Jovian Concord hype art

The corridors and balconies of Jupiter’s Gas City are home to Alad V’s latest creations: Amalgams – the product of deliberate attempts to merge Corpus with Sentients, resulting in strange enemies unlike any seen before.

Amalgam Machinist

Alad V has married countless generations of Sentient evolution with the most advanced Corpus technology to create a brutal, persistent fighter. Wields a plasma bullet assault rifle and carries an Amalgam Osprey into battle.

Amalgam Heqet

An amalgamation of a Corpus Sniper and unknown Sentient form. Not only is this fighter capable of pinpoint accuracy, it can also manipulate matter to create a Spectralyst clone of any enemy, including Tenno.

Amalgam Osprey

Corpus Osprey and armoured Sentient, conjoined in a hideous fusion of known and unknown to create a lethal unit that attacks with conventional beam weapons, or clones nearby friendly units to create Spectralyst fighters.

Amalgam Moa

A lethal blend of Corpus ingenuity and Sentient technology, this Moa has been loaded up with devastating hybrid weaponry.

Amalgam Satyr

A diabolical mess of limbs, this Amalgam fighter doesn’t care which way is up. A fast-galloping unit that attacks with crushing melee blows, a repeater cannon and destabilising ground slams.

Amalgam Kucumatz

The unseemly marriage of a Corpus sentry turret and a Sentient drone, this unit alternates between repeating energy bolts and a devastating focused beam weapon.

Amalgam Alkonost

The full realisation of the grotesque partnership between Alad V and the Sentients. This unit can upgrade organic allies by capturing them and birthing neuro-carnivorous memes directly into their brain stems, thereby super-charging their fighting capacity and resilience.

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