Operation: False Profit

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23 April 2015 – 29 April 2015


On Thursday (23 April), the event began with the release of Update 16.4 and was set to run for a week. Upon logging in, the Tenno would receive an inbox message from Nef Anyo.

Inbox message:
Do you crave redemption?

Show the Void you trust its mighty will. Purchase a Void Offering today.

Nef Anyo (video message): Scoundrels, heretics, believers, listen! Do you crave redemption? Do you feel that burden of poverty crushing you? You need relief, but how? How can you ask for help, unless you first help yourself? Give unto the Void. I was once a wretched Crewman, breaking my back just to earn a credit. Then, I found that glorious energy! Oh, and when I gave my first offering, how its richness rained down upon me! Do you want what I have received? Do you want it for yourself? Then – give unto the Void. Let your credits be the seeds of your prosperity. Give unto the Void… and you will be rewarded a hundredfold. The Void be the word, and the word be Profit."

—Nef Anyo

This was followed by an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Operation: False Profit


Nef Anyo has made a fortune bilking the System’s gullible, but he is more than a simple con man. He’s using his wealth to bankroll a new line of assault robots called the Bursa. You must stop him before the Bursa becomes a threat to us all.

Your mission is to bankrupt Nef Anyo.

Use one of Nef’s own Void Offerings to draw the Bursa out for collection. They will not take an Offering from a Tenno; instead, stun them and force the transaction by hacking into their mobile banking systems. Timing is everything: the Bursa must be destroyed during the critical 'verifying' stage. Botch the timing, and you will lose your Offering. Do this correctly, and you will walk away with your Offering and a healthy chunk of Nef Anyo's credits too.

Bursas have been deployed in Corpus-occupied regions of Pluto, Neptune and Europa, with reports of sporadic appearances in Jupiter, Mars and Venus.

—The Lotus

This event introduced three new enemy types into the game: Denial Bursas, Drover Bursas, and Isolator Bursas.

Mechanics and Missions

The Tenno could purchase Void Offerings from the Market. These were equippable Gear items that came in three tiers: Humble, costing 1.000 credits; Faithful, costing 10.000 credits; and Passionate, costing 100.000 credits.

The Tenno had to equip a Void Offering in their Gear Wheel and enter any Corpus mission level 15 or above. A Bursa had a 50% chance of spawning if one squadmember had a Void Offering equipped, a 75% chance if two squadmembers had an Offering, a 90% chance if three, and a 100% chance if all four. The Offering tier did not affect spawn rates. When the Bursa appeared, the Tenno had to stun it using appropriate damage types or abilities (such as a Blast proc or Volt's Shock). After it was stunned, the panel on the back of the Bursa needed to be hacked. Hacking started an "Account Transfer" process whose progress, in percentage, was displayed on the HUD. During the transfer, at least one Tenno had to remain near the Bursa and in line of sight. Corpus reinforcements would arrive to destroy both the Tenno and the Bursa. The Bursa must be protected. It also needed to be stunned repeatedly throughout the process, as it would occasionally reactivate and attack the Tenno. If the Bursa is killed during this stage then the Void Offering was lost.

Once the Account Transfer is complete, the Bursa entered a "Verifying Funds" stage. It had to be killed before the stage was complete, or the Void Offering was lost. If it was killed, then the Tenno received their Offering back, plus additional credits from Nef Anyo's account.

During these missions, the Lotus would give tips on how to bring down the Bursa, while Nef Anyo broadcast his televangelist screeds.

(when a Bursa spawns, variant) Nef Anyo: "I feel another believer about to put their faith into The Void. Step forth so that my Bursa shall know you."

(when a Bursa spawns, variant) Nef Anyo: "Is that an offering? The Void pulses with anticipation."

(when a Bursa spawns, variant) Nef Anyo: "I sense an offering! Is there a believer out there who wishes prosperity?"

Lotus: "Nef Anyo has taken the bait. When you see his Bursa, stun it and start the hack."

(when approaching a Bursa, variant) Lotus: "Bursa in sight. Remember you must stun it in order to start the hack."

(when approaching a Bursa, variant) Lotus: "Nef Anyo's Bursas are too smart to trust an Offering from a Tenno. You'll have to force the issue."

(when beginning Account Transfer, variant) Nef Anyo: "Ah, another gift for the Void. Contemplate its richness while we process your offering."

(when beginning Account Transfer, variant) Nef Anyo: "Another believer. Please hold for redemption, while we process your offering."

(variant) Lotus: "The transfer is in progress. The Bursa must remain functional until the transfer is finished."

(variant) Lotus: "Keep that Bursa alive until the transfer finishes."

(if the Bursa is killed during Account Transfer) Lotus: "No, Tenno – hack the Bursa first, then kill it. You will have to draw out another one before you can attempt this."

Nef Anyo will also occasionally broadcast these lines during both Account Transfer and Verifying Funds.

Nef Anyo: "Before you can be rich, you must be poor. Give unto the Void."

Nef Anyo: "And I say, let the Void bathe you in its beautiful energy, only prosperity can follow."

Nef Anyo: "Lovers of profit, devout followers of the Void, have you given your offering today?"

Nef Anyo: "Credits. Credits come and go, but the Void's richness is forever."

Nef Anyo: "The Void has chosen me as its prophet… a prophet of profit. Isn't that wonderful?"

Nef Anyo: "Until the seed is sown, the harvest will not begin. Give unto the Void."

Nef Anyo: "When you trust in the Void, the Void will grant you all you desire."

Nef Anyo: "I don't need your credits; I am a rich man. But the Void, the Void needs to know you have faith."

(when beginning Account Verification, variant) Lotus: "Now! Destroy the Bursa."

(when beginning Account Verification, variant) Lotus: "Hurry. Destroy the Bursa before the verification is finished."

(if the Bursa completes Account Verification) Nef Anyo: "Transaction complete. In the name of profit, I commit this offering to the Void!"

(if the Bursa is killed during Account Verification, variant) Lotus: "Success! You made our hack look like a banking error. Nef Anyo has no idea what's hit him."

(if the Bursa is killed during Account Verification, variant) Lotus: "Good work. We've taken Nef's credits without him even noticing."

(variant) Nef Anyo: "Uh… Believer? There seems to have been some problem processing your offering. Perhaps you could commit another?"

(variant) Nef Anyo: "We had an error processing your offering. Please, try again."

(during mission) Lotus: "Nef Anyo may appear to be nothing more than a swindler, but his growing Bursa army presents a serious threat to the entire System. We must bankrupt him before he grows any stronger."

(during mission) Lotus: "Every time you hack Nef Anyo's account, we put him one step closer to bankruptcy."

The Tenno was awarded 100 event points for each Offering successfully hacked, minus one point for each percentage point of Account Verification completed – the quicker the Bursa was killed, the higher the score. The credit bonus received from a successful hack was also based on the Account Verification; the return was equal to the percent progress of the process, capped at 50%. Thus, the longer Account Verification went on, the more credit return. This meant that event score and credit return were competing goals that the Tenno had to weigh.

The tier of the Void Offering did not affect event score, but increased the time of both the Account Transfer and Account Verification stages, thus increasing both the difficulty and the completion time of the mission. The credit bonus was also a percentage of the value of the Void Offering, so higher-tier Offerings also increased the credit return.

The spawn level of the Bursa was based on the Tenno's total event score (sum of all event points earned). As the individual Tenno hacked more and more Bursas, their level would rise over the course of the event. Only one Bursa spawned per mission. Once the Bursa was killed, another would not appear, and the Tenno had to complete the remaining mission objectives to receive their rewards.


A Tenno's individual point score was calculated by adding their score from all Bursa hacks. After the Tenno earned 100 points, they received an inbox message from the Lotus containing an event badge and event sigil.

Inbox message:
Operation: False Profit – Badge


You have taken out a Bursa and made the first strike against Nef Anyo's finances. Take this badge and wear it to show your dedication to the cause.

Fight on.

—The Lotus

After the Tenno earned 1.000 points, they received an inbox message containing a pack of four Impact damage mods: Crash Course, Full Contact, Pummel, and Collision Force.

Inbox message:
Operation: False Profit – Mods for Your Fight


Nef Anyo has still not caught on to our scheme. Take these mods and keep fighting. We must bankrupt Anyo before he becomes an even greater threat.

—The Lotus

After the Tenno earned 1.500 points, they received an inbox message from the Lotus containing a Quanta Vandal, with a weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.

Inbox message:
Operation: False Profit – A Celebration of Your Dedication


Nef Anyo's bank account is deflating rapidly, and Tenno like you are the reason.

You have been in this fight for the long haul. To celebrate your dedication, I am giving you a weapon to continue your fight with. Wield it with pride, Tenno.

—The Lotus

Clan scores were calculated by adding the individual point totals of all participating clan members, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze event statues being distributed to the three highest-scoring clans in each tier.


Bursas were added into the game permanently in Update 18.4.10 with the release of the Divine Will Tactical Alert, almost 10 months after the conclusion of the event.

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