A Man of Few Words

Darvo needs your help again. Save one of his best contractors from Grineer execution.

Starting the quest

The quest can be activated by speaking to Darvo in any Relay. When the quest was first released in Hotfix 17.4.3, the Tenno received an inbox message from Darvo.

Come See Me


There’s something I need to ask you… in person. Come see me on a Relay and we’ll talk.


Tenno who begin this quest after the hotfix no longer receive this message, but can still receive the quest by visiting Darvo in the Relay.

(upon entering shop) Darvo: “Ah, Tenno, you got my message?”

(when greeted) Darvo: “So, Tenno, you up for a little job on the side?”

Tenno: “What kind of job?” 

Darvo: “The Grineer have gone too far. They’re about to execute one of my most trusted contractors.”

At this point, the Tenno can leave the Relay and return to their Orbiter. Upon doing so, the quest can be activated in the Codex.

First Mission: Rescue the Contractor (Stephano, Uranus)

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The mission is a standard Rescue operation taking place on the Grineer Sealab tileset, with Drekar Grineer enemies. For all missions during the quest, Darvo acts as mission control, similar to the special alerts A Favour for Darvo and Ties That Bind.

Darvo: “These clods are holding my contractor somewhere in this complex. Please find him.”

Darvo: “Every so often they mess up and make a Grineer who doesn’t bow down to the Queens. My contractor is such a Grineer… so be careful not to shoot him in the face when you see him. Okay?”

When the Tenno arrives at the holding area, a 2:30 timer will start counting down, regardless of alarm status. The holding area will be filled with a large squad of Grineer, led by Leekter of the Grustrag Three, who will address the Tenno with his usual taunts.

(upon entering the holding area) Darvo: “Get to him quick, before they do their worst.”

The hostage is revealed to be a short Grineer Lancer named Clem, wearing an Udyat syandana. He will act like a standard Rescue target.

Clem: “Clem!”

Darvo: “Follow the Tenno, Clem; they’re friends.”

Clem: “Mmhmm, clem.”

As in a normal Rescue mission, the Tenno needs to reach extraction with Clem still alive.

Clem: “Grakata, Grakata??”

Darvo: “No… no, Clem… no, they don’t have your Grakatas. Just… just follow the Tenno. Okay?”

Clem: “Grakata….”

(if Clem is downed) Clem: “Clem, clem, clem!”

(upon mission complete) Darvo: “Clem says thank you for busting him out. Good work.”

[on board Orbiter]

Darvo: “You did it. You got Clem. He’s a special guy, you know. Little weird, but a hell of a fighter. And that’s the thing – he still needs your help to retrieve his custom weapons.”

Second Mission: Retrieve Clem’s Grakatas (Caliban, Uranus)

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The mission takes place on the Grineer Sealab tileset, with Drekar Grineer enemies. Clem accompanies the Tenno as an ally.

Darvo: “Clem needs to get back into fighting shape. Find his missing weapons.”

Unlike the previous mission, Clem is now armed with a Latron and no longer has shields; however, the Tenno is not responsible for his health, and if he goes down he will revive himself without affecting the mission.

Darvo: “Poor Clem. He’s utterly useless without his custom Grakatas… but with them? Well, you’ll see.”

Eventually the Tenno will find Clem’s custom Twin Grakatas in a barracks room. Clem will immediately equip them once the Tenno picks them up.

Clem: “Ch-chk. Clem. Grakata.”

Darvo: “Are you sure, Clem?”

Clem: “Clem.”

Darvo: “Tenno, Clem wants you guys to go after the Grineer that stole his Grakatas. I’m just going to assume you’re up for that. Check your map.”

The Tenno will be directed to an open tile where Vem Tabook of the Grustrag Three will be waiting with a squad of Grineer. The Tenno must kill him.

(upon killing Vem Tabook) Darvo: “Don’t think he’ll be messing with you again. Come on home.”

[on board Orbiter]

Darvo: “Clem has his Grakatas; now it’s time to get down to business and liberate that artefact. If you help Clem, we can all share in the spoils.”

Third Mission: Help Darvo get the relic (Puck, Uranus)

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The mission is a 10-minute Survival on the Grineer Sealab, with Drekar Grineer enemies. Clem once again accompanies the Tenno, now armed with his Twin Grakatas.

(upon mission start) Darvo: “This is it, the merchandise acquisition mission. You and Clem cause a ruckus while my other operative steals the artefact. Let ’em know you’re here.”

(upon hacking the console) Darvo: “They cut off life support. You gonna let them intimidate you like that?”

(upon killing enemies) Darvo: “Hey, look, these guys are dropping life support modules all over the place! That’s convenient.”

(when a capsule is marked for arrival, variant) “Capsule incoming.”

(when a capsule is marked for arrival, variant) “Deal time! You interested in some half-price life support?? Hehe, just kidding. Here comes another.”

(when a capsule is marked for arrival, variant) “Hey, dropping another capsule.”

(when a capsule has arrived, variant) “Capsule ready.”

(when a capsule has arrived, variant) “Hey, don’t forget about this capsule.”

(when a capsule has arrived, variant) “There it is.”

(when life support reaches 40%) Darvo: “You should think about finding a capsule.”

(when life support reaches 40%) Darvo: “It’s getting stuffy down there, Tenno. Turn on some life support.”

(when a capsule is activated, variant) “Breathe easy, Tenno.”

(when a capsule is activated, variant) “Smells better already.”

(when a capsule is activated, variant) “That’s better.”

Partway through the mission, Shik Tal, the leader and remaining member of the Grustrag Three, will show up. The Tenno must kill him.

(after 10 minutes) Darvo: “We got the artefact! The Potent Orokin Technical Augmentation and Tactical Offensive device. Haha! It’s super hard to say. POTATO.”

Clem: “Hm, clem.”

Darvo: “We got what we need, so let’s head home.”

(upon mission complete) Darvo: “You did it. I knew you could handle this.”

[on board Orbiter]

The mission rewards a consumable Clem Clone blueprint. The Tenno will have an inbox message from Darvo waiting for them.

Come See Me Again

That was fantastic, Tenno. You really came through for Clem and I. Come see us in the Relay, so we can thank you in person.


The Tenno must once again visit Darvo to complete the quest.

(when entering shop) Darvo: “Ah. Here’s the hero!”

Clem: “Clem!”

(when greeted) Darvo: “Clem is very glad you saved him from certain death.”

Clem: “Clem. Grakata.”

Darvo: “Oh, oh yeah, and that you got his Grakatas back, too.”

Clem: “Clem.”

Darvo: “And I’m happy to have this fancy Orokin relic. Here’s a little something as a symbol of our appreciation.”

The quest is now complete, and awards a built Exilus Adapter.

(as the Tenno leaves) Darvo: “Thanks again, Tenno. Don’t be a stranger.”

Clem: “Clem.”

After completing the quest, a weekly alert will be unlocked in which the Tenno helps Clem in a 10-minute Survival identical to the last mission from the quest (complete with Darvo as mission control). The enemy faction is random, and the mission will include a field boss fight against Shik Tal, the Lynx, or the Juggernaut, depending on enemy faction. The alert awards a Clem clone blueprint and can be completed once per week.

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