Grustrag Three

Vem Tabook

Grustrag Reconditioning Facility
Inmate Report: Vem Tabook

Vem Tabook, leader of the “Grustrag Three”, was committed after the group slaughtered all fellow marines aboard a troop transport. Evidently, the ship took too long to reach battle and the subject was simply “impatient for the killing”. Like his accomplices Shik Tal and Leekter, Tabook suffers from a rare cloning mutation. This makes him highly effective in combat but completely unfit for duty.

RECOMMENDATION: Permanent incarceration for study. The subject’s combat ability cannot be ignored. If the subject’s aggression can be focused, he may yet prove a useful weapon.

—Doctor Tengus

Shik Tal

Vay Hek,

Releasing the Grustrag Three? Tell me this rumour is a lie. Tell me you have not forgotten what those defects cost me. Traitors must be eradicated, but you think they can be rehabilitated? Arrogance. If it was up to me, Grustrag and everything in it would be ash. No doctor can cure disloyalty.

The responsibility for this mistake is yours alone. Trust me, you will bleed regret.



Most Honoured Councillor Vay Hek,

The agony treatment has worked! Tests show aggression has been shifted to the Tenno! The Grustrag Three are now ready for release and are eager for your orders.

Please note: fratricide is still an issue. Conditioning did not completely remove violent tendencies toward fellow Grineer. My solution is the Grustrag Bolt. When attached to a subject, this device limits combat effectiveness against all Grineer personnel. The bolt will ensure collateral death is acceptably limited.

I have produced a surplus of these devices. Perhaps these will also aid you with your problem?

Your Loyal Servant,
Doctor Tengus
Director, Grustrag Reconditioning Facility

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