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Sark is one of the three cephalons participating in the Cephalon Capture game mode of Conclave, run by Teshin. Any game of Cephalon Capture has a chance to feature him. When being held by an enemy Tenno, Sark will speak unsubtitled lines to them (and to his team when returned). Uniquely among cephalons, Sark will often narrate his emotions when speaking.

Cephalon Sark also commentates for The Index, with his dialogue implying that he was stolen from the Conclave.

When at base

"Cephalon Sark is nominal. (Smiling!)"

"(Concerned look.) Operators, do not allow Cephalon Sark to be stolen!"

"Peel your eyes, Operators! The fish could be near!"

"Be vigilant, Operators! (Squinting, suspicious look.)"

"(Nervous thoughts.) Beware the fish spawning."

"Olfactory sensors detecting fish people. Guard me!"

"Gleaming scales in the light, gliding thieves through fluid air. Beware, the fishes!"

When an opponent is killed near the base

"(Look of gratitude.) Operators perform well. Catching fish."

"(Nodding approval to the Operators for defending me.)"

"That was way too close! Keep your nets at the ready!"

"Well done, Operators! (Relaxed brow.)"

"Reeled them in, Operators! (Nodding acknowledgement.)"

When stolen

"Operators! The fish are swimming away with me!"

"(Frown…) Cephalon Sark is in oily enemy hands!"

"Cephalon Sark hates you and your fish face!"

"Intruders! Cephalon Sark has been stolen! (Eyes wide!)"

While being held

"Operators, Cephalon Sark is over here! Follow the smell!"

"(Looks daggers at you!) Fish thing!"

"The Operators will come and peel off your reeking scales!"

"Fish creature! Release me! (Threatening expression…)"

"(Scowling at the cold fish!) You will be hooked soon enough!"

"(Scowling at the fish creature.) You give me a disappointed face!"

If holder idles

"You cannot hide forever! Swish your scaly tail!"

"Work your gills, fish thing! Let's get moving!"

"Your scent gives you away! Ugh! (Insulting smirk…)"

If holder scores a kill

"(Frowning.) You're a good thief, fish head."

"I hope you're (happy expression!) More Operators will come for me!"

"Negative outcome, but the net is closing in."

When holder has low health

"(Contemptuous look.) The fish will soon be in the boat."

"(Menacing laugh!) Operators are making progress!"

"This fish is almost out of the water! (Glaring eyes…)"

"Poor fish, Cephalon Sark hopes you don't die! (Fake smile!)"

When holder is killed

"Reeled you in, bottom-feeder!"

"(Smug look!) Serves you right!"

"Slippery fish have failed! (Cephalon Sark smirking!)"

"Finally! Now for immediate decontamination!"

If dropped for a long time

"Operators! (Longing expression!) Don't forget me!"

"(Look of longing…) Cephalon Sark is lost, Operators!"

"(Anxious.) Cephalon Sark requires the comfort of base position."

If both Cephalons are stolen

"(Rolling eyes!) You need your Cephalon to get a point, gill-mouth."

"Fish brain confused? Your team's Cephalon must be home to score."

When returned to base

"Cephalon Sark is where it should be! (Smile!)"

"(Delighted expression!) Returning to nominal!"

"(Relieved!) Operators have returned me!"

Cephalon Sark is mentioned by Cephalon Cordylon, along with Apnar and Vull, in his 22nd blog post.

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