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After his defeat at Themisto, Alad V fell off the radar and was presumed dead. However, in the Suspicious Shipments special alert, it was revealed that he had survived the Tenno's assassination attempt and was now working with Infested biotechnology – a drastic move repudiated by most groups and factions in the Origin System. He also appeared to be partially Infested himself. This "Mutalist" Alad V appeared again in Operation: Breeding Grounds and Operation: Mutalist Incursions, each time unveiling new Infested creatures bred from the hybridisation of Corpus robotics and Technocyte infection. The Patient Zero quest, which was released alongside Operation: Mutalist Incursions in Update 15.5, gave the Tenno the means to find Mutalist Alad V and fight him in an Assassination mission on Eris.

The Mutalist Alad V Assassination mission has no name and requires a special key to access. The key blueprint is awarded from the Patient Zero quest and requires 6 nav coordinates, 1 Mutalist Alad V nav coordinate, 2.500 nano spores, and 750 ferrite, and takes 20.000 credits and 1 hour to build. Mutalist Alad V nav coordinates are awarded from Infested Outbreak battle pay, as well as certain high-level Infested missions.

This dialogue page is about Mutalist Alad V's Assassination mission only. For Alad V's dialogue both prior to and after being Infested, see Alad V's normal dialogue page.

Target background

Lotus: "Alad V is sick. The Infestation has infiltrated his mind. It has him doing its bidding. You're here to stop him, but in doing so, you will also be showing him mercy. The mercy of freeing him from the Infestation."

Mission taunts

"Tenno, Tenno. Why must you always work against- progress? I'm trying to bring us all together. Things could have been different if you tried to work with me."

"[sigh] There I go again, giving you too much credit. Must I always show you the way forward?"

"Do you see this collar? This collar will let you see like I see. It will let you want what I want. "

"You have one more chance. Come to me and I will show you the magic of this gift."

Intro cutscene

[Mutalist Alad V walks forward, carrying a Paracyst in one hand and spinning his half-Infested collar in the other. His visor is down over his eyes, and he is limping slightly due to his partially Infested state. He stops, spins the collar a few more times, then tosses it onto his neck and readies his weapon for a fight.]

Battle taunts

These are unsubtitled lines said during the course of the fight.

"You've forced my hand!"

"I didn't want this!"

"You're only hurting yourself, Tenno!"

"This flesh makes me strong!"

"For the Mutalist Empire!"

(when throwing his collar, variant) "Heh, here!"

(when throwing his collar, variant) "Ready?"

(when throwing his collar, variant) "Try this!"

(when mind-controlling a warframe, variant) "This is for your own good!"

(when mind-controlling a warframe, variant) "Welcome to our flesh."

(when mind-controlling a warframe, variant) "Now do you see?"

(when health is low, variant) "Get back!"

(when health is low, variant) "No!"

Besides his Paracyst, Mutalist Alad V has a handful of special abilities involving his collar. He can place it on the ground to generate a protective shield that will also damage Tenno that get too close. He can point it at Tenno to fire a beam of electricity that does rapid damage. Most significantly, he can throw it at a Tenno to mind-control the warframe, forcing it to attack the other Tenno (if there are no squadmates, the collar simply deals high damage). Mutalist Alad V is completely invulnerable to damage while wearing his collar, so he can only be damaged when performing these abilities.

After his defeat on his Infested ship near Eris, Mutalist Alad V would resurface in Operation: Tubemen of Regor, where he expressed his regret for altering himself with the Infestation and asked the Tenno to steal Tyl Regor's research, which he could use to cure himself. Although Nef Anyo (and Tyl himself) tried to stop the Tenno, Alad was ultimately able to heal himself, and is human once again, although he now bears prominent purple scarring on his face where he was once overtaken with Infested flesh. With Operation: Shadow Debt and subsequent quests and events, Alad V remains one of the big players in the Origin System and continues to be involved in the affairs of the Tenno.

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