J-3 Golem Dialogue (Outdated)

Before the Hunt for Alad V, Jupiter was overrun with the Infestation. The leader of the Technocyte in this sector was an ancient specimen known as the J-3 Golem. The dialogue for the Assassination mission is reproduced below.

Note: this information is of dubious canonicity and may no longer apply as far as lore is concerned. J-3 Golem has not been in the game since Update 11. Some of the target background and all of the Golem's dialogue lines were used for Lephantis (who was released in Update 10 and thus briefly coexisted with the Golem). Lephantis appears to have taken the role of the J-3 Golem, while the Jordas Golem (created from the cephalon of a 3rd-class Corpus frigate) appears to have borrowed the name in Update 17.5.

Target background

Lotus: "We have traced every Infestation attack in the Jupiter sector back to this location. You are here to stop those attacks at their source."

Lotus: "Reports of Infestation attacks on our vessels in this sector have increased exponentially. We believe this millennia-old Orokin-turned-Infested ship to be responsible."

Lotus: "Deep within lurks a creature created by the Orokin to battle the Sentients during the Old War. Make your way to its location and dispatch this monster."

Lotus: "The creature classified as the J-3 Golem has made this base its den. Find the Golem, and destroy it."

Lotus: "Be wary. The creature has grown unfathomably strong through centuries of absorbing matter and self-replication."

Lotus: "The creature has mutated beyond the strength of a typical Infested. Do not let your guard down."

Mission taunts

("Unburden yourself from this mortal coil, [name]. Join us.")

("Why do you destroy us? We are your flesh.")

("We were countless. Consume us. Be reborn.")

("We embrace you. Why do you defile us?")

(mission complete) Lotus: "That Golem was the most complex species of Infested we've encountered. Their ability to overtake multiple species is growing."

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