Hyena Pack Dialogue

Hyena Pack mission diorama

The Hyenas are a group of quadrupedal Corpus proxies found at Psamathe on Neptune. Their teamwork and extreme agility make them a concerning threat.

Target background

Lotus: "Recent innovations in Corpus robotics have led to a surge in production. Their newest animal-like proxy is an unrelenting hunter. Codenamed 'Hyena', this robot is designed to work in packs."

Lotus: "Our operatives have identified at least four different variations of the Hyena model, each with a different specialisation and arsenal of attacks."

Lotus: "Use caution; the Hyena Pack will work together to try and take you down."

Mission taunts

Hyena NG: "The Pack is watching you."

Hyena NG: "The Pack can smell you."

Hyena NG: "The Pack grows excited. We have been waiting for this."

Battle taunts

Hyena NG: "The Pack calls for your death."

Hyena NG: "The Pack says: 'Kill them off one by one.'"

Hyena NG: "The Pack says: 'Kill the weakest one first.'"

Hyena NG: "The Pack sings when you die."

Hyena NG: "The Pack is designed to enjoy this. It is in its circuits."

Hyena NG: "Our circuits are happiest when inflicting pain."

(if a Hyena is killed, variant) Hyena NG: "Hyena down: the Pack will intensify the hunt."

(if a Hyena is killed, variant) Hyena NG: "Hyena disabled: the Pack grows weak."

(if a Hyena is killed, variant) Hyena NG: "Hyena destroyed: our circuits demand revenge."

There are four Hyenas in the Pack on Neptune: Hyena NG, with fiery and explosive attacks; Hyena LN2, with icy and cold attacks; Hyena Th, with electric and magnetic attacks; and Hyena Pb, with heavy firepower. In addition, a Hyena Hg, nicknamed "Azoth", can be found as a broker in the Index, and the Orb Vallis is home to four additional variants of Hyenas that can spawn at high alert levels: Cinderthresh, Gyre, Icemire, and Rabbleback, Hyenas. These Vallis variants are visibly different, with additional modular dorsal components that differentiate them from one another.

The Assassination mission on Psamathe originally targeted a singular Hyena with no elemental abilities. However, with the release of Update 12 and the Ties That Bind special alert, the Hyena became the Hyena Pack. Ties That Bind had the Tenno fight against a Hyena NG and Hyena Th in order to save Darvo. The Hyena NG would resurface in the Hyena Facility Tactical Alert. The Divine Will Tactical Alert and subsequent Razorback Armadas feature numerous Hyena NG and Hyena LN2 proxies.

The Hyena NG appears to be the dominant model, as it speaks all lines that the Hyena Pack says.

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