Lephantis Dialogue

The Orokin derelicts were once gleaming, golden examples of Orokin majesty. But in the wake of the Collapse, they fell to the Technocyte plague, and after centuries of decay, they drift, forgotten. In that time, the Infestation within has grown ever stronger, without interference from outside forces. The culmination of that growth is the creature known as Lephantis, a massive, three-headed monstrosity with all the offensive capabilities the Infestation has to bear, covered with an impenetrable outer hide.

Target background

Lotus: "It was difficult to locate the source vector of this sector's Infestation, but you are finally here."

Lotus: "Deep within this millennia-old Orokin-turned-Infested ship lurks a creature created to fight in the Old War. Make your way to its location and dispatch this monster."

Lotus: "Be wary. The creature has grown unfathomably strong through centuries of absorbing matter and self-replication."

Mission taunts

Like other Infested entities such as Phorid and Helminth, Lephantis communicates with low rumbles and groans whose meaning is telepathically conferred to the Tenno.

("Unburden yourself from this mortal coil, [name]. Join us.")

("Why do you destroy us? We are your flesh.")

("We were countless. Consume us. Be reborn.")

("We embrace you. Why do you defile us?")

The Hemocyte that spawns during Operation: Plague Star is a differently coloured version of Lephantis.

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