The Waverider

When tragedy strikes, the Ventkids search for hope in a long-lost story.

Starting the quest

After completing the Vox Solaris quest, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from Roky containing The Waverider quest.

Inbox message:
backup… maybe

hey glinty, lady-matey says you've proved you're a decent mucker, sooo… if i ever got deep in the crud you'd be willing to help out, right? not that i'm deep in the crud… yet.

keep you posted.


After receiving the inbox message, the Tenno can start The Waverider in the Codex. Upon setting it as the active quest, the Tenno will receive another inbox message from Roky.

Inbox message:
the waverider


meet me in the vents. got a favour to ask and something primo to show you.


Roky (video message): "Glinty. You know the legend of Yareli, yeah? The Waverider? Inspo for k-driving. Total legend. Anyway. You won't believe what I got me hands on. I need your help. I did something stupid. Boon's gonna be livid. Givin' this one last shot, then I'll meet you in the vents. Tell Boon and you everything. Chek chek? Chek, chek."

The Ventkids

When the Tenno enters the vents, they will find Roky lying unconscious on her k-drive while Boon sits next to her on a crate. Speaking with Boon will give the dialogue option "What happened?" along with the normal Ventkids Syndicate options.

(if the Tenno asks "What happened?") Boon (emotionally): "We found her crashed hard at the base of the Harindi Gap. Board in bits. If her neuro conduit stays dark… she won't wake up. Only Nef's Augmentors got the skill to replug a neuro. And there ain't no hope of his help. Ah, sis, what were you doing?? [sigh] We found this Graphica on her. No idea what it is. Locked it is. Can't read a lick of it."

The Tenno will be shown the cover of the Graphica, showing a comic-book-style image of Yareli, and the title Waverider.

Boon: "Glinty! You unlocked the cover. That… that's Yareli. Roky loved, loves Yareli. This is the first Waverider Graphica ever! This… this is priceless. To us anyway. The other pages… hmm… they're unlocked… by performing… feats? That's what Roky was trying out to do out there? Unlock this thing?"

Inside the Graphica, there are six pages, all blurred out and locked. A list of feats to unlock the first page is shown.

(when the Tenno exits the Graphica) Boon: "When I was just a sprog, I smashed meself up something awful. Near ripped the servos clean out of me knees. Wasn't expected to heal. But Roky stayed there by me cot, tellin' stories of the Waverider. Some traditional, some I'm pretty sure she made up. Don't think I'd be here today if it weren't for her and her daft Yareli stories. [sigh] Those feats, they're not for us; they're for someone like you, Glinty. Help me. Give me a story to tell her? A good one."

The Waverider Graphica will be placed on the Tenno's Codex bench. They can review it at any time during the quest.

First page

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The Tenno must complete the tasks given by the Graphica on a k-drive. Any of the Landscapes (Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, and Cambion Drift) will work, but the Orb Vallis has infrastructure best suited for k-drive stunts (rails for grinding, et cetera); the Plains of Eidolon also does not have k-drive races, which are required for some of the feats.

The list of tasks to unlock the first page are:

  • Earn 2.000 Ventkids Standing in a single k-drive race
  • Copter (trick) x5
  • 50-point Grindy (trick) x5
  • Kill 5 enemies with a secondary weapon while riding a k-drive
  • Perform 5 5X combos

Whenever the Tenno completes one of these tasks, Boon will comment. These lines are the same throughout the quest.

Boon: "Chekkit: Glinty's bashin' that run!"

Boon: "Nice! (sing-song) Spirit of Yareli! (normal voice) Chek chek."

Boon: "Glinty's kickin' it terminal! Do it for Roky."

Boon: "Boom! Made that look easy. Roky's gonna lose it when she hears this."

Boon: "You be grindin' out there! Makin' Yareli proud! Makin' Roky proud."

Boon: "Terminal, Glinty. Kicking it for Roky, you is."

Boon: "Sweet. Respect from the Vent, Glinty! Ha HA!"

Boon: "Just like Yareli, riding fancy. Getting chills thinkin' about it."

After the Tenno completes the final task, Boon will instruct the Tenno to return to their Orbiter.

Boon: "Page one, unlocked! When ya back on your ship, plug me into vis. Can't wait to read the first-ever Yareli story! The one Roky could never tell me because nobody ever seen it. Roky? Dunno if you can hear me. But I'm gonna read you this. I hope you're listening, sis."

[on board Orbiter]

The Tenno will be waypointed to open the Graphica. When they do, the first page will open, and Boon will narrate the captions and dialogue as the comic book panels are shown sequentially.

Boon: "We dreamed of water. Vulgran always ran the flux crucibles at full heat. For efficiency. Same reason he used us."

[The comic shows a manufacturing facility built onto the side of a canyon, with child-slaves assembling devices under the whip of a corpulent, heavily augmented slavedriver – Vulgran.]

Boon (as Vulgran): "Harder, piss-rats! Your mothers are weeping in their graves to see such idleness! I'm bored. How about I turn off the tethers, and one of you whelps can try and run? No takers? Hmph. Suit yourselves."

Boon: "Some days I would sleep standing up. My hands still assembling grav-lifters."

[A drop of water falls on Vulgran's head.]

Boon (as Vulgran): "Eh? A leak…?"

[Vulgran looks up to see Yareli falling down upon the facility.]

Boon: "And dream. Dream of water."

The page ends and the Tenno is shown a list of feats to unlock the next page.

(when the Tenno exits the Graphica) Boon: "So that's who Vulgran was! A mucking slave-driver! This ain't just some comic, Glinty. The legend of Yareli's been keeping orphans like us going for generations. It's our story. Roky must have wanted us all to have it. She was always the storyteller of the fam. Keep cracking those pages, Glinty."

Second page

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The Tenno must complete the following feats to unlock the second page:

  • Earn 2.400 Ventkids Standing in a single k-drive race
  • Frontside Rollout (trick) x3
  • 50-point Frontside Clutch (trick) x5
  • Get 5 headshot kills with a secondary weapon while riding a k-drive
  • Earn 500 points in a k-drive trick chain

(when the Tenno completes all the tasks) Boon: "Boom, did you hear that, Roky? Glinty did it. Can't wait to read the next page to you. [sigh] Can't believe you had Waverider #1, and you didn't tell me."

[on board Orbiter, reading Graphica]

Boon (as Vulgran): "What… a warframe? Here? I don't know out of what Void-sodden crevice you crawled… but I'll send you back there in nice neat slices."

[The comic shows Yareli and Vulgran fighting in the factory, Yareli freeing the slaves from their tethers while doing so.]

Boon (as Vulgran): "Come on, drippy. There must be more fight in you than th—"

[Vulgran is ejected out the window with a KATHOOM!! Yareli runs out the door, away from the factory. Vulgran, suspended in the air by the many jet engines grafted onto his body, watches from above.]

Boon (as Vulgran): "Oh, good. A runner. I'm going to enjoy this."

Boon: "None of us bothered to hope. We knew it was as good as over. Vulgran always caught the runners."

(when the Tenno exits the Graphica) Boon: "Always been this way, innit. Muckers rakin' in dosh on the backs of regular coves. I reckon Roky nicked this from Nef somehow. Didn't tell us cause she didn't want heat on the whole fam. Well – Yareli's ours, our fam, not his. And we protect our own."

Third page

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The Tenno must complete the following feats to unlock the third page:

  • Earn 3.000 Ventkids Standing in a single k-drive race
  • Nose Planker (trick) x5
  • 50-point Backside Skyrocker (trick) x5
  • Get 5 Slam Shockwave kills
  • Earn 1.000 points in a k-drive trick chain

(when the Tenno completes all the tasks) Boon: "Hurry and klok that new page, Glinty. Roky's conduit's still ain't sparked, but I wanna show her Yareli's story the second her eyes are open."

[on board Orbiter, reading Graphica]

Boon: "But Yareli was no runner. She was a rider. She had him good and mad. Just like she wanted. He never let up. Not once. He chased her down. By the end, they were both flagging, their energy almost spent. Still she kept on.

[The comic shows Vulgran with his jets, pursuing Yareli on her Merulina, weaving through the forest and into the canyon, until Vulgran finally is able to catch Yareli with his whip and yank her from her mount, tossing her to the ground by the side of the river.]

Boon: "But even a warframe can't keep going forever."

(when the Tenno exits the Graphica) Nef Anyo: "Tick tock, lovable orphans. I haven't heard from that skip-diver Roky in quite some time. Is she not done unlocking my Graphica yet? So excitable. I do hope nothing happened to her. Your reward is waiting, child. My buyer is eager, and what she offers is worth more than mere credits to me."

Boon: "Shammin' mucker! My sis was never in his pocket! Yareli's our fam, and Roky wouldn't sell her – especially not to the likes of him! Sis, don't matter how you got that Graphica. To the sumps with Nef. Roky, we stand by you. But… how did you get it?"

Fourth page

Sisters of Parvos promo image

The Tenno must complete the following feats to unlock the fourth page:

  • Earn 3.400 Ventkids Standing in a single k-drive race
  • Backside Clutch (trick) x5
  • 50-point Tail Clutch Planker (trick) x5
  • Obtain 5 seconds of air time on a k-drive
  • Earn 1.500 points in a k-drive trick chain

(when the Tenno completes all the tasks) Nef Anyo: "Oh, children. I understand your friend recklessly damaged her neuro-conduit? Uncle Nef can fix her right up, free of charge. If… you fulfil the end of the deal."

Boon: "See Roky, Yareli didn't give in. She fought Vulgran. Her fam stuck together too, didn't stab each other in the back. That mucker Nef's got the older sprogs mouthing off. Saying you 'tight with the Taxman'. Saying you 'betrayed your logical fam'. Younger sprogs are listening too. If they wanna go, they can go. We'll be a fam of two, Roky. You and me. Logical."

[on board Orbiter, reading Graphica]

Boon (as Vulgran, panting): "Let's… [gasps] see what colour your blood is…."

[The comic shows Vulgran, looming over Yareli. He goes to strike her, but discovers that the handle of his whip is broken, sparks flying out of it.]

Boon: "She bought us time. Enough for us to get far away. But not enough for her."

Boon (as Vulgran): "Huh. Fists… it is, then. That'll… take longer. [pants] Good."

Boon (as child slave): "Here's the thing about rats, boss-man."

[The slaves from the factory have followed Vulgran and Yareli, still wearing their broken neck-tethers. Some carry grav-lifters from the assembly line, and one has a length of cable that he is brandishing like a whip.]

Boon (as child slave): "Hunt them one at a time, and they're easy to kill. But if you let them come at you in a pack… they'll tear you to pieces."

Boon (as himself, whispering in awe): "Chek chek."

[The children surround Vulgran. He begins to menace them but is stopped when Yareli forces a gush of water into his mouth.]

Boon (as Vulgran): "Come on then, you… glubbb… garrrg… glaaah!"

Boon (as himself): [chuckles, then clears throat]

(when the Tenno exits the Graphica) Nef Anyo: "Roky and I had a deal: unlock my Graphica, and I forgive the… years of back rent you vermin owe me for squatting in my vents. Failure to fulfil that deal will result in debt, eviction, and… watching your beloved little Roky slowly fade away. Hurry. My buyer on Deimos grows impatient."

Boon: "What kinda deal is that? Ah, sis, you didna' have no choice. [sigh] Gotta be smart like you woulda been. What choice do I have? Think. What'd Nef mean by a buyer on Deimos?"

Fifth page

Sisters of Parvos promo image

The Tenno must complete the following feats to unlock the fifth page:

  • Earn 3.600 Ventkids Standing in a single k-drive race
  • Tail Spinja (trick) x5
  • Earn 2.000 points in a k-drive trick chain
  • Keep a k-drive trick chain alive for 20 seconds
  • Perform 5 10X combos

(when the Tenno completes all the tasks) Nef Anyo: "Time's up, kiddywinks. You can still save your… 'home'… and fix young Roky. Augmentors are standing by. Just transmit the unlocked Graphica."

[on board Orbiter, reading Graphica]

Boon (as Vulgran): [gasping and coughing] "Wait… [choke, gargle] grav-lifters? What… do you think you're… doing?

[The comic shows the slaves attaching their grav-lifters to Vulgran, dotting him all over with the small devices. Yareli catches Vulgran in a Riptide she is charging.]

Boon (as Vulgran): "Get away! [gasp] No. Stop!"

[Yareli's Riptide bursts, shooting Vulgran into the sky, above the cloud layer, and out of sight.]

Boon: "An object that weighs nothing can be shot a very, very long distance. I suppose he must have come down, somewhere. Hope it was the sea. Otherwise, he'd probably have made quite a crater."

Boon (as himself): [cackles]

[The comic now shows the narrator child-slave, now grown, well-dressed, in a luxury mansion. On the wall is a poster of Yareli.]

Boon: "Yareli must be out there somewhere, too. Wherever she is, I hope she's riding fast and free. I still dream of water. And I wonder if sometimes, she dreams of me?"

The sixth and final page is also unlocked, and it shows a full-body picture of Yareli – the same picture that is hanging on the narrator's wall in the last panel.

(when the Tenno exits the Graphica) Boon: "Can't believe you gone and did it, Glinty. Gave us her story. Y'know… Roky always said it'd be trouble the day I started thinking. If Nef wants that Graphica so bad? He can have it. Heha. Come by the vents, got something you might wanna see."


(when the Tenno enters Fortuna) Nef Anyo: "Deal's off. Something's spooked my buyer, and now I'm stuck with a useless Graphica I can't sell! Fortunately for me, the same buyer was interested in purchasing a controlling share of the rental rights to your vents. You piss-rats are her problem now. And… as for your broken little friend? Might I suggest selling her parts as salvage? You'll need the credits to pay your new landlady."

(when the Tenno enters the vents) Boon: "Chekkit! Her conduit's lightin' up! Roky's awake."

Roky will wake up and prop herself up on one arm, still lying down on her k-drive.

Speaking with Boon will give the dialogue option "Roky's awake!" along with the normal Ventkids Syndicate options.

(if the Tenno asks "Roky's awake!") Roky: "Boon? Had wild dreams, fam. Wiped out…. Then… Yareli was there. She took me all across the Vallis. Boon. There's something I gotta tell you—"

Boon: "It's done. Me and Glinty, we stuffed Nef's deal. I sussed out exactly who his mystery buyer on Deimos was. Big Granny Blue was so happy to get a copy of Waverider 1 that she sent back some weird elixir for you, Roky. Sparked your neuro conduit back to life in seconds, it did! And guess what, she owns the vents now! We never have to worry about being turfed out of here ever again, hah hah! Now prepare y'self, sis. The Fam's got together and bashed you a new plank. Yeah, took 'em a minute… but those cheese brains realised you was just trying to keep us all away from Nef and his 'deals'. Fam's lucky to have ya, sis. You too, Glinty. You're straight logical."

Upon exiting the conversation, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from Grandmother Entrati.

Inbox message:
More than a legend

Oh, hello dear. What a pity that all Nef Anyo's money could not buy him a morsel of taste nor a crumb of conscience. A man with the morals of a creeping scab, and just between the two us, not a patch on the man his father was. One hates to do business of any kind of his sort, but you must understand, dear, that an old friend's life was at stake. Imagine failing to recognise the beauty of Waverider 1! Thinking of it as low, commoner art, seeing it only as a source of cash! What do you suppose he might have said if he'd known there was something quite unexpected concealed in those pages? Well. More someone than something, if I'm being honest with you.

This is for you, Tenno. The very, very old friend of mine mentioned before, finally located. Bring her to life, if you'd be so kind? I think my young 'tenants' on Fortuna would like to meet her.


The inbox message contains the blueprint for Yareli, along with a Yareli noggle, Yareli Prex card, and a K-Booster Orbiter decoration. The component blueprints for Yareli can be researched in the Bash Lab in the Dojo. If the player bought the Yareli warframe from the Market with platinum before playing the quest, they will receive another message from Grandmother containing a pistol Riven mod.

Inbox message:
A Little Extra Treat…

Oh, curse this addled memory of mine. It seems that you and my dear Yareli are already known to one another.

So, in honour of mutual friendship and adventures to come, a small additional reward for you.

Mind how you go!


Afterwards, if the Tenno constructs the Yareli warframe and takes it to the Ventkids, they will greet the Tenno with unique dialogue.

(variant) Roky: "Oh, mate. Glinty brought the Waverider! I know she got Merulina, but if you ever wanna try her with a regular board, like, one of mine? Store's always open!"

(variant) Boon: "Klokkit, Yareli! Here. In our vents. You a real one, Glinty."

(variant) Roky: "Glinty, is that who I think it is? For real for real?"

(variant) Boon: "Fam! Scope this! Glinty brought Yareli here! Didn't I tell you she was free now, eh?"

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