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27 November 2013 – 29 November 2013

A Favour for Darvo was a special alert that was available at the end of November 2013.


In September, Darvo issued a series of day-long Darvo Deals. At the time, Darvo was not a constant fixture to the Tenno, as the Relays where he sets up shop had not been built yet. Accordingly, Darvo Deals tended to be notable and rare.

19 September:

Hey, Tenno – you interested in a deal? I've got a few you can't refuse. I have recently come into possession of some valuable wares, fit for Tenno. Certain 'unfriendly individuals' would dearly like to have it back, so I must liberate stock quickly. I believe we can both benefit from my predicament.

Today I can offer you a Stealth Pack at 25% less than my competitors – the best gear for eliminating your enemies silently. It includes the PARIS compound hunting bow, lethal KUNAI throwing daggers and the deadly multi-bladed GLAIVE.

I will have more items available in the coming days. Be sure to check back often; I can only offer them for a limited time.


20 September:

Tenno… if you missed my deal yesterday, don't worry about it. Here's a new one that may pique your interest. Want to enter the most sought-after place this side of the solar system? Here's your chance.

I have an abundance of Void Keys I need to unload fast, so they're 25% less than what my competitors offer. Five Void Keys – including one guaranteed Rare Key – will grant you access to secret missions outside the realms of normal space. Here you'll be able to run missions and find the rarest, most amazing materials and blueprints known to Tenno.

I can't hold on to this valuable cargo for long, so this deal is only available for a limited time. Chop, chop, Tenno.


21 September:

So, I have a situation where I have access to a large stock of warframes. Don't worry, totally legitimate sources.

I've heard my competitors are planning on offering a new Ultimate Warframe pack. I'm willing to offer you this pack before they even release it AND at a 25% discount from their proposed price. How about Mag, Nova, Frost, Rhino, Trinity, Ember, Ash, Excalibur, Banshee, Loki, Saryn, Nyx, Volt and Vauban? Sound good? Fourteen warframes in all. This should surely keep you fighting for some time.

My competitors are starting to catch on to my trade business and don't appreciate my deals as much as you do. So get this deal in the Market before it's too late.


25 September:

I have a very rare opportunity for you Tenno. Perhaps you have heard of Dread, Despair and Hate? You know, the signature stealth weapons of a certain elusive assassin? An assassin whose attentions may now be turned my way. My competitors I can handle, but this guy… this guy is serious. I would rather not find out how effective these weapons are first-hand.

You can have the pack at 25% off. I really need to get rid of this stock. Then I need to do my own disappearing act and put Darvo's Deals on hiatus. You understand, right?

It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Tenno. See you when I see you, if I see you.


After this latest Darvo Deal, where he sold the Stalker's weaponry, Darvo disappeared for some time, briefly surfacing a couple weeks later.

15 November:

Vaults are good hiding spots. They're hard to find and even harder to get into. Believe me, I know – it's the reason I still have all my fingers.

Tenno, what if I told you I've been able to collect a wide assortment of vault keys? Dangerous vaults, too hairy for a simple merchant like myself. But someone of your talents? You might appreciate what's inside.

See… I'm reopening my business, but before I can show my face again, I need to pay off some old debts. You understand, right? You won't find my Vault Pack anywhere else, and the price is crazy low. What do you say, for old times' sake?



On Wednesday (27 November 2013), the Tenno received an inbox message from Darvo.

Inbox message:
Just a Small Favour?

My friends,

I have a small favour to ask of you. No, no, favour is the wrong word. You don't get paid for favours, but for this I can pay you. Not in advance, of course, but when you are done there will be plenty to go around. Hell, once this is done, I'll be able to offer you my deals again.

Let me get to the point. There's a ship. A ship I own but am not currently in possession of. All you need to do is sneak onto this ship and take care of something for me. Nothing major. I know you can handle the work. I'll explain when you're on board.

What do you say, will you help your old friend Darvo out?

Oh and by the way, I'd appreciate it if you keep this between you and me. There is no reason for the Lotus to know about this little arrangement.


An alert was available on the Starchart, with the description: "After provoking the wrong people, the independent 'merchant' Darvo had to go into hiding. Now he needs your help so that he can get his business back on track."


The alert was a Mobile Defence mission on Janus, Saturn, using the Corpus Ship tileset, with normal Corpus enemies. There were three Mobile Defence terminals. Unlike most missions, Darvo himself serves as the mission control, instead of Ordis or the Lotus.

Darvo: "Here we go. Are you ready? I'm ready. Take that datamass and drop it into the system. I'll be able to hack into the ship remotely once you do. Should be easy. You'll find what I need in no time."

Darvo: "Just so you know, I'm a bit new to this whole guide thing, so it's not going to be like the Lotus. Don't worry; everything will be just fine."

(when nearing the first terminal) Darvo: "I think you're near a terminal. Yes, yes you are. Drop me in and I'll get to work."

Darvo: "You're close; drop me in."

(halfway through the first hack) Darvo: "Just making a few more adjustments. Nothing strange going on down there? Just Corpus defences? Nothing… else?"

(after hacking the first terminal) Darvo: "That's it. Hmm… I didn't find what I needed. Go to the next terminal. It should be there. I think."

(halfway through the second hack) Darvo: "Did you hear something strange? No? Okay, I'll keep going. Nearly done."

(after hacking the second terminal) Darvo: "I'm really sorry about this, Tenno, but you need to go to the third terminal. I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for here."

(when nearing the third terminal) Darvo: "Here we are. The last one. I'm going to try one more thing to see if I can't lure… I mean, find… the target."

Halfway through defending the last terminal, the Stalker appeared. The Tenno had to defeat the Stalker while still protecting the terminal.

(when the Stalker appears) Darvo: "There you are. Thought you could hunt me? Well, look who I brought: the Tenno."

(upon the Stalker being defeated) Darvo: "You did it! You took care of my problem. That freak's been tailing me for months. That's a load off my back. I'm so relieved."

(if the mission fails, variant) Darvo: "Well that didn't work out as planned. Looks like I'm gonna need to find some more Tenno."

(if the mission fails, variant) Darvo: "That's not good for business. That's not good for anyone."

(after the third terminal is complete) Darvo: "Go on, get to extraction."

After that the mission proceeded as usual towards extraction, and the Tenno was rewarded with a built Forma. Once the mission was completed, it could not be run again.


On Friday (29 November), after the Alert expired, the Tenno received an inbox message from Darvo informing them of a new Darvo Deal.

Inbox message:
Darvo's Deals Are Back!


You did it, you got that freak off my back. Well, some of you did and some of you didn't quite make it, but I won't hold that against any of you. What matters is I can now come out of hiding, and that means more deals for everyone.

To celebrate this occasion, I have put together the Super Charge Pack. It is everything you need to take your warframe to the next level, including boosters, an Orokin Reactor and Catalyst, Forma, and even extra warframe and weapon slots. Because there is no longer a price on my head, you all get half price on this deal. That's right, 50% off this amazing pack.

I'm not done yet, either. Keep an eye out for more deals over the next couple of days.


The next day, Darvo had another deal in the Market.

Inbox message:
Let Me Make It Up to You


I am hearing a very troubling rumour. Apparently, some of you feel that I took advantage of the Tenno. That I should have warned you I was luring a very dangerous assassin to your location so that you could kill him for me. But, friends, had I warned you, you may not have helped, and where would that leave me? You want me back in business, don't you?

Look, let me make it up to you. Courtesy of your hard work, I have a very special bundle for you. A Nekros warframe, the Carrier sentinel, a Soma rifle, and the ever-deadly Ether Reaper. All at half the usual market prices. Come on, Tenno, tell me a deal like that isn't worth a little risk?


After that, there was a final deal in the Market.

Inbox message:
One More Deal


I have one more deal for you. What do you think of a pack containing the Dread bow, Despair throwing blades and a Hate scythe? The Tenno who helped me out will know firsthand just how destructive these weapons can be. Last time I offered this pack, I got myself into a little bit of hot water. Now, thanks to your efforts, the pressure is off, and this time I can offer this deal at half price.

As for me, I am running out of stock, but I have a hot tip on some new product. Don't worry though, Tenno, I have learned my lesson. Everything will be aboveboard from now on. Trust me.

So long for now,

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