The Jordas Precept

Ordis is determined to help a fellow cephalon overcome a ship-wide Infestation.

Starting the quest

The quest is acquired by completing the Eris Junction on Pluto. Upon completing the Junction and unlocking Eris, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from a cephalon named Jordas.

Inbox message:
Calling all cephalons: PRECEPT 44


Please help me! Assemble this communication endpoint to establish contact.


This inbox message contains the Jordas Precept quest, which can be activated in the Codex.

(upon setting it as the active quest) Jordas: "Hello? Is this real? Did someone get my message? I hope not."

Cephalon Jordas, like Ordis, is prone to lapses or glitches in speech, in which his voice acquires a subtle, strange modulation and (quite unlike Ordis) becomes rather toneless. These are represented throughout the transcript by italics.

Ordis: "I am Ordis, a fellow cephalon, and this is my brave and honourable operator. By the 44th Precept, we are ready to assist."

Jordas: "Yes! No. No, please, do not. Contacting you was a mistake. This Infestation is everywhere."

Ordis: "No trouble, Jordas. My operator is no stranger to—shredding flesh—eradicating Infestations."

Jordas: "The Golem is too strong… no chance! Wait. Maybe the Pherliac Pods? But where would you ever get those? This is hopeless, just go away…."

Ordis: "Cephalon? Jordas? Operator, he's gone. My precepts compel me to help this cephalon. Whatever these Pherliac Pods are, we need to get some—immediately—at your earliest convenience."

(if the Tenno already has Pherliac Pods) Ordis: "Operator. What luck! You already have Pherliac Pods."

Jordas: "Please, don't come. But if you do… I have a reward. Another warframe was defeated here. Some of its petrified parts may still remain. Destroy the Infestation, collect his parts, and perhaps make him whole again."

Ordis: "Jordas, my operator is kind and compassionate, not motivated by selfish rewards! By the 44th Precept, we will come for you!"

(variant) Jordas: "Shh… I can hear it. The Golem is restless, pacing. Do you think it knows what we are up to?"

(variant) Jordas: "My ship was a research vessel. We tested Pherliac Pods. Terrible things, excellent things…."

Pherliac Pods are obtained by killing Infested Juggernauts in any Infested territory. Each Juggernaut killed drops one of the four components (Pulsating Tubercles, Infected Palpators, Chitinous Husk, or Severed Bile Sac) and has a chance of dropping the blueprint. The blueprint requires one of each of the four components plus 7.500 credits to build, and takes 8 hours. The blueprint is non-reusable and makes 50 Pherliac Pods per build. If the Tenno does not have any Pherliac Pods built, they must seek out Juggernauts and collect the parts to build the pods. During this time, Ordis and Jordas will remind the Tenno each time they return to the ship. If the Tenno already has Pherliac Pods built, the dialogue skips ahead to when the Tenno claims them from the Foundry.

(variant) Jordas: "Jordas wonders, what is taking so long? Excuse me, take your time."

(variant) Jordas: "Have you assembled the pods yet? Just wondering. Maybe… don't."

(variant) Ordis: "Operator, you are still helping me rescue Jordas, correct? I must fulfill my 44th Precept, to help others like me in need."

(upon beginning Pherliac Pods in the Foundry) Ordis: "Hold tight, Jordas. My brave Operator is coming."

Jordas: "You should not come here. I look forward to… meeting your Operator!"

(upon claiming Pherliac Pods from the Foundry) Ordis: "The pods are ready. Tell us your location."

Jordas: "Really? No. They will need calibration. Any severe Infestation should be enough."

The Pherliac Pods must be equipped in the Tenno's Gear Wheel to begin the next mission.

Mission 1: Test the Pherliac Pods on Infested (Isos, Eris)

Infested Frigate Conclave map promo image

The mission is a standard Exterminate mission on the Infested Ship tileset.

Ordis: "Use this mission to calibrate your Pherliac Pods. Just… don't use them all."

Ordis: "Now would be a good time to try out those pods, Operator."

During the mission, the Tenno must deploy a Pherliac Pod using their Gear Wheel. The pod will sit on the ground for 10 seconds and attract the Infested to attack it, to the exclusion of all other behaviour (the pods can be used for this purpose outside the quest as well).

(upon deploying a Pherliac Pod) Jordas: "Dangerous, but beautiful. I can almost taste them. But the Golem needs something more potent. I have sent you a blueprint. Irradiating the pods will make something worth bringing here."

Ordis: "Oh, well, yes, I suppose this is something my operator can arrange—isn't it, Operator?"

Jordas: "Hurry!—No rush."

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "I would never abandon a fellow cephalon, but centuries adrift—have fried his—have not been kind. I suppose all cephalons degrade, don't they?"

The Tenno will have an inbox message from Cephalon Jordas containing a blueprint for Potent Pherliac Pods.

Inbox message:


How quickly can you make this happen?


The blueprint costs 7.500 credits and 8 hours to craft, and requires 1 Pherliac Pod and 3 argon crystal. The blueprint is not reusable.

(after claiming the built Potent Pherliac Pods) Ordis: "Cephalon, we have irradiated the Pherliac Pods. My Operator is ready to save you! Do you see how great the Operator is?

Jordas: "Yes. I cannot wait to meet this Operator! Bring them to Eris. Hurry.—Don't regret this."

The Potent Pherliac Pods must be equipped in the Gear Wheel to begin the next mission.

Mission 2: Assassinate the Golem (Naeglar, Eris)

Jordas Precept promo image

This mission takes place on the Infested Ship tileset, with standard Infested enemies. Although the Tenno is required to bring Potent Pherliac Pods, they are not needed at any point in the mission.

Jordas: "The Golem is stirring. It knows you are here. I can feel it wake. Find it."

Jordas (angrily): "The Pherliac Pods… is that it? I really thought you would have more. Have you been using them?"

Ordis: "What? No. A few, but you said—"

Jordas (angrily): "That is not enough for him! You are just like all the others. You won't kill the Golem. I don't want you to."

Ordis: "Jordas, calm yourself. Cephalon to cephalon, we are here to help."

Jordas (sporadically distorted): "I see what you're doing. You came for the parts. Just like the others. Greedy scavengers. You do not care about Jordas."

Ordis: "I am beginning to have—a terrible feeling—some doubts about this mission. What have I got you into?"

(when approaching objective) Jordas: "Feel that? The Golem, he's coming. Get into position."

The Tenno will enter a large room with a massive Infested mass in the centre. Approaching it will cause it to burst open, revealing a Juggernaut Behemoth – larger than a standard Juggernaut, with green markings. From this point forward, Cephalon Jordas will exhibit a second kind of vocal glitch, with a much raspier and guttural voice, which also causes his icon representation to shake during transmissions. These are represented throughout the transcript as bold italics.

Jordas: "The Golem is here. I am sorry, Operator... wonderful Pherliac."

Ordis: "Wait… this is a trap?"

Jordas: "I told you not to come… hmmm… pleased they did."

Ordis: "Jordas! What kind of cephalon are you?!"

Jordas: "You have no idea what I am. JOIN US, AND YOU WILL. I used to be such a nice cephalon."

(during fight) Jordas: "I am a cephalon. I serve my— I am their voice."

(during fight) Jordas: "I am a cephalon. I serve my— You are our voice."

(during fight) Jordas: "EMBRACE US. WE ARE YOUR FLESH."

(during fight) Jordas: "You cannot stop this. LET US IN."

(in the middle of the fight) Ordis: "Operator, hull integrity is failing! This is all my fault!"

(near end of fight) Ordis: "Operator, I am detecting a much larger Infested life form. MUCH larger…."

Jordas: "I regret to inform youthis is just the beginning."

After the Juggernaut Behemoth is dead, a short cutscene plays.

[The ship shudders and the Tenno is forced down onto their hands and knees. An explosion takes out the bulkhead and the Tenno is sucked out into space.]

Ordis: "Hull failing! To hell with Precept 44, get out of there!"

[The Landing Craft swoops in and heads straight for the floating Tenno while deploying the Archwing platform.]

Ordis: "Prepare for Archwing so you can—OBLITERATE THIS THING!"

[The Archwing seeks out the warframe and equips itself. The Tenno, now properly situated, watches as the Landing Craft flies out of the combat zone and re-engages its Void cloak. A roar then draws their attention to the true form of the massive Jordas Golem. It is a ship (or portion of a ship) fully taken over by the Technocyte, with several tentacles and limbs, each with their own attacks. As it pushes off from the spaceship wreckage around it, the cutscene ends.]

The Tenno must now kill the massive Jordas Golem. Both the Tenno and the Golem are contained within a large arena in Archwing free-space consisting of Corpus ship wreckage and Infested tendrils. Although the Tenno can easily leave the bounds of the arena, travelling too far outside will cause the mission to forfeit, like any other Archwing mission. The Golem has many devastating attacks, both long- and short-range, and the Tenno will also be swarmed continuously by Venin Mutalists. The Golem is completely impervious to damage except to the ship engines on its rear – the only part of it not covered in Infestation.

Jordas: "It is out now. I can't control it. I don't want to. Lost little things."

(variant) Ordis: "My analysis indicates its engines are vulnerable. Light it up! When convenient."

(variant) Ordis: "Its engines! Shoot out the engines!"

(variant) Ordis: "TENNO, RIP IT APART!"

During the fight, Jordas has many lines he will say randomly.

(variant) Jordas: "Tenno, it senses you are of like flesh. It is confused—why do you defile us?"

(variant) Jordas: "I never wanted this. I want to be somewhere else. TASTE SOMEONE ELSE."

(variant) Jordas: "Consume us. Be reborn."

(variant) Jordas: "Don't kill me. No, wait, please do."

(variant) Jordas: "Useless hollow shells."

(variant) Jordas: "It knows you are like that other warframe—we will quiet them too!"

(variant) Jordas: "I see it now, you are the same! They fear themselves."

(variant) Jordas: "Please, end this—we are endless."

(variant) Jordas: "Succumb to us…. No. Keep fighting."

(variant) Jordas: "Ordis, you came to save me…. Free me!"

(near end of fight) Jordas: "Ordis, you need to know… I lied about Precept 44. I am not the only one. They made me say that, to bait youthere are so many more."

(upon killing the Jordas Golem) Ordis: "NOBODY MAKES A FOOL OF ORDIS—Oh dear, where did that come from?"

Jordas: "Thank you, Operator."

Ordis: "What would I have done if I had lost you?"

The mission will end without the Tenno having to travel to an extraction point.

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Operator, do you think Jordas wanted to die all along? I feel—relieved—conflicted."

The mission will reward the Atlas blueprint and the Jordas Golem Assassination mission key, unlocking the Assassination mission. The Atlas component blueprints can be obtained by running the mission, which plays identically to the last mission of the quest, and killing the Jordas Golem.

The story is continued in the now-deprecated Trial, The Jordas Verdict.

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