Operation: Breeding Grounds

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19 June 2014 – 26 June 2014


Just before Update 13.8 was released on Thursday (19 June), red text in chat foreshadowed the event (by essentially a few minutes).

"Tenno, our operatives have discovered an unusual cluster of Corpus vessels operating in the vicinity of Eris. We suspect these ships may be harbouring Alad V's genetic experiments. Stand by for further instruction."

"Confirmed. An abnormal Infestation presence has been observed on board these ships. Reports are indicating immense amounts of biological activity, suggesting the existence of numerous Infested HIVES."

"Tenno, we must act quickly to stop this new threat at all costs. If left unchecked, these HIVES may produce enough Infestation to overrun the System. Prepare yourselves – Operation: Breeding Grounds is imminent!"


On Thursday (19 June), the event began with the release of Update 13.8 and was set to run for a week. Upon logging in, the Tenno received an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Alad V is Back

Tenno, we have a problem.

Alad V has developed a way to direct the spread of the Infestation. Using these newly engineered "Hive" organisms, the Infestation is able to corrupt a new ship or colony almost instantly. There are also disturbing reports coming in that the virus has evolved. It is now capable of absorbing and corrupting non-organic beings. Not even the robotic soldiers of the Corpus are safe now. The only way to stop the spread is to destroy these hives.

We have just received word of a massive outbreak near Eris. An entire fleet of Corpus ships has been exposed to this new bioplague. Alad V is almost certainly responsible. If Alad V's hives are allowed to gain a strategic foothold here, the Infested will become unstoppable. They will overrun the System in a matter of days. If we don’t put an end to this now, the Corpus, the Grineer, the Tenno… we could all fall in the wake of this horrible scourge.

—The Lotus

A new mission was available on Eris, titled "Breeding Grounds" and described as "Alad V is threatening the entire sector with his Infested Hives. Take them out."

Mechanics and Missions

The new Breeding Grounds mission was a Hive Sabotage mission taking place on the Infested Ship tileset. Both the mission type and the tileset were new (although the tileset had been briefly previewed in the Suspicious Shipments alerts). The missions also featured a new Infested unit: the Mutalist Osprey.

The new Hive Sabotage mission type required the Tenno to destroy three Infested Hives scattered throughout the map. Each Hive is protected by five Infested Tumours hidden nearby. These Tumours must all be destroyed before the Hive is vulnerable. There are six types of Hives, although only three will be present in each mission. Upon destroying a Hive, a hazard will affect the map for the rest of the mission. The types of Hives are listed below.

  • Gas Hive, described as "Emits clouds of noxious gas". Destroying this hive causes large orange clouds of gas to appear across the map. The clouds inflict Viral damage and status.
  • Frozen Hive, described as "Generates a coldness that reduces shields". Destroying this hive causes Tenno shields to be halved due to cold; however, there will not be visible ice on the map.
  • Lancing Hive, described as "Emits a deadly laser". Destroying this hive causes orange lasers to appear all over the map. The lasers deal Electric damage to anything that crosses them.
  • Pulsing Hive, described as "Emits magnetised clouds".  Destroying this hive causes large orange bubbles of magnetic energy to appear across the map. The clouds inflict instant Magnetic status upon contact and have a slight pull towards them.
  • Security Hive, described as "Controls nearby turrets". Destroying this hive causes Corpus security turrets to activate all across the map, shooting at Tenno and Infested alike.
  • Stabilisation Hive, described as "Creates a field that lowers gravity". Destroying this hive causes gravity to be reduced across the whole map.

During the mission, the Lotus acted as mission control, while Mutalist Alad V taunted the Tenno.

(mission start, first mission) Lotus: "There is no telling what effect destroying these hives will have. Stay alert."

(mission start, subsequent missions) Lotus: "I am detecting fewer and fewer infected ships. Your tireless onslaught is working. Keep fighting."

(first mission) Alad V: "Tenno, there you are. I thought you'd never show up. Come, test out my new fighters and let me know what you think."

(subsequent missions) Alad V: "Do you think you're winning? You can't cut my hives down faster than they grow. That's not possible!"

(upon approaching a hive, variant) Lotus: "You are approaching a hive. Every hive is protected by a series of tumour nodes. Destroy those, and you can destroy the hive."

(upon approaching a hive, variant) Lotus: "There is a hive in the area. You must destroy all the tumour nodes before you can damage the hive."

(upon approaching a hive, variant) Lotus: "You are near a hive. Destroy the tumour nodes to make the hive vulnerable."

(upon approaching a hive, variant) Lotus: "A hive is nearby. Be on alert; there's no way to know how the Infestation will react to this hive's destruction."

(upon destroying all tumours, variant) Lotus: "All nodes destroyed. The hive is vulnerable."

(upon destroying all tumours, variant) Lotus: "That's it, now take out the hive."

(upon destroying all tumours, variant) Lotus: "Now quick, destroy the hive!"

(upon destroying a Gas Hive) Lotus: "Watch out! Destroying that hive released clouds of toxins."

(upon destroying a Frozen Hive) Lotus: "Taking out that hive has disrupted the environmental system. Expect sub-zero temperatures and weakened shields."

(upon destroying a Lancing Hive) Lotus: "Killing that hive seems to have triggered nearby laser traps. Proceed with caution."

(upon destroying a Pulsing Hive) Lotus: "Hive destroyed, but be careful. I am now detecting fields of intense magnetic disturbance."

(upon destroying a Security Hive) Lotus: "That last hive was interfering with the defense systems. Beware – turrets are now online."

(upon destroying a Stabilisation Hive) Lotus: "Destroying that hive damaged the stabilisation module. Expect reduced gravity."

(upon destroying all hives, first mission) Alad V: "Impressive, isn't it? I just can't wait to see the looks on the faces of the Corpus Board when I give them a demonstration."

(upon destroying all hives, subsequent missions) Alad V: "You haven't turned the tide! I— I can grow more! I— you… you haven't stopped me. Not this time."

Lotus: "All hives destroyed. Head to extraction."


The event score was calculated in a somewhat complicated manner. Each Hive destroyed gave a number of event points, with more difficult Hive types (such as Pulsing or Gas) giving more points than others. The best score achieved in a single mission was recorded, as was the cumulative score of all missions (noted on the Starchart as Best Score and Total Score, respectively). The Total Score also affected the number of points the Tenno earned in the mission, so running the mission multiple times would result in the Best Score increasing as well (this was explained in the update notes as the "stink" of the Infested sticking to the Tenno after multiple missions). The Total Score also affected the enemy level, with higher and higher scores eventually causing the Infested to hit the game level cap of 9999.

Rewards were distributed during the event at specific thresholds and were calculated based on the Best Score, not the Total Score; that is, the rewards were based on the best score earned in a single mission.

At 6 points, the Tenno received an inbox message from the Lotus containing the Operation: Breeding Grounds emblem.

Inbox message:
A Good Start

You have made solid progress against Alad V's hives. The threat is still very real, and you have much work to do. Take this badge and wear it with pride while you fight.

—The Lotus

At 17 points, the Tenno received an inbox message from the Lotus containing a pack of dual-stat Heat damage and status chance mods (Thermite Rounds, Scattering Inferno, Scorch, and Volcanic Edge).

Inbox message:
The End is in Sight

The end is in sight, we nearly have Alad V's hives under control. Take these mods; use them to finish the job.

—The Lotus

At 48 points, the Tenno received an inbox message from the Lotus containing the Prova Vandal, with a weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.

Inbox message:
Victory is Secure

[name], you have gone the distance. While there are still pockets of strong resistance, the Infestation is no longer a serious threat and Alad V is retreating… for now.

Please take this Prova Vandal; you have earned it.

You have done your part, but I wonder how much further can you take this fight? Your fellow Tenno will be watching.

—The Lotus

Clan scores were calculated by adding the individual Best Scores of all participating clan members, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze event statues being distributed to the three highest-scoring clans in each tier.


After the event ended, the Tenno received an inbox message from Mutalist Alad V.

Inbox message:
What Doesn't Kill Us…

I suppose I should thank you, Tenno.

I know, you must think I'm crazy. After all, you've wiped out my first assault and destroyed the vast majority of my hives. My venture should be in shambles, but there's always a silver lining. Look what you've left me with! I now command the most fierce and evolved Infested in the System. They are quite something, and you should be proud, because in a way, you were their coach.

Our numbers are small, but we're growing, changing. The next time you see us, you are in for quite a surprise.

Until we meet again,
Alad V

The Infested Ship tileset and the Hive Sabotage game mode were put into the game permanently with Update 14, 22 days after the event ended.

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