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General Sargas Ruk is the Grineer boss of Saturn. As one of the highest-ranking figures in the Grineer military, he plays a role in a number of Operations. His Assassination mission can be found on a Grineer Galleon at Tethys, Saturn.

Target background

Lotus: "General Sargas Ruk has become a problem for our artefact recovery efforts. Several of our dig sites in this sector have been attacked and annexed by Ruk and his fleet. Take Ruk out."

Lotus: "Ruk is the Grineer's preeminent artefact hunter. Taking him out will cripple their artefact recovery efforts."

Lotus: "Ruk sees flesh as a flaw. As a result, he has built a profitable artefact smuggling outfit to finance his search for the best in Grineer body modifications and augmentations.

Lotus: "Ruk will be adorning only the most impressive in Grineer body modifications. You will need to stay one step ahead of him."

Lotus: "Ruk is nearby. Be warned that he is a formidable adversary, with an almost inhuman hatred for all that is not Grineer."

Lotus: "Eliminating Ruk will allow us to regain control of this system."

Mission taunts

"What flesh is within that warframe? I will crush it. I will fill my lungs with your death."

"Forget the Lotus. Grineer are your masters. Submit for mercy."

"Too easy. I expected more. I deserve a challenge."

Battle taunts

Some of the following lines, especially those in the Grineer language, are not subtitled when spoken.

(during intro cutscene) "Regret… will be… your legacy."

(during battle) "You think you are guardians? Grineer rule supreme. Grineer protect all."

(during battle) "You Tenno, you fight for treasure. You are just another Corpus machine to me."

(during battle) "Are you just mercenaries? Fighting for scraps? Where is this so-called Tenno honour?"

(if health is low) "We are just getting started!"

(if health is low) "This is not over!"

(if health is low) "You fight well. Your death will be glorious!"

(if health is low)  "HU AAM GENERAADD SAARGAAS RUK!"

(if health is low) "Os klaat aass?"

(when using Sweep Attack) "Aattaaff sweegg."

(when using Sweep Attack) "Traahutors!"

(when using Fire Blast) "Kurn aaddhuve, Tenno!"

(when using Fire Blast) "Brihudd hun gar suhut."

(when using Fire Blast) "Traahudd ky fhugre."

(when using Eruption) "Kroke on klos!"

(when using Eruption) "Gar eaarner klos!"

(when using Eruption) "Enjoy tuh gretrhukuthuon!"

Sargas Ruk is first mentioned in the Gradivus Dilemma, engaging in hostile rhetoric and then open warfare against Alad V, while courting Tenno mercenary aid to reinforce his troops. He would ultimately emerge victorious, with Mars being added to the Grineer Empire. Shortly afterward, the Grustrag Three Codex entry implies that Ruk was their original commanding officer. Ruk is mentioned by the Grineer propagandist on the Radio Scanner, as well as in the Codex description of Rathuum Executioner Dok Thul. Sargas Ruk makes appearances in both Operation: The Pacifism Defect and the Pyrus Project, both times trying to destroy Grineer who have deserted his command. Most recently, he has been seen in Operation: Scarlet Spear, attacking both the Sentients and the Tenno trying to stop them. The xeric shrub Ruk's Claw, found only at Grineer Settlements on Mars, may be named after Sargas Ruk.

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