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06 February 2014 – 11 February 2014

Ties That Bind was a special alert that was available during February 2014.

Starting the mission

On Thursday (06 February 2014), the alert became available and was present for a week. The Tenno received an inbox message from Darvo.

Inbox message:
Ties That Bind


It seems I am again in a bit of trouble. Wait, before you go jumping to conclusions, I swear, this time it is not my fault. I used to belong to this organisation. The problem is this organisation has refused to accept my resignation. I guess certain people cannot live without my skills. This is understandable, as I am very good at what I do. I just prefer to work without a plasma turret pointed at my head. I am sure you understand.

Now, I know what you are thinking. The last time you helped me, you got a little more than you bargained for. Things worked out in the end, though, right? Help me again and I will make it worth your while. Trust me.



The alert was a Rescue mission on Rhea, Saturn, using the Corpus Ship tileset, with normal Corpus enemies. Unlike most missions, Darvo himself serves as the mission control, instead of Ordis or the Lotus.

Darvo: “Tenno, you made it! I’m on the other side of the complex. They have these new prototypes, but don’t you worry. I shut them down remotely. You’ll just have to deal with the regular security.”

Darvo: “You know, some people just can’t take no for an answer. I just want to do my own thing. The family business is well and good, but not for me. You know?”

Frohd Bek: “You belong here, Darvo. There is no other option.”

Darvo: “Nothing personal, father, it never has been. I only work for myself. I make my own profits. You of all people should understand this.”

Frohd Bek: “You! You have no place here, Tenno! Darvo, is this your doing?”

Darvo: “Let me tell you, Tenno, it’s a good thing I was able to shut down the new Hyena models. This year’s version is really nasty business. Faster, meaner, deadlier than before. An excellent product, really.”

Darvo: “Oh… wait, wait… my codes, my codes! They have been overridden.”

Frohd Bek: “This is a family matter, Tenno. You will not interfere.”

Darvo: “So Tenno, looks like those new Hyena models are back online.”

Darvo: “Forget everything I said before, this is nothing you can’t handle, right? Right…?”

The Tenno came across the Hyena NG and Hyena Th and had to kill both before continuing.

Darvo: “You did it. I knew you could handle those Hyenas. Now, come get me.”

Soon afterwards the cell block was found, with Darvo in one of the cells.

Darvo: “I’m in one of these cells. Hurry up; I can’t wait to get out of here.”

(upon being rescued) Darvo: “Let’s get to extraction, and fast, before he sends in reinforcements. My father is scary when he gets angry.”

Frohd Bek: “Darvo, you disappoint me yet again.”

Darvo: “Damn it, father, I am almost 105 years old. I make my own choices.”

Frohd Bek: “Nobody chooses to turn down a seat on the Board. You were groomed from a young age. Sacrifices were made in your name, and this is how you repay your debt?”

Darvo: “Ugh… I am really sorry you had to witness this, Tenno.”

Frohd Bek: “Darvo, we are backed into a corner. Project Tethra will be the death blow! You are needed here. What have these Betrayers ever done for you?”

Darvo: “They’re not Betrayers… Tenno, this is really embarrassing.”

Frohd Bek: “I will not forget your transgressions here today, Tenno.”

After that the mission proceeded as usual towards extraction, and the Tenno was rewarded with a built Forma. Once the mission was completed, it could not be run again.

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