The Pyrus Project

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30 August 2018 – 13 September 2018


On Thursday (30 August 2018), the event began with the release of Update 23.6 and was set to run for 2 weeks. Upon logging in, Tenno would receive a video message from Cressa Tal of Steel Meridian in their inbox:

Inbox message:
Rebuilding What Was Lost

Cressa Tal (video message): "When the Grineer discovered we weren't like the other clones, they tried to destroy us. But you, Tenno? You took us into your Relays, helped us recover. Helped us build Steel Meridian. We want to give back. We've run the numbers, and we can spearhead the reconstruction of the destroyed Relays. But this project is bigger than us, and we need all the help we can get. What do you say, Tenno? You up for this?"

We're rebuilding a lost Tenno Relay. Here's how you can help:

Find Pyrus Essence to complete the new design.

Collect Trembera Essence to complete the Relay Strut Components.

The Grustrag Three have been hampering our efforts. Eliminate them.

Complete Daily Tasks for Cephalon Simaris, so that he can continue his computational design work.

Donate any resources you collect by bringing them to the construction site. Together, we'll show the Grineer that our will cannot be crushed.

—Cressa Tal of Steel Meridian

This message included a reusable blueprint for a Relay Strut Component.

Mechanics and Missions

There were 4 tasks for each Tenno to accomplish:

  • Collect and donate 30 Pyrus Essence
  • Construct and donate 5 Relay Strut Components
  • Defeat the Grustrag Three 3 times
  • Complete a Daily Synthesis Task from Cephalon Simaris

Tenno could check their progress on the Strata Relay Reconstruction Site node on Earth, which replaced the shattered ruins of the Strata Relay.

The event mostly took place on the Grineer-controlled planets of Earth, Mercury, Ceres, and Saturn. When running missions on said planets, a Pyrus Essence Carrier unit would frequently spawn, marked with a yellow objective marker and accompanied by a transmission from Cressa Tal. The Tenno had to incapacitate the Carrier with damage and claim the Pyrus Essence by interacting with the downed unit. However, the Pyrus Essence would destabilise 30 seconds after the Carrier was downed, and the Tenno had to claim it before it expired. Pyrus Carriers on Earth yielded 1 Pyrus Essence, those on Mercury 2, Ceres 3, and Saturn 4. Pyrus Carriers could respawn multiple times, but often several minutes apart. Pyrus Essence, when it was in the Tenno's inventory, was described as such: "With a blazing orange hue and rigid material strength, this compound is prized by ship and station architects."

(when a Pyrus Essence Carrier is nearby in a mission, variant) Cressa Tal: "Grineer chatter indicates a unit with supplies crucial to our effort is near your location. You know what to do."

(when a Pyrus Essence Carrier is nearby in a mission, variant) Cressa Tal: "Tenno, I'm detecting a hostile unit carrying the resources we need. Can I count on you to do your part?"

(when a Pyrus Essence Carrier is nearby in a mission, variant) Cressa Tal: "Can't build a Relay on spit and hope alone. A nearby hostile has the supplies we need. Liberate them for us, will ya?"

(after the Tenno extracts Pyrus Essence for the first time) Sargus Ruk: "Cressa Tal! No betrayal burns deeper than yours. No Grineer is more deserving of hate. You will not survive this insolence."

Cressa Tal: "Sargas Ruk??? Of course. You can't let the rank-and-file Grineer see Steel Meridian succeed. What happens to your mighty army when the grunts learn there's another way?"

The Relay Strut Component blueprint was included with the inbox message from Cressa Tal, and required 5.000 credits, 5.000 salvage, 2 morphics, and 15 Trembera Essence, and took 3 hours to build. It was described as "An integral building block in the construction of Tenno Relays." Trembera Essence dropped from enemies on Earth, Mercury, Ceres, and Saturn for the duration of the event, and was described as "A highly purified mineral compound prized for its strength, resiliency, and resistance to heat. Widely used in construction of Tenno Relays."

The Grustrag Three had a high chance to spawn in any Earth, Mercury, Ceres, or Saturn mission above level 3. When spawned in this manner, they were marked with yellow objective markers and did not drop their usual items, such as Brakk parts.

(when the Grustrag Three spawn in a mission, variant) Cressa Tal: "I knew it! Sargas Ruk sent the Grustrag Three to hunt you down. Show Ruk that we will not be intimidated."

(when the Grustrag Three spawn in a mission, variant) Cressa Tal: "The Grustrag Three? No. No way. They will not stop us… because you'll stop them first. Right, Tenno?"

(when the Grustrag Three spawn in a mission, variant) Cressa Tal: "Doctor Tengus' murderous creations are everything Steel Meridian stands against. Take down the Grustrag Three before they derail our project."

The Daily Task from Cephalon Simaris was completed as usual, with no special dialogue.

Once the requisite amount of Pyrus Essence and Relay Strut Components had been acquired, the Tenno could travel to the Strata Relay Reconstruction Site to donate their resources. The dock was functional, with Steel Meridian operatives working on the construction, but the doors into the Relay Concourse were closed. Cressa Tal stood near the doors, and could be interacted with to donate the resources.

(when starting conversation, variant) Cressa Tal: "Dock's nearly finished, but the Great Hall? That's where your resources will go."

(when starting conversation, variant) Cressa Tal: "What do you have for our builders, Tenno?"

(when starting conversation, variant) Cressa Tal: "You're a sight for sore eyes, Tenno. What do you have for the effort?"

(upon donating resources, variant) Cressa Tal: "We'll always be in your debt, Tenno."

(upon donating resources, variant) Cressa Tal: "Never doubted you'd come through, Tenno."

(upon donating resources, variant) Cressa Tal: "Damn straight, Tenno. Your donation is gonna keep us on schedule."

(upon donating the last resource) Cressa Tal: "That's it! We're good for resources. The Grineer can't stop us now."

Sargas Ruk (variant): "Rraahudd! Arrogant rats."

Sargas Ruk (variant): "Tenno, you are in contempt, for the crime of conspiring with traitors."

Sargas Ruk (variant): "Cease this incursion. I will not warn you again."

(when starting conversation after all resources have been donated) Cressa Tal: "That's everything we need. All that's left is to finish building, but that's the easy part. Nothing can stand in our way now."

After all the reconstruction tasks were complete, the Tenno would receive an inbox message from Cressa Tal upon returning to their Orbiter, containing an Ember Reprise noggle, a Pistol Riven mod, and a Zylok.

Inbox message:
SOS! Sargus Ruk has breached the Relay! SOS!

Tenno! Ruk's hit us hard. It's bad. Defences are toast. We're dug in, but we're not gonna last much longer. If you want this Relay back, you're gonna have to fight for it!

Take this: it's a Zylok. Pretty, nasty, and pretty nasty. Cressa Tal, signing off. Tell Ruk we said hi.

The Tenno had to go to the Strata Relay node on Earth, which was renamed Strata Relay Under Attack! The Concourse of the Relay was flooded with Grineer soldiers, with a notable proportion of Scorches, Napalms, and Guardsmen. The Tenno had to defeat the Grineer attackers, with a meter in the HUD tracking the required Grineer kills as a percentage.

Sargas Ruk: "Cressa Tal! I gave you everything: a command, soldiers eager to kill and die. All the glory a leader could ever want! And instead, you chose to stand with rats."

Cressa Tal: "What makes you angrier, old man? That I had the guts to stand against the Grineer? Or that you didn't?"

Sargas Ruk: "You rejected your destiny! There is no other path. Only failure and death."

After enough Grineer had been killed, Sargus Ruk himself appeared in the Relay, and had to be defeated. The Grineer soldiers continued to spawn in throughout the battle.

(upon arriving to the fight) Sargas Ruk: "It is all going to burn, Cressa. First, the Relay. Then, Steel Meridian. Then, you."

(throughout the fight, variant) Sargas Ruk: "Gene traitors colluding with Tenno skoom! Utterly predictable."

(throughout the fight, variant) Sargas Ruk: "Rat! I will boil your metal flesh til you become a puddle of molten agony."

(throughout the fight, variant) Sargas Ruk: "All your planning. All your work. Up in flames."

(upon defeat) Sargas Ruk: "Genetic rejects. Orokin freaks. Defeating me will not change who you are. Death is a figment. Only pain is real."

After defeating Sargas Ruk, the mission will end, and the Tenno will receive an inbox message from Cressa Tal, with the Athari Liset skin included.

Inbox message:
Our New Relay Is Complete

Cressa Tal (video message): "I always knew it was only a matter of time before Ruk came for us. I can't lie; without you, Tenno, we'd all be dead. Let this Relay stand as a memorial to our friendship."

Please take this gift as a token of our everlasting thanks.

—Cressa Tal of Steel Meridian

Afterwards, the Strata Relay would be accessible, with all services online, including the Syndicates, Cephalon Simaris' Sanctuary, and Darvo's shop.


Rewards were given out during the progression of the event. Tenno who completed the four Relay reconstruction tasks received an Ember Reprise noggle, a Pistol Riven mod, and a Zylok, with a weapon slot and installed Orokin Catalyst. Tenno who defeated Sargas Ruk also received an Athari Liset skin. Pyrus Essence, Trembera Essence, and Relay Strut Components remained in the inventory and could be sold for credits. After the event, the Strata Relay was open to all Tenno.

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