Derelict fragments

Orokin Derelict

Even the most culturally and technologically advanced civilisation in history could not contain the menace of the Infestation. After an unknown cataclysmic event propelled them from the Void, Orokin vessels were left adrift, becoming uninhabited and overgrown. The tireless force of probing Infested tendrils penetrate and dislodge the once majestic and opulent halls of these Orokin vessels.

The Collapse

On the heels of the Tenno’s victory against the Sentients, the end of the Old War, the golden structures of the Orokin civilisation collapsed. The absolute cause of this ruination is unknown, but speculation has pointed to natural disaster, political uprising and universal warfare as possible agents of cataclysm. Archived details for this event have never been recovered.


Functioning agents of the Infestation appear in a variety of horrific forms. While some Infested organisms take the relative shape and physical properties of a newly acquired host, older entities have taken unique and transformative shapes of their own, adapting to their environment over time, and absorbing new victims to feed their evolution.

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