The Profit Trailer

In late 2013, to celebrate the launch of Warframe on the PS4 platform, DE released a cinematic featuring Alad V.

[The view pans over the Jovian skyscape, taking in several Gas City towers harvesting the atmosphere. Lightning flashes and jetstreams illustrate the turbulent setting. One of the Gas City towers looms to the foreground, and through the window can be seen Alad V's laboratory. Alad is standing, looking at holographic displays of four other Corpus Board members. He is wearing a wide metal collar that covers the back of his neck. A mid-sized robot lies dormant by his side. Behind Alad is an Excalibur warframe imprisoned in a block-like device. Red rings appear around the warframe's neck and the limbs where they connect with the body, and begin glowing and spinning until the machine pulls each part away simultaneously, sectioning the warframe into six fragments. The edges still glow with residual heat. The device, still holding the warframe, retracts into the ground as Alad addresses the holograms.]

Alad V: "Yes, and of course, we've saved the best for last. Excellent condition, as you can see."

[Another device, this one holding a Mag warframe, rises up from below the ground, and Alad V gestures to it. This warframe is actively struggling against the restraints, but Alad ignores this and continues talking.]

Alad V: "Now, keep in mind, the core components will be diverted to the Zanuka Program. Bidding begins at three million."

[The Board members, represented by static images of their faces, begin to issue bids on the warframe, each submitting increasingly higher sums of platinum, which are projected under their images. The entire process is silent. Alad watches for a couple seconds with a slight smile of satisfaction as he scans the bids, before dismissing the hologram with a wave of his arm.]

Alad V: "Good luck, gentlemen."

[The Nemes drone that was projecting the hologram flies away, and Alad turns to the warframe, still struggling in the device. His robot, now standing on four legs, prowls around in the background.]

Alad V: "May our ledgers become ocean, our margins see Centauri. In the name of Profit, I commit thee to the Void."

[Alad strokes the warframe's face with the back of his hand as he finishes the benediction. He steps back, and the device begins preparing the warframe for dissection, projecting an orange field around it as various bits of machinery slide into position. Alad watches eagerly. Elsewhere, a group of Corpus crewmen are patrolling the halls of the Gas City. Two crewmen standing off to the side are suddenly taken out by a single Kunai each that pierces their square helmets. They drop to the floor silently. A Volt warframe sprints past them, leaps into the air, and slams down in a crowd of crewmen, throwing Kunai as he rises and then shocking another crewman with a bolt of electricity. Next to him, a Trinity cuts swathes through crewmen and moas with an Orthos, before casting Well of Life on a crewman, suspending him in the air. She dispatches him with a single shot from her Bronco as a Banshee runs past, runs up a column, and flips onto the catwalks above them. She shoots at a crewman before turning and casting Sonic Boom on another group of Corpus behind her. A Rhino warframe on the lower levels works his way through a crowd, using single, powerful punches to obliterate crewmen and moas alike, before casting Roar and then Charging into a larger group. Finally, the alarm starts ringing throughout the compound. Alad, in his laboratory, hears the alarm and turns around with an annoyed look on his face.]

Alad V: "Intruders? Destroy them, my robotics!"

[A squadron of moas is deployed from hidden compartments in the floor, and runs towards the hall, but as they reach the door, they are all electrocuted by a stream of electricity, and fall to the floor, destroyed. The four warframes stand in the doorway, ready to confront Alad. Alad steps forward, as the device holding the Mag warframe swivels towards the intruders to reveal his captive.]

Alad V: "Of course, the Lotus sends her mute peasants to disrupt my business. So please, come closer. Let me introduce my latest line of robotics… hybridised with warframe components!"

[Alad cackles as the lights on his collar turn from blue to orange, and the collar extends to ring his neck completely. A visor drops down from his helmet to obscure his eyes. With a series of shrill beeps, the robot on the ground stirs awake and leans into a crouch.]

Alad V: "Zanuka… kill!"

[The Zanuka robot leaps into the fray with an Antimatter Drop at the ready. Its detonation knocks the warframes flat on their backs. Zanuka pounces on Trinity, trying to crush her head with its arm while screeching in her face. A shot from the Rhino knocks Zanuka back, and it lands deftly on its feet. Rhino and Volt line up and begin peppering the robot with shots from their Sobek and Soma, respectively. Zanuka dodges the bullets with a sideways leap, sprints towards a column, and begins running up the wall, before leaping down, causing another radial slam that knocks the Tenno back again. Volt lands on his feet and quickly casts Electric Shield as Zanuka casts Dispel. The attack dissolves the Shield and cancels Rhino's Iron Skin. Alad V giggles as red rings appear around the Mag warframe, signifying her impending dissection. Trinity and Banshee both attack Zanuka with their weapons, with limited success. Banshee deploys a Glaive and hurls it at Zanuka, who dodges it, but the Glaive continues on its trajectory to its true target: Alad V. It strikes the collar, which deactivates and falls off his neck. The visor retracts and Alad, gripping his throat in pain, drops to his knees. With a series of fading beeps, Zanuka drops to the ground, no longer receiving commands. Rhino, seizing the opportunity, casts Roar and then Stomps, suspending Zanuka in midair. Trinity casts Energy Vampire on Zanuka, dropping it to the ground and stunning it. Volt channels intense energy and casts Discharge, and electricity ripples throughout everything and everyone in the room. Zanuka trembles as its circuits are overloaded. Alad V writhes as shocks rack him, and the restraints holding Mag in the dissection device fail, and she steps out of it onto the ground. Rhino jumps onto Zanuka, pummels it with his fists, and then rips it apart, throwing the two halves asunder with a loud pop. Alad V, outraged, climbs to his feet.]

Alad V: "You savages! By my own hand, the Void will devour you!"

[His collar levitates up from the ground and snaps itself back onto his neck, deploying fully, while the visor drops down. But before he can do anything, Mag picks him up with magnetic force and hurls him through the window, and he falls into the murky Jovian atmosphere, hurtling towards oblivion.]

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