Cephalon Cordylon 22

Originally posted on 26 Jan 2016.

Clovis15 asks: I know that "Capture the Cephalon" is a popular sport for Tenno training under Teshin these days, but I'm left wondering how the cephalons – who all seem to be sentient and self-aware – feel about being used this way?
You are correct in making the assumption that cephalons are sentient, as it was discovered that a certain degree of self-awareness was ideal for ensuring the completion of specialised tasks. Cephalons Sark, Apnar, and Vull are very well aware of their design, and as such can perform with increased efficiency when compared to inferior programs.

Their desire to be returned to their respective 'base' is rivalled only by their need to see the opposing faction crushed into humiliating defeat. Rest assured that while Teshin's cephalon assistants may sound as though they are in distress, such outcry is an important part of their assigned role. Any attempt to diminish their anguish during capture could be seen as interference, and is strongly discouraged.

BenzinNinJa asks: In a solar system filled with death, dismemberment, constant fights, and the ever-shifting balance of power, there are plenty of things for the mortals to worry about. But what does a "being" such as yourself, everlasting and, unless impacted by external influence, immortal, worry about?
While you are correct that I am not susceptible to many elements that would end the existence of organic beings, it is incorrect to assume I do not have 'worries'. For example, as data acquisition is my prime function, a lack of any data to properly file would leave me without a task. There is a high probability that I would be reassigned to perform a new task that may not be as insightful.

I keep a small part of my processes assigned to the task of monitoring other potential anomalies that could give cause for concern, such as:

  • The sudden and immediate shift in gravitation alignment that could result in a collision with a nearby asteroid.
  • A collapsing Void rift that would tear through subspace, eradicating all physical material in its wake.
  • Excessive static, most commonly the result of an unplanned visit from Volt.

I am also not entirely fond of organic life that has not yet reached its adolescent stage, as they require additional planning to manage and frequently emit unusual odours.

Salenstormwing asks: Grineer Arc Traps seem dangerously effective. Is there any chance Steel Meridian might have the blueprints for such items?
A question like this would be best directed toward Steel Meridian, but it should be noted that the most dangerous element of the Grineer Arc Trap is their use as a defense measure. Given the amount of power required to use a single trap, it would likely be far more effective to utilize the Amprex – a weapon that serves a similar function but does not have the limitation of being stationary.

If you do ask Steel Meridian for such an item, I would be pleased if you could also arrange to receive the schematics of a Balor Fomorian. Despite several core flaws, the Grineer battleship is a formidable opponent. I am always open to the possibility of relocating my servers to a much more strategic vessel.

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