questions. About me."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Little Duck. The Business, he thought the world of her. Didn't get him much in the end. Anyway, you lookin' for work?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Hey there, Sparky. Got a fresh batch, just came in. You want first pick?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Heeey there, Sparky. Good to see you."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Sparky! Ha HAAA! Good to see you, kiddo! Step aside, you dimwits, let a real doer get on in."

Accepting a bounty

"Green. An' remember: you never heard of me, you never heard of Solaris U."

"Anyone asks, we never talked."

"Show 'em how it's done, Sparky. We ain't got all cycle."

"Outstandin'. Now get out there and void some muckin' warranties."

"Get movin'. We're short-short."

Declining a bounty

(sarcastically) "See you 'round, Your Majesty."

"We're hangin' by a thread here, you clock that, right?"

"Ain't got time for your rubberneckin'. Move aside."

"Well. I did not take you to be a student of fear's invisible curriculum. Others will do the work. Who's next?"

"[sigh] Y'know, Zuud's voices told her you'd be useful to me. Don't leave me thinkin' my best friend ain't right in the braincase. Take the job."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Not gonna lie, we could use you, but we made it this far on our own. Get in touch when you can."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Alright. Let me know when you're available."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "No worries. I've got others on standby."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Roger that."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Keep your boots tight."

Requesting sacrifice

"Solaris United don't trust easy. But… make good, and… we can talk."

"Sure, we can talk."

Browsing offerings

"Welcome aboard. We don't got much, but what we have…."

"No worries. We got you sorted."

"Alrighty, let's see what we have for you."

"All right, let's deal."

Redeeming offering

"Does that conclude our business here, Sparky?"

"Done and done."

"You help me, I help you. Everybody's happy."

"You do have an eye, Sparky. I always say that. That'll serve you mighty fine."

Bidding farewell

"Moving on, moving on. Be lucky."

"Copy that. Keep it shiny side up, Sparky."

"Oh, you see Zuud, send her my way. Girls night."

In the backroom

Down a passageway off to the side of the main elevator in Fortuna, a nondescript door leads to a backroom where the core operating personnel of Solaris United gather and plot: Eudico, The Business, and Little Duck. Unless the Tenno has reached the rank of Old Mate with Solaris United, Eudico will not allow the Tenno to participate.

(if the Tenno is not rank Old Mate) "Sparky. We got somethin' in the works. Not ready to talk about it yet, though. You keep doin' what you're doin'. We'll have somethin' to discuss soon enough, mark my words. Somethin' big."

Once the Tenno attains Old Mate, Eudico reveals their key goal: to take down the Orb Mothers.

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Old Mate) Eudico: "Nef has the entire Vallis locked down with his Orb Mothers. They watch over the central lakes… patrol the eastern grids…. It's next to impossible for Ticker to get families out of Fortuna, or smuggle in supplies."

The Business: "The Mothers are a product of Corpus breakthroughs using salvaged Sentient technology. Traditional weapons are ineffective against them. Their command and control systems have, thus far, proven impenetrable."

Eudico: "Questions?"

From this point on, Eudico will offer special bounties to take down the Orb Mothers from the backroom.

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Sparky. Right. We're all here; let's get started."

Vox broadcasts

After the Vox Solaris quest, Eudico resumes her position as Vox, the anonymous spokesperson and leader of Solaris United. Periodically, she will hijack the large screens in Fortuna and broadcast pro-labour messages to the indentured Solaris citizens. The Vox broadcasts feature her real head, housed within her rig, but wearing a crude mask of Nef Anyo to mask her identity. Her voice is heavily distorted.

"No other species works for autonomy. No other species works to own their own body. No other species takes such pride in that enslavement. Solaris divided, we are slaves. Solaris united, we are a force! The future can be different. Believe. Resist."

"The Temple profits from your labour. Without your labour, then, there is no profit. What is the Temple of Profit without 'profit'? What then are the Corpus without us?"

"How does the Taxman keep you under his boot? Deny you that which you need? Blame the poor for it, and then tell you: 'Working even harder will fix it'?"

"The Taxman teaches that truth, plus profit, equals life. Solaris United reminds you that, if this is true, then truth is life without profit, and profit is life without truth."

"How often have you sat in the Temple of Profit as your parts fail and your family starves, looked up at all that gold and grandeur, and wonder if you've been had?"

"Solaris United. You are not alone."


Eudico issues Bounties for the Orb Vallis, either directly from her chair in Fortuna or remotely via Solaris United agents in the Vallis. Unlike Bounties on other planets, Eudico handles all transmissions and mission directives for the Tenno.

In addition to her major role in the quest Vox Solaris, Eudico acts as mission control during bounties out on the Orb Vallis. Eudico's story is told in the memory fragments scattered around the Vallis. Her personnel file was shown during the Fortuna ARG, and she has additional dialogue in the Orb Mother heist bounties, as well as Operation: Buried Debts. Eudico plays a large role in the Deadlock Protocol quest. She is mentioned in the dialogue of The Business, Rude Zuud, Legs, and Smokefinger, and in The Business' and Little Duck's lore fragments. Little Duck was overheard speaking to her during Operation: Scarlet Spear.

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