Patient Zero

Find Alad V's laboratory and put a stop to his madness.

Starting the quest

This quest was originally given by the Lotus via inbox message in Update 15.5, to coincide with Operation: Mutalist Incursions. The event and the quest are meant to happen simultaneously. As of the Spectres of the Rail update, this quest is now awarded from completing the Eris Junction on Pluto, and can be activated from the Codex once unlocked.

(upon starting quest) Lotus: "Alad V has launched a full-scale invasion into all sectors of the System. We're working on fighting back, but we need to take this fight to the source. We need to find Alad V and stop him."

First Mission: Find Out What the Corpus Know about Alad V (Naeglar, Eris)

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The mission is a Spy mission on the Corpus Ship tileset, against both standard Corpus troops and invading Infested.

Lotus: "Tenno, the Corpus have been tracking Alad V for months. His attacks on their ships have been nearly as devastating as those of the Grineer Fomorians. We are here to find out what the Corpus know."

Lotus: "This command centre has been sending ship after ship to hunt Alad V, with each one succumbing to the Infestation. We are going to take their intel and finish the job for them."

(upon hacking the first data vault) Alad V: "I took a disease and turned it into a life-altering gift. Someday, you may learn to appreciate what I am giving this system. Until then, all you can do is rage against the inevitable."

(upon hacking all data vaults) Lotus: "Tenno, this goes deeper than I thought. Alad V has gotten his hands on another warframe. If he can Infest it like he did with the Corpus…. Hurry to extraction. We have to move quickly."

[on board Orbiter]

Lotus: "We've narrowed down Alad V's location to a cluster of infested Corpus vessels. This is his breeding ground. Raid these ships while I try to pinpoint the source of Alad V's signal. I'll need three signals to triangulate his whereabouts, meaning you need to raid three ships. We have to move fast. Alad V cannot be allowed to bring a warframe to life using his Mutalist Infestation."

Second Mission: Sabotage Alad’s Infested Ship at Brugia (Brugia, Eris)

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The mission is a Hive Sabotage on the Infested Ship tileset, with standard Infested enemies.

(upon destroying the first hive) Alad V: "Soon you will see like me. You will see the beauty and perfection of this new species. Come, Tenno, evolve with me."

(upon destroying the second hive) Alad V: "Look at me, Tenno! Don't you want this? Can't you see what a gift this is?"

(upon destroying the third hive) Alad V: "Listen to me. There is still time. Lay down your arms, become one of us. Then you will see the path. Then you, too, will help others to become us."

Lotus: "It's worked its way into his mind; it's changing how he thinks. Alad V isn't using the Infestation as a weapon – he is the Infestation."

Third Mission: Sabotage Alad’s Infested ship at Saxis (Saxis, Eris)

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The mission is another Hive Sabotage on the Infested Ship tileset, with standard Infested enemies.

(upon destroying the first hive) Alad V: "Aren't these creatures beautiful, Tenno? Cold metal made one with living flesh. I can feel them all within me… they are hungry."

(upon destroying the second hive) Alad V: "Oh, Tenno, are you worried you'll be left out? Look, I've been working on something special. You too can be one with us."

(upon destroying the third hive) Alad V: "I've almost finished my first test, a Multalist warframe. She will be beautiful, yes. Wait until you meet her. I just know you'll have a change of heart."

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Operator, you don't really think Alad V could Infest a warframe, do you?"

Fourth Mission: Sabotage Alad’s Infested ship at Kala-Azar (Kala-Azar, Eris)

Infested planet concept art, DevStream 136

The mission is another Hive Sabotage on the Infested Ship tileset, with standard Infested enemies.

(upon destroying the first hive) Alad V: "Profit. Profit is only a means to an end. I have evolved. I no longer need profit. I have found a purer form of growth."

(upon destroying the second hive) Lotus: "I've almost completed my signal analysis. Keep moving. I'll have his lab's coordinates shortly."

(upon destroying the third hive) Alad V: "You see, Tenno, my new flesh comes with a new desire. This Infestation and I, we are one. I want what it wants, and it wants what I want. Together we will crawl across the bountiful flesh of this System. Join us."

[on board Orbiter]

Lotus: "Good work, Tenno. I have just triangulated the location of Alad V's lab. By this point he will have moved on, but we can still destroy his work and stop him from creating any more Multalist Infested."

Fifth Mission: Destroy Alad V’s Laboratory Ship (Xini, Eris)

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The mission is a simple Sabotage mission (not Reactor Sabotage) on the Corpus Ship tileset, against Infested enemies.

Lotus': "This is it. This ship is Alad V's laboratory, the crucible of the Mutalist Infested. We're going to make sure no new Infested are created here. Destroy this ship's reactor."

Alad V: "Tenno do you really want to ruin the best chance this System has for peace?"

Alad V: "Why don't you want this? My Mutalist Empire means unity. Is there nothing more balanced than that?"

(upon destroying the reactor) Alad V: "Tenno, I'm not angry. I'm disappointed. I can always build a new lab ship, but you can't keep running from your destiny forever. Let me show you what is possible."

An Infested Mesa will appear and attack the Tenno with its Regulator pistols and a Plasma Sword.

Lotus: "That's not a Tenno. That's a hollow warframe being puppeted by Infested flesh. Put it out of its misery."

After the Infested Mesa is dead, the Tenno can proceed to extraction.

[on board Orbiter]

The Tenno will receive an inbox message from the Lotus containing a Mutalist Alad V Assassinate blueprint.

Inbox message:
Patient Zero: Mission Accomplished

By destroying Alad V's lab ship, you have destroyed his ability to make new Infested. Now you need to go after the man himself. He's on the run and it's up to you to track him down. Use the attached tracker to find him.

Good luck, Tenno.

—The Lotus


The Mutalist Alad V Assassinate mission key blueprint requires 1 Mutalist Alad V Coordinate, 6 Nav Coordinates, 2.500 nano spores, and 750 ferrite, and costs 20.000 credits and 1 hour to build. Mutalist Alad V Coordinates are given as Battle Pay for certain Infested Outbreak missions, or as a mission reward in certain Infested missions on Eris or the Orokin Derelict. Killing Mutalist Alad V will reward the Tenno with parts of the Mesa warframe. The key is single-use, and repeated Assassination attempts will require multiple keys.

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