Vapos Corpus and Amalgams

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The corridors and balconies of Jupiter's Gas City are patrolled by Alad V's Vapos troops – unique variants of standard Corpus military units with advanced weaponry. The vast majority of these Vapos Corpus have the same Codex descriptions as their normal counterparts, but a few novel units have new information in their Codex entries. Additionally, the Gas City is home to Alad V's latest creations: Amalgams – the product of deliberate attempts to merge Corpus with Sentients, resulting in strange enemies unlike any seen before.

Vapos Elite Crewman

A security specialist who is deployed in response to high-level threats.


A specialist in synthetic metallurgy protected by a large shield wall. This Corpus Tech brandishes a razor-torch hot enough to melt Sentient armour and is capable of rapid regeneration. Summons a Mine Osprey.

Vapos Aquila

Nimble and relentless, the Aquila is the staple dogfighter of the Corpus fleet.

Vapos Condor Dropship

Dropship or gunship? Retrofitted for the challenges of Gas City and designed to rapidly deploy force to any security breach.

Amalgam Machinist

Alad V has married countless generations of Sentient evolution with the most advanced Corpus technology to create a brutal, persistent fighter. Wields a plasma bullet assault rifle and carries an Amalgam Osprey into battle.

Amalgam Heqet

An amalgamation of a Corpus Sniper and unknown Sentient form. Not only is this fighter capable of pinpoint accuracy, it can also manipulate matter to create a Spectralyst clone of any enemy, including Tenno.

Amalgam Osprey

Corpus Osprey and armoured Sentient, conjoined in a hideous fusion of known and unknown to create a lethal unit that attacks with conventional beam weapons, or clones nearby friendly units to create Spectralyst fighters.

Amalgam Moa

A lethal blend of Corpus ingenuity and Sentient technology, this Moa has been loaded up with devastating hybrid weaponry.

Amalgam Satyr

A diabolical mess of limbs, this Amalgam fighter doesn't care which way is up. A fast-galloping unit that attacks with crushing melee blows, a repeater cannon and destabilising ground slams.

Amalgam Kucumatz

The unseemly marriage of a Corpus sentry turret and a Sentient drone, this unit alternates between repeating energy bolts and a devastating focused beam weapon.

Amalgam Alkonost

The full realisation of the grotesque partnership between Alad V and the Sentients. This unit can upgrade organic allies by capturing them and birthing neuro-carnivorous memes directly into their brain stems, thereby super-charging their fighting capacity and resilience.


A transient copy of an ally or enemy created by a Sentient from Tau energy.

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