Index Brokers

Loan Reclamation Division brokers, official Index art previewed in DevStream 81

Ved Xol

Ved Xol was nominated to become the head of the Loan Reclamation Division at Anyo Corp after demonstrating ruthless aptitude within The Index. He has obtained favourable results with his team on many occasions, and is a firm favourite amongst corporate backers.

Nako Xol

The younger brother of Ved Xol displayed no aptitude for business. Instead, his enthusiasm for violence and conflict have helped him quickly climb corporate ranks.

Pelna Cade

Pelna Cade is a skilled technician who graduated with the Xol brothers. Remaining close friends with the family following their military service together, he now works for them to keep the robotics in their service in peak condition.

Lockjaw & Sol

The Loan Reclamation Division worked closely with Alad V on several ventures during his tenure on the Corpus Board of Directors. Despite his involuntary retirement, it is speculated that the Xol brothers still undertake assignments on his behalf. These robots, based on Alad V's own patented designs, were delivered as payment for services rendered and only serve to strengthen such suspicions.

Jad Teran

A young and ambitious Anyo Corp employee, Jad has demonstrated remarkable aptitude for micromanaging machinery. He was promoted to the Robotic Technology Division where he leads the design of new robotics to be utilised by other divisions of Anyo Corp.


A heavily modified model of Denial Bursas, designed for the secure transferal of offline funds. This armoured robot protects the financial interests of Anyo Corp.


Affectionately known as "Azoth", the Hyena Hg is the latest version of Hyena to be produced at Anyo Corp. This model has been optimised to process Index Points with lethal efficiency.

Raptor RX

The Index marks the debut of the X-series of the Raptor. This version of armoured Osprey doubles as both a mobile accounting system and security detail for the brokers employed by Anyo Corp.


The Multi-Weapon Assault Moa is equipped with a number of weapons to assist the brokers employed by Zenith Galactical with their endeavours.

Derim Zahn

A digital virtuoso, Derim is a capable hacker who applies his trade laundering funds traded through The Index.

Jen Dro

Jen specialises in corporate espionage and uses the information she gathers to facilitate sudden downturns for her opponents.

Tia Mayn

Tia supports her allies by providing them with effective exit strategies when a deal takes a turn for the worse. These strategies often leave the other party with significant medical fees.

Armis Ulta

As the Chief Officer of the Investor Relations Department, Armis pressures investors into accepting Nef Anyo's invitation to The Index. He's also adept at leveraging investor debt to make maximum profit for Anyo Corp.


Designed to execute the 002 Eradication Protocol, this Osprey identifies high-risk brokers and administers injury.

Dru Pesfor

A senior Analyst, Dru addresses all complaints received from colonists in person – with a high-grade, rubedo-lined laser cannon.

Rana Del

More than just a broker, Rana is a hostile customer relations specialist. When investors refuse to pay their debts, they can look forward to a visit from her.

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