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The radio scanner in the Landing Craft picks up signals from across the System and plays them for the Tenno.

Rail Control: "Incoming punch. [pause] All ships maintain holding pattern."

Rail Control: "Galleon C-TOK-TOK [C22], prepare for boarding inspection."

Rail Control: "UK-CHEE-KEE-CHEE-KEE, hold position; you do not have authorisation."

Rail Control: "Attention all ships, uhh, detecting echoes. Stay alert, could be caused by Tenno Void masks."

Rail Control: "Tenno ship detected. Ready flak cannons. Shuk! Ramn! …Lost it."

Rail Control: "KEE-TOK-KEE, enter the queue, stand by for punch. [pause] KEE-TOK-KEE, Mercury Rail is ready to receive. Proceed. Glory to our Queens."

Rail Control: "All ships hold, arrivals punching through. [pause] Rail charging, continue to hold. Rail over capacity, please divert into holding pattern."

Rail Control: "Brinrik TWELK [12] Transport, broadcast your passage visa now. [pause] Passage visa accepted. Brinrik TWELK, you're free to go. Hail to the Queens."

Rail Control: "Transport SHUX-CHEE-UK [631], dock for inspection. [pause] Accepting Rail arrivals now. Welcome back, Captain. Proceed to dock for customs and inspection. [pause] Next in queue. Power. Punch."

Rail Control: "Fin-Karrnt UK-TOK [12] Corvette, transmit your travel pass immediately. [pause] My apologies Councillor, uhh, Fin-Karrnt UK-TOK Corvette, you may proceed freely. Glory to the Queens."

Rail Control: "Corpus Transport EHUGHT-CHEE-EHUGHT-CHEE [8383], stand by for Infestation scan. [pause] Corpus Transport EHUGHT-CHEE-EHUGHT-CHEE, scans indicate Infestation. Code Yellow. Prepare your organic crewman for decontamination."

Rail Control: "All units alert, Status Yellow. All scanners, full power, now. [pause] Tenno unmasking, ready flak. Wait, cease fire, CEASE FIRE! That peh-tuk is already close to the Rail. Hold fire! Ramn! Gone."

Rail Control: "UK-FORR-UK [141], please advise, detecting Void mask echoes. Tenno ships converging on your signal. [pause] UK-FORR-UK, we are still seeing Void echoes, announce Tenno contact immediately. [pause] UK-FORR-UK, come in. …UK-FORR-UK, respond."

Rail Control: "EHUGHT-NHUNE-EHUGHT [898], drop bearing 7.3, reduce speed. [pause] EHUGHT-NHUNE-EHUGHT, you have taken severe hull damage to your ship. Do you have casualties to declare? [pause] EHUGHT-NHUNE-EHUGHT, understood. Stand by for troop replenishment. Sending repair drones now. For the glory of the Queens."

Rail Control: "Galleon Mark FHUVE [5], prepare for jump. [pause] Galleon Mark FHUVE, hold position. Detecting anomalies. M-FHUVE-FHUVE [M55], do you detect similar? [pause] Galleon Mark FHUVE… Ramn. Tenno ship detected. Attack! They're gone. Ramn, vek."

Rail Control: "Attention FHUVE-CHEE-FORR-CHEE-SHUX [53436], your transport manifest does not indicate additional lifeforms, do you have anything else to declare? [pause] FHUVE-CHEE-FORR-CHEE-SHUX, are you aware of the punishment for false declarations? [pause] FHUVE-CHEE-FORR-CHEE-SHUX, do you copy? FHUVE-CHEE! Kratstak! We've got a runner! Enforcement drones, deploy. Target vessel FHUVE-CHEE-FORR-CHEE. [pause] Suspected smuggler FHUVE-CHEE-FORR-CHEE eliminated. Glory to the Queens."

Rail Control: "Uhh, attention Enforcement Squad Six Leader, board and search the incoming transport. Illegal foodstuffs suspected. If found, execute the standard punishments, copy?"
Enforcement Leader: "Aye-aye, for the Queens."

Enforcement Leader: "Uhh, this is, uhh, this is irregular. Orders? From who!? Let me see your authorisation! Uhhh… alright… Yeah, I need to call this one in. Control, confirm order designation, uhh, SHUX-EHUGHT-EHUGHT [688]."
Rail Control: "Authorisation confirmed. Stand down, Enforcement Leader."

Enforcement Leader: "Uhh… Control, UK-SHUX-CHEE-EHUGHT-CHEE [16383] checks out. Yeah, clear for punch."

Enforcement Leader: "Is this your entire cargo? Wai— what's that? Do you have a passage visa for this, uhh, Forma? …Uh-huh, very well. For the Queens."

Enforcement Leader: "Hmm… manifest, check. Passage visa, check. Hull integrity, heh, check. Tenno energy residue, hmm… negligible. Yeah, you're authorised for punch, Captain."

Enforcement Leader: "You, show me your passage visa. Next! You. Visa. Now. …Huh, what's this? Visa expired? Take him! Control, prepare another confinement transport. Listen! Ignorance is no excuse for an expired document! Next!"

Enforcement Leader: "Huh, next… next! Yeah, you! Mm-hmm, c'mere. Passage visa? Uhh, yeah. Next… next! Passage visa? Fuuh… how many more…? [heavy breathing] Really? Ramn. Next!"

Enforcement Leader: "Uhh, we're entering the unresponsive vessel. Hmmuhh, no signs of Infestation so far. [pause] Ramn, there are casualties. Mm-hmm, everywhere. [pause] It looks like, uhh, blade weapons. Yeah. Ramn, peh-tuk! Uh-huh, Tenno skoom! Yeah, they're all dead. Mark this ship for repopulation."

Enforcement Leader: "Show me your ID cards now! You! Where's your ramn!? Get on the ground! You! C'mere! That better not be a Red Veil badge. Grab him. Search those crates! Duhh… Rail Leader, requesting ship lockdown. Perform deep scan for Tenno and Tenno sympathisers. You! I'm placing you in custody!"

Enforcement Leader: "Uhh, Captain, do you know if any Tenno have been on this ship? There's, uhh, energy residue everywhere. Yeah, yeah, scan your system; look for, uh, signs of intrusion. [pause] Yeah, you understand, uhh, this is gonna need to be reported to, uhh, High Command. Uh-huh. Yeah, well, this is, uhh, very serious. Vor will want to know."

Grineer Propagandist: "The Tenno capture warrant has been upgraded. All Tenno are to be exterminated."

Grineer Propagandist: "The Tenno awakening must not interfere with Grineer liberation of the System."

Grineer Propagandist: "Tenno sightings near Mars have been confirmed. Lancer battalions are now being mobilised to the area."

Grineer Propagandist: "The Tenno threat is always present. Eternal alertness is the duty of every Grineer."

Grineer Propagandist: "Our agreements with the Corpus only go so far. The aggressive actions by Alad V will not be tolerated."

Grineer Propagandist: "Councilor Vay Hek has passed his Fomorian initiative. These ships will help ensure Grineer power remains unchallenged."

Grineer Propagandist: "A warrant has been issued for the rogue Corpus smuggler known only as Darvo. This individual is thought to be behind a rash of thefts and hijackings."

Grineer Propagandist: "By order of the Queens, Admiral Vor will lead the Tenno execution program. Vor has vowed to destroy the Tenno before they awake."

Grineer Propagandist: "The Corpus have finally agreed to our demands. The Grineer will now have access to technologies that further our fight in the Outer Sectors."

Grineer Propagandist: "Due to his formidable performance crushing the insubordination of Saturn, Sargas Ruk has been promoted to the rank of General."

Grineer Propagandist: "Today the mining colonies of Saturn welcomed Grineer troops as liberators. Rebel leaders were executed to launch public celebrations of this momentous occasion."

Grineer Propagandist: "Grineer forces in the Outer Terminus have become increasingly distracted by encounters with the Tenno peh-tuk. Councillor Vay Hek's Fomorian ship initiative is sure to restore order to the area."

Merchant Captain: "Rail Control, this is merchant transport 3398 reporting for passage. [pause] Rail Control, I don't see why boarding would be necessary. Perhaps if I sent over a sample container of my wares, you could inspect that? I mean, you wouldn't even need to send it back? [pause] Okay, okay. How about I send over… five containers for… uhm, inspection? [pause] Ah. A pleasure doing business with you, Rail Control!"

Squad Leader: "Command, we've breached the ship. What is crawling all over the walls and floors? Disgusting! Looks like it's… alive? [pause] No command, no sign of any personnel. Requesting orders. How do we proceed? Hold on a second… I think I heard something." [infested scream and several gunshots, then silence]

Grustrag Transport Captain: "Command, this is Grustrag Transport UK-TOK [12], standby for delivery of cargo. Docking now. Oh, and if you know what's good for you, you'll appear in full security detail in receiving. [pause][sigh] Can't wait for these monsters to be your problem, and not mine."

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