Vox Solaris

Eudico would do anything to keep her people safe, but will she stand up to Nef Anyo?

Starting the quest

The Tenno must talk to Eudico upon arriving in Fortuna. Occasionally, Nef Anyo can be heard broadcasting messages over the numerous screens in the town.

Nef Anyo broadcast: "Fortuna! You are behind schedule! The final coolant tower must be operational in time for my investor's showcase. Failure to meet your quotas means one thing: repossession. If you aren't willing to work for your rig, someone else is."

Eudico is located at the north end of Fortuna, near the elevator to the Vallis.

Eudico: "Busy. Oh, an Outworlder? A… Tenno. Look, we're a Corpus operation, we are, but these people are Solaris. We work for a livin'. We don't need no trouble, and we don't need no one gettin' hurt. You wanna help? Go buy something from Thursby. He's been staring down the barrel of a repo order ever since he took on his parents' debt."

Tenno: "Repo order?"

Eudico: "Ugly thing, repossession. A Solaris falls too deep in debt, and Nef sends in his repo squads to take what he says he's owed. You know, mechanical body parts, even a full rig. In Thursby's case, cause he got none of that, they take the organics: arms and legs. Yeah, there's a market for those, too."

(after exiting conversation) Eudico: "Aye… mucking what? Nef wants to start that fossilised coolant tower back up… today. It's damaged Orokin tech, not a bleeding moa; you can't just turn it on."

Thursby's shop is located near Eudico, on the western side of the coolant canal. The only items on display are twisted metal and scrap – not very appealing.

Thursby: "If ya need scrap in a snap, just talk to your junkyard diplomat! That'd be me. Thursby. Thunderstruck, short on pluck, down on his luck. Ah, whatever. Tell me you wanna buy something. Please. I need this."

Tenno: "Eudico sent me."

Thursby: "Eudico sent you, a Tenno, to help me meet quota? Well, I'll be…. You know, you could buy some scrap… but… if you really wanted to help, you could source me some supplies. Sumtin' I could sell. Not this garbage. I know where the Taxmen keeps the good stuff. If you're up for that sort of thing, Boss, head topside."

(if the Tenno says "Debt?") Thursby: "When my parents… passed… I inherited their debt. And boy, were they owing deep. Can't work to pay it off cause I ain't got no augmentations, and I can't buy augmentations on account of all my debt. Vicious cycle, right? So here I am, selling useless scrap at the edge of a coolant canal."

(if the Tenno says "Tell me about Eudico.") Thursby: "She means well. Don't want to see nothing bad happen to us workers… but, there was a time she had another name: Vox Solaris, the voice of the resistance, the voice of Solaris United. She stood up for us. Said how wrong this all is. She always said Solaris United was all of us, but it weren't nothing without her. When the trouble happened… Nef did try to identify her…. What he did to the others… [sniffs] what happened on Deck 12…. [clears throat] She's always been kind to me. What happened to them was never her fault."

Once both dialogue options have been exhausted, the conversation ends. The Tenno is directed to go out on the Orb Vallis via the elevator at the north end of Fortuna.

First Mission: A Favour for Thursby (Orb Vallis, Venus)

Fortuna promo image

(upon entering elevator) Thursby: "You ever been out on the Vallis, Boss? She's a miracle, she is. A blizzard in a firestorm. All thanks to the magic of rebooted Orokin tech, and… the blood and the sweat of so many thousands of Solaris. But, you know what Eudico always says…."

(upon exiting elevator) Thursby: "She says—"

Eudico: "'Welcome to Venus, it'll kill ya.' Thursby, what's going on, you keepin' your nose clean?"

Thursby: "Eudico? Ah, sure am! Just giving a— a tour to my shiny boss here, ya know, earnin' a wage any way I can."

Eudico: "Alright then, Thursby. Just don't let this Outworlder get you into trouble."

Thursby: "I need something I can sell, you know? Spare parts. Quality merchandise, see? I know where the Corpus drop supplies. You can get in and out, before anyone catches wind of what we're up to."

The Tenno is waypointed to an area near the base of the Orokin coolant tower at the Coolant Reservoir. As the Tenno approaches, 3 supply crates are airdropped in and an 8-minute timer starts counting down.

Thursby: "Sneak and peek, boss. Crates full of the good stuff should be nearby."

The crates give off a sonar-like ping when nearby, so are relatively easy to locate. As the timer counts down, the area objective on the minimap shrinks to narrow down the field.

(upon opening the first cache, variant) Thursby: "Haha, outstanding. If Eudico would just loosen up, we'd be taxin' the Taxmen on the regular! What else can you find?"

(upon opening the first cache, variant) Thursby: "Haha, outstanding. If we had the old Eudico, we'd be taxin' Taxmen on the regular! What else can you find?"

(upon opening the second cache) Thursby: "Amazing! With this haul… won't be just my debts getting paid off. You're gonna make more than one Solaris happy today, boss."

(if the timer reaches 2 minutes) Thursby: "You're makin' me nervous here. Hurry it up, boss."

(upon opening the last cache) Thursby: "Unbelievable! Why stop here? With your power, we could hit Nef hard, make him pay for all he's done to us. Blow up his precious coolant tower before he's even had a chance to show it off to his muckin' board!"

Eudico: "Thursby! What are you thinkin'?! You're on an unsecured channel. You want a Corpus spy drone hearin' what you're up to? Ah, muckers! Too late. Got no choice. Tenno, you got Thursby into this mess, so you can damn well help him out of it."

The Tenno is waypointed to the Temple Fabrication site.

Eudico: "Tenno, you're looking for the Corpus spy drone that overheard Thursby's little 'guided tour'. Find the drone before it reports back to central command."

(upon arriving at the site) Eudico: "The drone is nearby. Ground it, and I'll see if I can still hack one of these things."

A Vallis surveillance drone is hovering about, surrounded by Terra Corpus. The Tenno must disable the drone by damaging it.

(upon disabling the drone) Eudico: "Hold on, Tenno, been a while since I did this. Now, where is that recording of Thursby?"

Corpus reinforcements will begin to arrive. The Tenno must kill 30 of them without letting them destroy the drone.

(if the Tenno fails the mission, at any point during the quest) Eudico: "This is bad. We've put all of Fortuna in jeopardy."

(upon defeating enough reinforcements) Eudico: "Corpus are legging it. Take out as many as you can. Keep 'em quiet."

Eudico: "Well, well, well. You're a bright spark and no mistake. Could have used you back in the…. Don't let me catch you running more missions for Thursby, understood?"

The Tenno is prompted to return to Fortuna.

[in Fortuna]

Nef Anyo broadcast: "Resurrect a dormant Orokin coolant tower? They said it was impossible, yet such profitous glory is within our grasp! But, I can't get there without you, Fortuna. That is why I am so grateful that all here have volunteered to dispense of work breaks in the name of my glorious enterprise."

The Tenno is directed to speak to Thursby, whose stall looks like it now has lots of Moa parts to offer.

Thursby: "Aye, boss. Eudico says that if I try anything like that again, she'll rip me arms off herself. But… look at this! Yesterday, didn't have 'nuff Lucre to stay outta repo. Now I got what I need to open me own shop. Get me head outta the red. All I needs is a ripe hook. Something ta set ol' Thursby apart. Somethin'… memorable. Oh, almost forgot: Biz heard what you did, said he wanted to speak with you."

(after exiting conversation) Thursby: "Moa parts, get a head start, if you're building a cart, with… Thursby. No? Bah. I need to work on that one."

Eudico will be standing next to Thursby instead of in her usual chair, and can be spoken to.

Eudico: "Maybe I was wrong about you, Sparky. You managed to pull that off without getting Thursby killed. Biz says he has work for you. Fine by me, 'long as you stick to savin' little animals and nothin' else."

The Business is near Thursby, south along the coolant canal, past Smokefinger.

The Business: "Ah, the Tenno Eudico mentioned. How do you do, Outworlder. My mission is to conserve this region's unique species. You know, before the Corpus drive them to extinction. I'm known as 'The Business'. Eudico calls me… 'Biz'. I wasn't always about the… preservation of life – more the… strategic deletion of it. Conservation may be my calling now, but the scales still require an occasional… adjustment. Head to the Vallis if you're looking for some work."

Second Mission: Retrieve the Hit-list (Orb Vallis, Venus)

Fortuna hype image

The Business: "Are you averse to getting your hands dirty? Send a message? I've learned that the head of the Corpus repo squad has made a hit-list of indebted Solaris. Before his goons can do their thing, I've got a K-bomb with his name on it."

Eudico: "Biz! That's not what we discussed! Wait. There's a repo list? Who's on it? Ah, crap. Okay, fine, but we do this my way. No K-bombs. Had about enough mess for one day."

(upon exiting elevator) Eudico: "We do this quietly and maybe, just maybe, Nef doesn't find out. Biz, this isn't the old days. We've got no leverage now. All we can do is try to save our people from getting ground up by the bureaucracy."

The Business: [angry sigh] "People are already 'getting ground up,' Eudi. Debt on debt, accident by accident, repo by repo! How many even remember actual freedom?"

The Tenno is directed to approach a secure area: the garage in Central Maintenance.

Eudico: "You're nearing the secure area. Steal that list. Don't get noticed. If they destroy the data, we won't know who to hide from Nef's repo squad."

The Tenno must infiltrate the building and hack the data station to retrieve the list. If the alarms are triggered, a 60-second timer will count down to data destruction.

(upon hacking the data station) Eudico: "Accessing the file… okay, okay. Ah, guts. Biz. This says they're going after your field team… today."

The Business: "They're already overdue for a check-in. Outworlder, you need to find my team before Nef's repo squad does."

An area nearby to the north is waypointed. Upon arriving, four Solaris corpses can be found in the snow.

The Business: "They were in debt because they choose the calling of conservation over filling Nef's pockets. It seems like the preacher wanted to make a point. But… this isn't the whole team. We need more info. Search the bodies."

The Tenno must go to each body and interact with them.

(upon searching the first body) Eudico: "Damaged. There's something in the buffer. We need to get it decoded before the device fails."

(upon searching the second body) Eudico: "Accessing buffer. Analysing…."

(upon searching the third body) Eudico: "Password… hello… buffer… accessing final transmissions… c'mon, c'mon, final transmissions…"

(upon searching the last body) Eudico: "I'm in. Taking a quick look around… itinerary, patrol log, coordinates, reports, blah blah blah…"

The Business: "The survivors are being held nearby. Awaiting 'processing'. Eudico, we don't have long."

Eudico: "Not again…. Listen, Sparky. I need you to get in there and get our people back. And you don't need to be nice about it. If they're still alive our team will be… here."

A prison facility nearby has the surviving members of the Solaris field team. The Tenno must hack the jail console to initiate the breakout, and stay alive during the slow hacking process. The hack can be accelerated by collecting data keys carried by Corpus Terra Jailers.

(upon completing the hack and rescuing the team) Nef Anyo: "Tenno, did you think I didn't notice your little heist earlier? Quite a stunt you pulled with that young— what was his name? Thursby…."

Eudico: "Oh no. Tenno, you have to get back here before they get to him."

Thursby: "Hey fellas! Thursby? Nah, ya just missed him. He…. No, I didn't do nothing. You don't understand. Stop! Ahh…."

[in Fortuna]

Nef Anyo broadcast: "Remember, friends, forgo hard work for cheating and stealing, and the Void will judge not just you, but the collective. Lift together, punish together. If you lot continue along this path, I'll gladly repossess all your rigs."

Thursby's shop is marked off by orange, holographic crime-scene tape, and Thursby himself is absent. Eudico is still standing nearby.

Eudico: "Thursby… I was… I was supposed to protect him, and now he's in pieces. The medics aren't sure if they can stabilise him with… so much… missing. This was a mistake, letting you get involved. Why did I listen to Biz? Maybe i-it's not too late to impress Nef before his big unveiling. Appeal to his mercy, show him what we can do. Get topside. I'll fill you in."

Third Mission: Amarast Excavation (Orb Vallis, Venus)

Orb Vallis concept art, DevStream 107

Eudico: "Nef's pushing ahead with activating that coolant tower. But it's not ready. My engineers need a mineral, amarast, to counter the inevitable heat cascade. I've marked an excavation site where you should find some. Bring it back, and maybe we stop the entire Vallis from being bathed in slag."

The Business: "Amarast? Do you not understand? Nothing you do will make Nef kind. The more you give, the more he'll take. When you rise up, people get hurt, but if we let that fear divide us… it will only get worse. I saw a Eudico I haven't seen for years back there. Fortuna needs that Eudico back. We need Vox."

The dig site is located south of Fortuna, on the mountainside north of the Transit Depot. As the Tenno near the site, an excavator will drop down, and the Tenno must protect it from being destroyed while supplying it with power. Power cells drop from Power Cell Carrier enemies that spawn with the Corpus reinforcements.

(once the excavation is completed) Eudico: "That should be enough. Get to the coolant tower before Nef turns on the juice."

The coolant tower is due west of the Enrichment Labs and southeast of the Pearl.

Nef Anyo: "Solaris! The investor showcase is tomorrow and you lot still maintain the coolant tower is not ready. Have you no faith? My test run will commence now, and the Board shall know it was I, Nef Anyo, who brought the glory of the Orokin to life once more!"

Eudico: "He's starting already? Nef's gonna trigger a heat cascade if he boots that coolant tower up without the amarast. He's going to get us all killed. Hurry."

Before the Tenno can reach the coolant tower, Nef will attempt to activate it. A loud rumbling will echo across the Vallis.

Nef Anyo: "Solaris! Why isn't it working? Fix this!"

Eudico: "We're… too late. Come back to Fortuna, Tenno."

Nef Anyo: "Solaris, this disaster is your bumbling! Present me your Floor Boss."

Eudico: "I… I am. Floor Boss Eudico FB-9. I take responsibility for this."

Nef Anyo: "Finally. One of you shows some backbone. Floor Boss, select fifty workers of low efficiency and have them in front of Fortuna for repo. Their upgrades I shall bequeath to Solaris of greater efficiency. And for the failures: brain-shelving. Make your list. You have one orbit-hour."

The Business: "Eudico?!? You're not going through with this, are you?"

Eudico: "Not now, Biz."

[in Fortuna]

Nef Anyo broadcast: "Understand this, Solaris: you are all replaceable. Corpus engineers are more expensive, but far cheaper than the loss of an Orokin coolant tower. Fifty Solaris now, or the lot of Fortuna tomorrow. The Void commands it."

Eudico is still standing near Thursby's shop.

Eudico: "Ever since Nef crushed Solaris United, killed my friends, I've focused on one thing: keeping him happy. Thought it was the only way to keep people safe. …It's not working. Biz is right, someone needs to say something. Do something. Listen, you don't have to help. You can leave Fortuna and never come back. Wouldn't blame ya. This isn't your fight. But, Sparky, Nef's massing his troops outside our doors. And you're the only thing standing between us and bloody oblivion."

(if the Tenno says 'I need a moment.') [conversation ends]

(if the Tenno says 'I'll help.') Eudico: "Knew I could trust you. Take this; there's a present in there for the mucking Taxmen. Why don't you deliver it to them?"

Fourth Mission: Defend the Gate (Orb Vallis, Venus)

Fortuna hype image

The Business: "What are you trying to do, Eudico? Buy him off? You've lost it. Wait. Where's my K-bomb?"

Nef Anyo: "Where's my fifty Solaris, Fortuna? You're wasting my time. Who do you think you are?"

Outside the Fortuna elevator, a large number of Corpus troops are amassed and will immediately fire upon the Tenno.

Eudico: "Now, Sparky. Get that case as close as you can to them."

A target site for the K-bomb is marked nearby. Arriving at the waypoint and interacting with it will detonate the bomb, killing all enemy units in a wide radius. More troops will promptly arrive via warp-in, Coildrive, and dropship.

(after detonating the K-bomb) Eudico: "Now give 'em hell. For Thursby."

The Tenno is instructed to remain at the entrance to Fortuna and fight off the Corpus forces. As they do, a transmission is sent out. The speaker is hidden behind a mask of Nef Anyo's face, their voice is distorted, and they are identified only as "Vox".

Vox: "We are the used. The mutilated. The indebted. We are Solaris United. And this Tenno is our messenger. Hello, Nef."

Nef Anyo: "Solaris United? I know that voice. I killed that voice! You are… a ghost. But I don't believe in ghosts!"

Vox: "Halt repossessions immediately. Recognise the importance of our work. These are our demands."

Nef Anyo: "I will find you."

Nef Anyo: "Whoever you are, you don't know what hell you've brought upon your people."

During the Tenno's fight, the Profit-Taker Orb Mother will have left its perch above the Enrichment Labs and slowly approached Fortuna. At this point, it is now within range, and will begin to attack the Tenno with its impressive arsenal. Due to its Sentient-hybrid shielding, it cannot be damaged in any way.

Eudico: "Sparky, not worth it. Get back in here. Nef won't risk destroying Fortuna with that Orb. We've bought the time we need."

(upon entering the elevator) Nef Anyo: "That's right, scuttle back to your hole. I'm going to replace the lot of you with Moas. In the meantime, Profit-Taker here will make sure you stay good and planted."

Biz: "I… I owe you an apology, Eudi. And if you see… 'Vox', pass along my thanks as well."

Eudico: "No, Biz. Thank you – for not giving up on me. We all lift together."

The Business: "And we will… we just poked a kubrodon, and if we don't show him who's in charge, we're lunch."

[in Fortuna]

Nef Anyo broadcast: "Investors! Despite some recent… labour relations issues, we are going ahead with today's showcase! You will witness Orokin terraforming technology expanding the Vallis more quickly than you could possibly imagine! Making available land for new opportunities. New investments. Behold this coolant tower [sounds of applause], once thought damaged beyond repair, return to glorious profitability [sounds of applause and cheers]."

Eudico will be back at her post near the elevator.

Eudico: "Sparky, Solaris United's just getting started. Nef won't want us messing with his investor showcase – he's planted that Orb Mother out there to make sure we stay in here. But now is the time to press for leverage. Head to the surface when you're ready. I've arranged a little something for you."

Fifth Mission: Investor Showcase (Orb Vallis, Venus)

Fortuna hype image

Eudico: "Roky lent us her personal K-drive. Fastest board in the Vallis. See if you can't slip right past that spider momma."

The Profit-Taker Orb is still standing guard outside Fortuna. Near the elevator is a K-drive.

(upon mounting the K-drive) Eudico: "Hit the accelerator, Sparky. No hope of outgunning that Orb."

The Tenno is directed to the Orokin coolant tower. Their path leads right under the Orb Mother, who is straddling the road. The Tenno will take fire, but should be able to avoid it on the K-drive.

Eudico: "How's the ride? If you want one, see Roky when this is all over. Right now we got a job to do."

(upon arriving at the coolant tower) Eudico: "You made it. Time to give Nef a taste of repossession. Patch me into the coolant tower's control system."

The Tenno must hack the console on the small control outpost near the base of the tower.

Nef Anyo: "Corpus engineers? What's going on down there? I've lost control of the coolant tower. The investors are watching. Acknowledge!"

Vox: "You never had control, Nef Anyo. This tower is Solaris United property. We do with it as we please."

Nef Anyo: "You weasels picked the wrong day for collective bargaining. Corpus kill squads, converge on the control cluster at once! [sounds of commotion] Investors! Everything is under control. [nervous laughter]"

At this point, Corpus troops will begin attacking the console, and the Tenno must defend it.

Eudico: "Let's turn up the heat on Nef."

A loud rumbling can be heard as Eudico starts overheating the tower. A meter on the HUD will indicate the overheat progress from 0 to 100%.

Nef Anyo: "Are you freeloaders trying to damage my coolant tower? Oh, of course. All your grovelling has moved the bleed-heart Tenno to come to your aid. No matter. My kill squads will carry you all swiftly… to the Void."

Vox: "You have been warned. Say goodbye to your precious terraforming project."

Nef Anyo: "Investors, e-enjoy this display of security prowess. Rest assured, your investment is protected."

(at 40% overheat) Nef Anyo: "Solaris United, in the name of the Void, I command you to stop. You're putting my entire enterprise at risk!"

Vox: "Stop the repossessions. Acknowledge our work. Honour the age-old accord between Solaris and Corpus."

(at 75% overheat) Nef Anyo: "Blow that tower and you'll destroy Fortuna."

Vox: "Your fortune is what dies with us, Nef Anyo. And we know that, to men like you, poverty holds a greater dread than death."

At 95% overheat, a loud booming noise can be heard from the tower.

Nef Anyo: "Wait! Wait! Fine. I'll halt the repossessions. Is that what you want? Stop this."

Vox: "Never forget: Solaris make the Vallis work. No Solaris, no Vallis. Do we have an understanding?"

Nef Anyo: [through gritted teeth] "Yes. I… understand."

Eudico: "All I needed to hear. Sparky, drop the amarast in. Fingers crossed this even works."

The amarast needs to be delivered to a port on the side of the coolant tower. Upon doing so, more loud rumblings will be heard, and the smoke will stop billowing out of the tower.

Nef: "[sounds of gasps and shouts] Investors, please. I swear the system works. This is just a minor hiccup. Some minor labour relations issues to deal with. You understand, right? Right? Where are you going?"

Eudico: "The heat cascade is dissipating… readings returning to normal. [satisfied sigh] That did it. Well then, Sparky, looks like SU is back. Only a matter of time. If it wasn't me, someone else woulda done it. Meanwhile, you come see me anytime. Solaris United's got plenty of work for you."

[in Fortuna]

Nef Anyo broadcast: "Solaris, rejoice! Due to my overwhelming generosity, I have cancelled any open repossession orders, and returned your work quotas to their agreed-upon levels. In unrelated news, I'm offering a 2.000.000-credit reward for information leading to the arrest of the radical agitator known as Vox. Report any suspicious activity to your foreman immediately. Praise be the prophets!"

Upon return to Fortuna, the Tenno will receive a K-drive launcher, which allows them to summon the K-drive from the quest, as well as an inbox message from Eudico containing the blueprint for Garuda.

Inbox message:
One More Thing


Smokefinger found this blueprint embedded in a tangle of Vallis fungi years ago. Didn't know what to do with it until you came along. I want you to have it; it's the least we can do to thank you.

Don't be a stranger,

The component blueprints for building Garuda can be obtained by completing bounties in Fortuna. Once the Vox Solaris quest is complete, the merchants of Fortuna will be fully available to the Tenno, along with the Syndicates of Solaris United, Ventkids, and, if the War Within quest has been completed, Vox Solaris.

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