Hyena Facility

22 August 2014 – 24 August 2014

The Tactical Alert system debuted in Update 14.2.4 with the release of the Hyena Facility Tactical Alert. This was a new mission node on Jupiter that appeared on 22 August 2014 (Friday) and lasted until 24 August (Sunday).


On Friday (22 August 2014), the alert became available and was present for the weekend. The Tenno received an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Tactical Alert: Hyena Facility


Frohd Bek continues to pursue his advanced Hyena program. We have just learned that a massive order of the elemental Fire Hyena model has just finished production. You must enter this facility and destroy these machines before they can be sent into the front lines.

Take note: this is not another straightforward extermination. This facility is equipped with a new kind of sensor, capable of detecting large signatures of Void energy generated by more advanced warframes. At any sign of a threat, the entire facility will be evacuated. To escape detection, equip low-powered frames and weapons.

I am counting on you, Tenno.

—The Lotus

In order to begin the mission, the Tenno's loadout needed to have a Conclave rating of 700 or less.

The mission was an Exterminate mission against normal Corpus enemies on a Corpus Ship tileset, but there were large numbers of Hyena NG units among the enemies. Points were earned by killing the Hyena units. Tenno could repeat the mission as many times as they liked, accumulating points until they reached 100, at which point they received an inbox message from the Lotus containing a 3-day credit booster.

Inbox message:

Well done, Tenno.

The Corpus will not easily recover from this loss. The cost of these machines should set them back significantly. However, I fear we may have infuriated Frohd Bek. This will have unforeseen consequences in the future.

—The Lotus

After this, the mission would change to be more difficult, with the Conclave limit lowered to 500. The mission could be replayed more until the Tenno accumulated 200 points (counting the points collected before, only 100 more points needed to be gathered in the second phase). After the Tenno had collected 200 points, they would receive another inbox message from the Lotus, this time with a Stratos Emblem.

Inbox message:
Mission Accomplished

You went above the call of duty today, Tenno. The skill you displayed will inspire your fellow warriors. Wear this, so that they will know what has been achieved here today.

—The Lotus

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