Operation: Mutalist Incursions

Operation: Mutalist Incursions splash

27 November 2014 – 03 December 2014


On Thursday (27 November), the event began with the release of Update 15.5 and was set to run for a week. Upon logging in, the Tenno received an inbox message from Mutalist Alad V.

Inbox message:
Welcome to Your New Empire

Do take a moment to review this announcement. I suspect you will find it most exciting.

Mutalist Alad V (video message): "Inhabitants of the Origin System! It is my singular pleasure to announce that today is the first day of a new empire. An empire populated not by Corpus, not by Grineer and certainly not by the Tenno. No, the Mutalist Empire will be populated by you. A glorious new you, baptised by Mutalist flesh. You've called this a disease, an Infestation? I call it unity. One army under me. Welcome to your new species."

—Alad V

The Tenno also received an inbox message from the Lotus, containing the new quest Patient Zero. The event and the quest were linked and happened simultaneously in-universe.

Inbox message:
Mutalist Incursions


Alad V's Infested ships are slamming into populated centers all around the System. He's using these ships like spore pods to spread his Mutalist plague. Everyone is affected. Equally concerning are the new strains of Infested he's using in his attack.

There are two courses of action. First, we must extinguish each Infestation at its source. I will be issuing Bounties, so that we can cut down as many of these new Infested as possible. Pay attention to your Navigation Console for updates.

Secondly, we need to deal with the source of the problem. I have sent you details of a mission to locate Alad V and destroy his lab.

Left unchecked, this plague will spread out of control. We must start immediately. There is little time to waste.

—The Lotus

On Navigation, there were four bounties that tracked the number of specific Infested enemies killed:

  • Tar Mutalist Moa: 100 kills required
  • Swarm Mutalist Moa: 100 kills required
  • Boiler: 50 kills required
  • Brood Mother: 50 kills required

All four of these enemies were newly introduced into the game.

Mechanics and Missions

To complete the bounties, the Tenno had to play special "Mutalist Incursion" alert missions. These alerts would pop up very frequently (such that there was almost always one available). The new enemies only appeared on the Mutalist Incursion alert missions or in the Patient Zero quest – they did not appear in normal Infested missions at the time.

The Mutalist Incursion alerts could be of any mission type on any planet. The Tenno would fight alongside that planet's controlling faction (Grineer or Corpus) against the Infested, whose ranks would include the four new enemy types. The objective of the event was to kill the required number of the new enemies, not necessarily to complete the alerts; the alerts were simply the means by which the new mutalist enemies were encountered. There was no unique dialogue for these alerts.

After all four bounties had been completed, a new Survival mission was unlocked on Eris. The Tenno's goal was to survive for at least 30 minutes in order to receive the final event reward, but the mission was endless, and the Tenno could opt to remain as long as possible for leaderboard status.


As the Tenno completed each bounty, they received their reward via inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Bounty Fulfilled: [target enemy]

Congratulations; you've completed this bounty. Your contribution will help keep Alad V's horde at bay.

There are four new types of Infested and four bounties. When you complete all of them, I will award you with a new target.

—The Lotus

In addition to the reward, each bounty awarded an event emblem featuring the specified target (eg Brood Mother Emblem).

TargetRequired KillsReward
Tar Mutalist Moa100Forma blueprint
Swarm Mutalist Moa100Zebra Paracyst skin
Boiler50Orokin Catalyst blueprint
Brood Mother50Orokin Reactor blueprint

After the Tenno survived for 30 minutes in the special Survival mission, they received an inbox message from the Lotus containing the Operation: Mutalist Incursions emblem and a set of new Puncture mods: Piercing Caliber, Breach Loader, Bore, and Auger Strike.

Inbox message:
Fight On

My scans show that we are winning, the strength of the Infested waning. Your undying fight tells me that you put the safety of this System above all else. I urge you to keep going, with an enemy this virulent, every little bit counts.

I have sent you something to aid in this ongoing battle.

Thank you, Tenno,
The Lotus

In addition, rotation C of the Survival mission (20 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes, etc) had a chance to award one of the four dual-stat Electricity mods (High Voltage, Shell Shock, Jolt, and Voltaic Strike) last seen in the Tethra's Doom event, more than 8 months earlier.

Clan scores were calculated by adding the individual survival times of all participating clan members, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze event statues being distributed to the three highest-scoring clans in each tier.


Tar Mutalist Moas, Swarm Mutalist Moas, Boilers, and Brood Mothers were added into normal Infested missions with Update 15.5.7, right after the event ended. The Patient Zero quest was released with the event, but could be completed at any time. During the quest, the Tenno tracks down Mutalist Alad V to defeat the new wave of Infestation at its source.

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