Cephalon Cordylon 23

Originally posted on 16 Feb 2016.

Shuhari asks: How did Maroo find her bazaar?
The rogue known as Maroo has earned many connections through her less-than-honest dealings, but how she acquired her 'open market' remains a mystery. This does not mean that we have not taken some effort into learning the truth. Maroo's facility is, while minimalistic, impressive enough to have earned the curiosity of the Lotus.

Our most compelling leads suggest that Maroo had the facility reconstructed from the remnant debris of Tenno Relays. The financial cost of such an endeavour would certainly be enormous, but it can be assumed that Maroo does make a significant return from transactions that occur on her trading post.

NikodemosTheMan asks: Dear Cordylon, are Infested edible?
Due to the unique nature of Technocyte tissue there is a higher statistical probability that Infested flesh will begin to consume and assimilate organic life from within rather than be digested. This is because most organic beings do not contain the proper natural immunity to its infectious nature.

You are not the first being to question whether or not the Infested can be consumed, but documented history shows that us that Infestation is best eradicated rather than experimented with:

  • Case #324: Grineer Captain Vek Th'ow succumbs to Infestation after trying to crush an unusually small Infested Charger with his boot.
  • Case #567: A Corpus research vessel is overwhelmed with Infestation after discovering an abandoned smuggler ship containing contaminated credits. Vigorous application of antibacterial soap did not seem to have any slowing effect.
  • Case #132: A New Loka survey expedition perishes after collecting what they believed to be 'excellent-quality moss'. Their bodies were recovered, mostly consumed by Infestation. No trace of moss was evident.
  • Also see: Alad V.

Rotomtom asks: Are there any other Infested strains like the Mutalist strain made by Alad V?
Infestation can manifest in a wide manner of ways, capable of warping organic flesh into a deadly assortment of threatening creatures. The amount of time necessary to see such corruption to completion is inconsistent, but it's not inconceivable to think that certain strains could manifest to be more effective for a particular goal.

Knowing Alad V was able to directly influence Infested development means that there may be others doing the same.

Saryn asks: I'm looking for a change of style. Something that will really let me stand out on the battlefield. Any thoughts?
If it's fashion advice you're looking for, you may yield greater results from speaking to other Tenno. They seem to be quite adept at finding uniquely colourful patterns to decorate themselves with.

Even still, it is my understanding that the Lotus has uncovered new technology hailing from the Orokin Era that could interest you….

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