Operation: Spectres of Liberty

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02 May 2014 – 08 May 2014


On Friday (02 May), the event began with the release of Update 13.2 and was set to run for a week. Upon logging in, the Tenno received an inbox message from a new individual.

Inbox message:
We need your help…


This is Cantis of the Red Veil Resistance and I am asking for your help. You fight the Grineer and Corpus and so do we; that makes us allies. We aren't as strong as you and we don't have your weapons, but we've pissed off those bastards just the same. Now they're coming after us, systematically capturing our comrades and holding them hostage. Using our brothers and sisters as pawns against us. Tenno, will you help us bring them home?

If you are going to do this, you must strike quickly and quietly. If you are seen, the enemy will execute our hostage before you can rescue them. Please, do not give them this chance.

We can't offer you much, but we do have a large cache of Spectre blueprints. Bring home our people and we will share these with you. Those who go above and beyond will receive a special token of our appreciation.

Thank you, Tenno.


A meter showing the number of points earned in the operation was displayed on the Starchart, starting at 0/100. Hovering over it displayed more information: "Earn enough points and the Red Veil will commemorate your efforts with a badge and even a special syandana." A list of the event nodes was also shown.

Mechanics and Missions

Upon the start of the event, all Rescue missions on the Starchart were updated to the new Rescue 2.0 mission type. There were six such missions, tiered by difficulty and split between Grineer and Corpus.

Vallis, MarsEasyCorpus
Numa, SaturnEasyGrineer
Brugia, ErisMediumCorpus
Mab, UranusMediumGrineer
Nereid, NeptuneHardCorpus
Cinxia, CeresHardGrineer

These missions were characteristic of the Starchart at the time (eg Mars was controlled by the Corpus, Ceres was more difficult, etc). The Lotus gave mission instructions to teach Tenno the new Rescue protocols.

(upon mission start) Lotus: "An operative from the Red Veil is being held hostage somewhere in this facility. Find the hostage and bring them home."

(during mission, variant) Lotus: "The Red Veil is a newly formed resistance movement that has quickly gained traction across the System. We need to support them as much as we can."

(during mission, variant) Lotus: "Our enemies think they can force the Red Veil into submission by holding their members hostage. You're here to stop this from happening."

(during mission, variant) Lotus: "Popular resistance to Grineer and Corpus domination has been rare and fleeting. If we don't support their cause, the Red Veil will surely fade into oblivion."

The Tenno would be waypointed to the prison area, which was preceded by a large door that required two people to open (unless the Tenno was alone).

(arriving at gate) Lotus: "You are approaching the holding area. Careful – if the wardens detect you, they will surely initiate the execution sequence and kill the hostage."

(upon entering the complex, variant) Lotus: "This is the jail. Our hostage is in one of these cells."

(upon entering the complex, variant) Lotus: "We've reached the prison. Find our prisoner in one of these cells."

(upon entering the complex, variant) Lotus: "The captive will be in one of these cells. Search them."

The prison complex was patrolled by several Wardens – upgraded heavy troopers who were particularly vulnerable to stealth attacks. If a Warden noticed the Tenno, they would immediately head for a console to set off the alarms. If the alarm was tripped, numerous enemies would flood the complex and an execution timer would start. If the timer ran down, the Tenno would fail the mission.

(if the execution timer is started) Lotus: "Hurry up. You are running out of time. They are about to kill the hostage."

(if the execution timer is started) Lotus: "The hostage is almost out of time. Hurry, before they execute him."

Within the complex were a series of jail cells, one of which contained the hostage. The Tenno would have to hack the doors in order to find and free the hostage. Incorrect cells would occasionally contain an Infested unit.

(upon being rescued, variant) Operative: "I am in your debt, Tenno. Let's go home."

(upon being rescued, variant) Operative: "Thank the stars. Not a minute too soon."

(upon being rescued, variant) Operative: "I thought I was going to die in there. Thank you."

(upon being rescued, variant) Operative: "Thank you, Tenno."

(upon being rescued, variant) Operative: "I knew you would come. Thank you."

(upon being rescued, variant) Operative: "I will not forget this, Tenno."

(upon rescuing the hostage, variant) Lotus: "Prisoner located. We need to get them back to command in one piece. Find your way to the exits and don't leave the subject behind."

(upon rescuing the hostage, variant) Lotus: "You've located the hostage. Escort the prisoner to the extraction point and I'll take care of the rest."

(upon rescuing the hostage, variant) Lotus: "Subject found. You need to bring the captive to safety. Protect them at all costs."

The Red Veil operative was always male, unarmed, and wearing a Rakta syandana. The Tenno could choose to give the operative their sidearm, which the operative would wield to defend their retreat.

(variant) Operative: "Got an extra weapon? They won't just let us walk out of here."

(variant) Operative: "Got a weapon for me? I've got some scores to settle."

(variant) Operative: "I can fight too. Give me a weapon."

(variant) Operative: "Give me a weapon and I'll watch your back."

(variant) Operative: "I don't suppose you have an extra gun?"

(variant) Operative: "I need a weapon."

The Tenno had to make their way to extraction, with the operative following. If the operative was downed by enemy fire, he would need to be revived, similar to fellow Tenno.

(if downed, variant) Operative: "Ahh… bleeding out."

(if downed, variant) Operative: "Agh, they got me. Tenno, help!"

(if downed, variant) Operative: "I'm down."

(if the operative dies) Lotus: "You let the hostage die. This mission is over." [mission fails]

(upon extraction, variant) Lotus: "Escort mission complete. The hostage is safe now. Let's get out of here."

(upon extraction, variant) Lotus: "The captive has been secured. You've done your part, Tenno. We'll take it from here."

(upon extraction, variant) Lotus: "Mission complete. The captive has been liberated. You will be rewarded for this, Tenno."


Points were awarded based on performance in the mission. Rescuing the hostage (the bare minimum for completing the mission successfully) awarded one point. Rescuing the hostage before the Wardens set off the alarm awarded another point. Killing all Wardens (whether before or after rescuing the hostage) awarded another point, for a total of three points possible per mission.

In addition, a point multiplier based on difficulty was applied to the score: x1 for Easy missions, x2 for Medium missions, and x3 for Hard missions. If a Nightmare modifier was present on the node (which could happen randomly to any mission on the Starchart), the multiplier was x4, regardless of the difficulty of the underlying node. Thus, it was possible to earn 12 points on a single mission, with perfect performance on a Nightmare mission.

Points were cumulative, and Tenno could run as many missions as they wanted before the event was completed. The event score was the sum of all points earned and was tracked on the Starchart for each Tenno. Tenno who earned 5 points won an event badge, while Tenno who earned 100 points won the Rakta syandana (which, at the time, could not be recoloured, similar to Wraith weaponry at the time).

As they reached the point reward thresholds, the Tenno received inbox messages from Cantis.

After earning 5 points:

Inbox message:
You are making the difference


We are in your debt. The hostages you saved would have been doomed without you. Take this badge. It shows your solidarity with the Red Veil movement.

Remember, there are still many more operatives out there, and we're counting on you to bring them home.


After earning 100 points:

Inbox message:
A symbol of our gratitude


You have brought so many of our comrades home. We never thought we would see them again, yet here they are, thanks to you. Take this Rakta syandana. It is one of the highest honours bestowed on our operatives. The Red Veil would be proud to see you wear it, [name].

Keep up the fight, Tenno.


Arguably, the real rewards from the event were the new reward tables for Rescue missions. Rescue missions now awarded Spectre blueprints, which could be built in the Foundry and acted as an AI copy of a warframe with a complete weapon loadout. These could be deployed in missions as allied NPCs or utilised in Dark Sector conflicts, which were a major ongoing engagement at the time. There were four ranks of Spectre: Vapour, Phase, Force, and Cosmic, in order of increasing level. Rescue 2.0 missions awarded Spectres based on mission difficulty and player performance – low-level missions or missions with few points earned gave Vapour Spectres, whereas skilled rescues on high-level missions gave Cosmic Spectres. These rewards and their acquisition remained available in the drop tables after the event ended, even to this day.

There were no clan rewards for this event, but there was a global leaderboard.


After the event was over, Cantis sent the Tenno one last inbox message.

Inbox message:
Our people are home


Our enemies tried to break us but failed. Thanks to you our brothers and sisters are home and ready to fight again. We are stronger than ever and we will not forget what you have done for us.

The Corpus and Grineer now know taking on the Red Veil means taking on the Tenno. They can't be happy about our alliance and I have no doubt they will come after us again. When this happens, can we count on your support?

Forever in your debt,

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